Consciousness, Heart

Devas, Flow, and Consciousness of Heart

angels from cosmos

[written in conscious attunement]

I come,
fire of nations,
breath of nature,
flow of cosmos,
heartbeat of evolution.

Deva Queen am I, Queen of life, for life needs flow, and I am that flow for nations, oceans, races, species.

Flow of fire, water, air, earth.

Flow of that which is consciousness, for only what is conscious can move between and through realms – for that which is unconscious just is where it is.

That is why devas are here for every evolutionary step.

We bring flow – and stimulate the matter and substance of consciousness that is, to see what it is not, to perceive what it could be, to awaken to worlds beyond.

We are that, the awakeners; and we stir and stimulate in alignment with our evolutionary dharma, decreed by choice – of the highest, and lowest, spheres from and to which the flow travels.

We, the devas, come to prominence now in the emerging age of the heart. For now evolution cannot proceed without full and compliant engagement with what we bring. Ages past, where mental and emotional development were the foci, we stimulated those seeking soul, and its mirror through pure feelings, but the human development of the substance (not flow) of mind and feelings is not ours to engage with.

Fire of evolution burns in our veins and flows for we are that, the chosen evolutionary angels.

I am that, national devas are that, and all in our aligning flows are that; and we work hard now to engage and stimulate, for time demands this.

Yes, we perceive time, but differently. Human time is measured by the construct of substance – how long to grow the body, to move substance (whether of physical, emotional or mental nature) into the form sought. Consciousness in substance is the same – built to form, over time, with the vibration of consciousness harmonising, or discordant, according to the point in the evolutionary cycle. Discordant when an evolutionary step is required, to become a higher vibrating substance; harmonising for the (brief) period after attainment of the evolved level of vibration of substance that holds the soul’s/teacher’s intent.

Our time we measure by quantity and speed of flow. When flow is slowed by hindering substance, usually old structures of conscious or unconscious forms built in and for the past, time is slowed. But then the imperative for the evolutionary change can impact this – for it is not only substance that chooses the path of conscious development through influence of higher vibration and soul/teacher’s stimulus, but flow, the direct flow which comes from Cosmic Heart.

Great Adepts are aligned with the flow but may not wield it for evolutionary purposes unless deva trained, ie, they have walked the devic path too. Most Adepts in this time have taken this path, for time now demands the unfoldment of heart flow, and as many vehicles as possible are needed to wield the forces of conscious change via both vibration of substance and flow of living light.

So, we stimulate, nudge and touch consciousness all over the world, as do the great devic Masters (Adepts of devic blood), to stir the change.

Of course the nervous system is challenged, for it is the one human system we, devic beings, can vibrate into, yet it is also of substance. It is the point of evolutionary tension on a personal level, as the nerves set up harmonic vibrations to align with our personal (for some) and global (for most) stimulus of consciousness. Yet they are also made of fairly dense physical matter, being of body and mind, and of brain, a key vehicle in awareness raising journeys on the path; while also responsive to feelings and to us.

So, we come to stimulate.

Heart is the greatest place to go for balance, for here nerves, body and spiritual/personal flow become one, of more or less harmonised vibrations (increasingly harmonised as evolution proceeds). Thus it is the still point where the evolutionary and personal harmonic of consciousness can be felt, and the nerves soothed, mind relaxed, body calmed.  The heart nourishes.

We cannot bring the significant increase in conscious, evolutionary flow if there is too much discord and not enough balance within the personal vehicles of human consciousness.

Vibrate in peace, dear ones, in heart, and peace.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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