The Heart Path is a Physical Journey

[written in conscious attunement]

If you want to walk a spiritual path, you need to walk the Earth path in this coming era. That is because we are entering the Age of the Heart, and heart on our Earth can only exist in the physical. Heart is the vehicle through which love flows into our physical world – whether as the spark of divine love to create life, the radiance of soul love to sustain life and nourish life’s journey, or the sheer expression of the joy of life that flows from a loving person.

Even the great Masters of Heart who teach and guide love’s flow here on Earth, do so because that flow moves into the Earth. They are part of evolution’s intent, which is to empower the consciousness of heart in Earth’s body and soul.

All heart expressions in our universe are vehicles of the flow of intention into substance. That may be from your own physical heart, sending radiance through your body, through your blood, imbued with the loving radiance of your soul. Or, the Greater Hearts who absorb the radiance of Cosmic and Solar love and intent, and flow that into our world of nature and consciousness. Or Venus, our sister planet, who embodies a higher light and sends that with love via the great Kumaras who trained there, to embody that love in Earth’s body – such as Sanat Kumara has done, and Earth Kumara does as the Mother of our Age of the Heart now unfolding. Or Sirius, the great Cosmic Heart, who absorbs Cosmic intent, and flows it as love via great angels and teachers all throughout our universe, to create and sustain life for the journey of Cosmos itself.

Heart only exists to bring this higher intent into the denser worlds, whatever level that is. Why? Because ultimately the expression of the love of Cosmos is life, and life needs nourishment to exist, and stimulus to evolve, and both these must be radiant within the life so created. Otherwise, that life itself does not live, but is propped up by someone else’s intent, and it does not evolve, for it experiences no inner drive. Thus, the conundrum unravelling before those who seek to create robotic beings, or those who consider the mind as the be-all and end-all of human consciousness and the master of all, and who close the door to the evolution of consciousness.

For many, many millennia, humanity has walked a path of stimulating and awakening consciousness of mind and emotions, of developing, purifying and expanding these levels of our personal selves. We have only been able to do this through the nudge and stimulus of the life force and loving intent stirring in our own hearts from our souls, and through the loving and intentful embrace of inner teachers and Greater Hearts who have given guidance and opportunity to grow, all explored and manifested under the Law of Karma.

But now we enter the Age of the Heart. This is our next step – both for humanity and for Earth herself. We are the vehicles of conscious choice in this sphere. Nature and all her creatures are part of Earth’s loving embrace and choice. Earth has chosen this path long ago, and truthfully that is a large part of the reason we, humanity, have had the possibility and opportunity to evolve here. We are here to help in this journey of heart expression, and our souls and spirits are aligned with this, or else we would not have been permitted through Earth’s ring-pass-not to incarnate in this beautiful sphere in the first place.

Heart is the vehicle for bringing intent into loving expression

Heart is the vehicle for bringing intent into loving expression, and upon our Earth – that expression is physical. As the intent of Cosmic love flows into our world, it needs to reach the deep physical matter in which we embody. That is evolution’s intent.

Earth brings this intent into loving expression through nature, and all the angels and creatures that are in and of that flow, including those that hold light in the landscapes and oceans. This brings loving light, life and flow into the physical and etheric levels of vibration. A little into the astral levels, but not significantly, for that is not the capacity of our Earth  being at this time.

That is why we, humanity, are here, for we are of that unique structure that can embody deep into physical life as human beings, yet also we are soul and spirit, and can become, need to become, conscious vehicles of love’s flow in this world. In physical life, we embody not only in dense physical matter, but in astral and mental substance too. Thus, in conscious awakening, we can infuse these levels of our, of humanity’s, and of Earth’s being, as well as the physical-etheric level in which our bodies and intentions dwell.

Why can’t these levels simply be infused by the Greater Hearts and teachers of soul and spirit? Because these levels of consciousness are part of the physical life expression of our Earth, and thus must be infused by conscious intent from within the physical world – else it is like the robot example before. The life-force and love can be radiated in from above, but it has no conscious purchase in the medium of life itself – and thus the purpose of heart is not fulfilled!

Thus, to stay here upon Earth, means to take this journey of becoming a physically-anchored expression of love’s flow and spirit’s intent, for that is our collective dharma as humanity, and the path of Earth herself, with whom we walk on this journey of expressing Cosmic love.

Should you seek to immerse in the loving light of the inner worlds and be of heart there, then you must realise this is not the great purpose of human life. Make sure it is your deep heart’s intention if you should seek this, and perhaps it is, for perhaps you are to be part of the inner teaching and healing groups who help from there.

But truly, to be part of Earth’s journey, we are of the Earth and need to make conscious choices to awaken to our loving flow, our own heart’s presence, our soul’s vision and intent, and all through our physical, human life. Then we are doing ours, to aid the emergence of this wondrous Age of the Heart, and the awakening of Earth as a planet of heart, to share love to all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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