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The Conscious Journey

[written in conscious attunement]

The uniqueness of the human journey is that you evolve in two spheres:  the sphere of soul, and the sphere of physical human life.

Soul can evolve without expressing in the human world, depending on what path of service it is guided to, and has chosen to, work within. But a soul that has evolved in another field of service than that of the expression of love in the physical world of Earth (i.e., through a human life stream) does not have consciousness that it can apply directly to that human expression, and must take the journey to develop it with other younger souls.

The development of consciousness always has a purpose, because it is the substance of evolutionary intent. We do not evolve consciousness to become illumined beings, just to sit there and be illumined. It takes will to express love into the physical world, it takes concentrated focus. Where does this will come from? It is energy that has to be expended, and in the total harmony of energy and flows of life and force that make up our Solar and Cosmic existences – that expenditure of energy requires a return of energy to its source to keep the balance.

The drive to become conscious is the mechanism by which Cosmic love enables engagement between that which has been created by the expenditure of will, and the greater universe within which that life exists so that the energy can be returned! Once that consciousness is achieved, and the incarnated being understands it only exists to be an expression of Cosmic love through its own specialisations and gifts – then, in consciousness, will is no longer required to create and enable life, for the life can be created and sustained by the alignment created by consciousness:  love flows in, and love flows back. Like a heart, sustained by the embrace of conscious intent. At this point, the being becomes a living cell within Cosmic life, giving and receiving where its gifts and training are called for.

So, to reiterate, consciousness is the mechanism through which you may discover your purpose as a human, as a soul; and through which you can align with, absorb and express that purpose as the service of life.

It is this circular nature of life and consciousness that is least understood in the human experience.

By its very nature, the human being begins its journey learning to understand how to be within, and build from, the worlds of matter, emotion and thought. Humans are builders, and engage with the world in this way in order to build. That is the creative force that creates the human in the first place. Unlike the soul, where the spark of spirit’s intent sounds a note and draws to it the substance of the Ocean of Love that resonates, a human has to be built with more conscious intention. Yes, the soul sends forth a note of resonance on the emotional, mental and physical levels, and that does enable similarly resonant substance to be attracted, but the human is a complex structure, not a resonant sphere of light as is the soul, and must be built with more intention. At first it is the parents, then it is angels, then after birth it is largely the human itself, as it journeys through life’s lessons and opportunities.

Thus, the human self is built, and continues to build, because that is a core imprint within its very creation and existence. This is also the basic mechanism though which loving intent is expressed and evolved in matter, i.e., in the body of this Earth.

For the same reasons a human must be built, and not just cohered through energy resonance, the expression of light within Earth must be built. Matter cannot be easily moved by resonance alone, thus the role of humanity in creating light and love in our world is paramount.

This is why we walk the path to develop consciousness, for without that we would never be able to engage with, resonate with, understand and implement our purpose here in this world.

Consciousness builds a bridge of resonance through which the force of will can express:  from Spirit to soul, from soul to human, from human  to the world, and then back.

Life is only possible within a circular system,  where energy flows out, energy flows back; blood flows out, blood flows back. Without that, there is no life, just substance and matter, unmoved by will’s intent, undeveloped by the purposeful engagement of service.

In a planetary sphere, the planetary being can hold together without much physical interaction with spirit. Spirit and Cosmic intent infuses at the higher level, and the denser, physical substance just is. The exchange that enables planetary life circulates at the soul, or higher, levels. Not dissimilar to a human being:  the soul is infused with spirit and circulates vitality back to spirit.  But the physical human self is not part of that energy circulation until sufficient consciousness develops. So for many eons the human self more or less just exists in matter, of course learning along the way, but not connected as yet to the flow of spirit’s intent.

When a planetary being choses to become more conscious of its physical existence, it has committed to enabling conscious loving flow to circulate through its physical self. This is the choice Earth made long ago, and thus nature, humanity, and all life was brought into beingness through her intentional choice, in alignment with the will of Cosmos.

The reason why Cosmos has interest in such an expression into physical matter is because this is Cosmic intent:  to create a universe that expresses and radiates loving light through all levels of its being.

Thus, the existence of consciousness at a soul level was not enough, and human evolution emerged. It is not that nature and all other creatures are not also of paramount importance to the life-giving expression of Earth’s love, but their loving exchange with Earth is largely facilitated by the angelic family, which holds the streams of conscious intent that enables the flows of life to evolve and circulate. Here we are seeking to inspire your human journey, so on that we will stay focussed!

When soul intent is expressed into the physical world of Earth, it is the beginning of a bridge of consciousness. Soul resonance always sounds deep within your heart, expressing that will to live that keeps you alive, but to be able to engage with that intent, you have to build your human consciousness. This you do through the myriad of pathways you take in life after life, learning, experiencing and building the coherent resonances in your being that will eventually harmonise and become the melody of your consciousness.

With every step upon the way, you learn how to build in matter, inspired by your soul’s intent that lives through you as your purpose. You build in emotional matter, in the substance of thought, in the dense physical matter, and learn how to sound that note of your purpose through these different media. You know this by experiencing the harmony of resonance it sets up within you. That is, something in you just knows you are doing what is right for you. This is why conscience is such an important component of developing consciousness, because it helps you align with and put energy into those activities and expressions that simply resonate as true in your being, that feel right, that energise you with a higher light, that fill you with hope.

When you build in this world, in alignment with your purpose  – no matter if you build in thought, emotion, physical matter or all three – and you let that note of soul purpose sound through you, then more of your own personal self comes into resonance with that note, and that is the building of your consciousness. When more and more of your own being resonates in harmony with your soul’s note, you become more and more conscious, and able to be a greater living expression of not only all that you are as a human, but the intent and love you are as a soul. This then resonates through what you do, and into Earth’s physical body, and thus you become a beautiful being not only receiving the will of spirit through your soul, but expressing and magnifying that intent into our physical world. In that, you experience the sheer joy of purpose expressed, and thus the circulation of life force is completed.

So the purpose of soul evolution is quite different from the human journey, but the alignment of soul purpose with a human journey is what builds the bridge of consciousness all the way from Cosmic intent to physical earthly manifestation, and thus enables the circulation of life force through all those media, and love is expressed.

This is the ultimate purpose of the human journey. So start connecting with your heart, seek out that which resonates through your being so that you sound the note of your purpose, and make your difference here upon Earth, our world of love to be.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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