The Cosmology of Earth’s Heart Flow

[written in conscious attunement]

Dear, beautiful Earth:  she breathes through the year through what we call seasons. Her heart beats through the year to sustain her life – which is our life, nature’s life, all creatures’ lives, and all the life of air, earth and ocean that is her being.

Her heartbeat creates flow, the flow of life that every heart creates. The flow of nourishment, Solar and soul, physical and earthly. For all hearts are sustained in a gracious flow heart to heart, heartbeat to heartbeat. From where does the flow start? It cannot arise from nothing, yet one flow is needed to create another. One great heartbeat is enough to sound the hum of life’s intention, to radiate with the force of life’s evolution, and, of course, to set the flow in motion.

Our Solar system exists within a greater flow, and the holder of that great heartbeat of Cosmos, that nourishes all within our tangible worlds of this universe, that is the Great Heart, the Cosmic Christ. This is not the Christ of the incarnation we know as Jesus, Jesus was an expression of the Christ of our Earth. Earthly Christ is also called the Bodhisattva, the holder of the sacrificial path of service, that is of heart. The one who holds the role of Christ or Bodhisattva, whether earthly or Cosmic, is the one who flows spiritual life-force, the blood of life, and is not limited to expression through any single religion.

All great world teachers who bring that note of service, of alignment with a greater light, of gifting of yourself for the greater good – all are infused with this great heart light, resonance, and flow from the heartbeat of the universe. For that is the life blood that nourishes all evolving life within our sphere: our Solar being, and our Earth being, as its most physical gift.

That is the heartbeat infusing Mother Earth:  Cosmic blood, Cosmic intention, Cosmic love, flowing through her heart, partnering with her own flow, as her consciousness grows and her alignment with Cosmic heart becomes more known in her being, and therefore our beings. Flow upon flow, layer of loving intention upon loving intention.

Earth’s loving intention is to nourish and gift life force to all in her evolutionary embrace. Cosmic heart is the loving light that infuses evolutionary intention, guidance, awakening, into Earth’s own blood. For those who awaken, you can feel this life force of Earth  mirrored in your own heart,  and it hums with the promise of all that is beyond, of all that is living and alive in Cosmos, of all that is intentful and meaningful in our travails and explorations here, in this physical world.

Because the heartbeat flows ever downward – for that is the evolutionary intent of heart at this time – the Cosmic flow descends into the densest matter.  Then, as you awaken to the great cosmology of the heart, so too do you deepen your awakening to who you are upon and within this beautiful Earth sphere.

Previous evolutionary intent (which is also heart imbued, but not fully heart-aligned from Cosmos to beautiful Earth), empowered the flourishing of light of mind and feelings, but neither anchor you to Earth. They might, if you chose to express that illuminating force in that way, but for many touched by the most common light of the last eons, the touch invited uplift and movement in consciousness away from Earth. Hence where we find ourselves:  full of knowledge and immense capacity, yet trashing our beautiful planet. For all the illuminating radiance has not been able to bring people, en masse, into loving relationship with Mother Earth.

Now we shall find that loving relationship with Earth, for the loving Cosmic heartbeat intends this, and Earth heartbeat aligns.  The deep spiritual intent of our times is built from  this harmonious, loving, life-giving heartbeat and creates the flow that both fills us with the graciousness and consciousness of an evolving spirit, yet also anchors us with so much loving respect to our beautiful Earth.

So we need to know and understand this great heartbeat of life within which we exist.

The pulse of Cosmic heart, made conscious by Cosmic Christ, pulsing through our universe, touching Sun and Earth in our Solar body of life. Solar heart beats in unison, and Earth heart beats within this flowing grace.

Drawing in, flowing out, twice each year:  once to awaken spirit, when the outflow moves from heart’s deep sanctuary within Earth herself, and once when the inflow comes from spirit, from Cosmos, from Solar-Cosmic heart, full of Cosmic love and intent.

Each year these heartbeats draw nourishment into Earth, into her spiritual realms. Each year this great infusion of nourishment awakens more in the garden of souls, triggering our own heartbeat to become one with these two beats:  the beat of physical blood and life’s nourishment, and the beat of spirit’s flow and life’s intention. In the heart they merge. In the flow they create. The two beats of Solar and Cosmic intent merge within Earth, the two beats of Earth and human merge within us.

Cosmic Christ initiates the great flow, all hearts respond, and thus we evolve.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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