The Spark and the Flow of Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In the heart of the universe is the spark that ignites all conscious evolution within this ring-pass-not of substance, matter and existence. This spark ignites the flame, the flame that energises every heart with warmth, and light. The warmth and light we know as love: that indescribable love we feel in the deep stillness of heart, triggered by need, by awakening, by another who reaches into your heart, whether a loved one on the physical level, or a great sister or brother on the inner levels giving succour and reminder:  there is light and warmth in there. Here, then, is the start of the flow of heart. For from the spark, then the flame, the warmth rises and flow starts, and every heart exists to create and receive flow.

So it descends, from the finest, finest vibration of Cosmic heart, absorbed into the receptive heart of the Sun, our Solar heart. From here, our Solar system is nourished, with intent, with remembrance, with connection. For all matter, regardless of how dense, is of the same living presence as is the heart of the universe. All matter has within it the vibrational memory that resonates with this call, the call of the home of all awakening, the heart.

So the heart nourishment continues, and awakens all where it can flow. And Earth has chosen to flow, thus awakening the conscious and unconscious memories held within every being and all matter within her embrace: we are heading home! Not to dissolve into the ethers of Sirius, the Cosmic Heart. Not to go poof into an astral world of bliss. Not to leave Earth in mental illumination, resting in a space of wisdom. None of these places hold heart, for heart is not a place, it is a flow, a life-force. There is a vessel of heart that beats with the pulse of life. But to be there and be static, is to stop that pulse.

Whatever way you seek heart, remember, it is life itself, constantly evolving, and serving. For every heart receives nourishing light and warmth from the heart’s flow within which is exists, and then must send on its own light and warmth to those within its own stream of service.

Ultimately, upon Earth, every heart serves the Earth herself, for she is the great heart within which we are nourished, and the flow of living grace that she pours into us must circulate through us back to the Earth, else it stagnates and loses life.

Our heart service upon Earth can take many forms, so do not lock in to what you think should be your, or anyone else’s service. It takes a million colours to shine like a diamond, and thus are there multitudes of ways, expressions, colours of flow, that each heart can express.

It starts with what you find is in your heart, your truth. Not what is in your societal conditioning, although it may align. Not what is expected in your familial structures, although responsibilities must be considered. Not what resides in your desires or thoughts alone, unless they shine with the truth in your heart. Then you know, deep in your being, how you step into the life of heart alignment. Then you become one more gracious being of Earth service; bringing your heart’s warmth and the brilliance of your loving light into the greater flow of heart, all the way from Sirius, Cosmic Heart, through Sun, our Solar heart; melding with the heart flow of Earth, that great illuminating and invigorating life force that gives every existence the touch that awakens; bringing to life the memory that we are all within the greater heart, the wondrous, uplifting source of all there is within our sphere of existence. Here, then, is the flow of heart. The Great Heart, to the tiniest heart, all align in flow.

Step into your flow and feel that enormous warmth, for that shall sustain you no matter what. For life in the physical world is a journey, and the missteps of lessons not completed create burrows and furrows and dead ends of thought and emotion: traps upon the journey, for the newly flowing heart. But all such places need that loving light and grace of heart, so it is important to go there.

Always is the heart’s nudge of your inner elders, of Earth herself, of your own soul in flow, triggering your memory and wisdom, tapping into the wisdom of others who have walked before you. It is always there in your heart, and that shall help you through. Then you have illumined and created flow where before it did not shine, and you help awaken grace and heart for others to find, and contribute to the greatest flow there is: of Cosmic Heart to Earth, whereupon great illumination and love shall be born, for Earth will be that home of physical heart flow in our universe, shining for all to see.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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