The Wholeness of the Heart Path

[written in conscious attunement]

When you walk the path of heart, you walk the path of you:  all you are, all you have done, all you can be.

In your heart you can access the distilled and loving memories held by your soul, all the lessons learned and wisdom gained. In your heart you also meet your personal store of memories, feelings, projections, hopes and fears. For these are also part of your life stream, your path, your journey. You need to become one with all of who you are, in a peaceful way, to live fully in your heart.

How do you reconcile fears and doubts, with spiritual certainty and confidence? Or awaken life experiences into wisdom, to enrich the wholeness and presence of your soul? Work with both, ever this is the journey of heart.

If you seek only the wisdom, love and light of soul, you risk falling into the trap of spiritual bypassing, where you hold to the lighted part of your being as the only existence. But you are a personality here upon Earth, and a grace and a blessing it is to be here in the physical world! To shut off from the beautiful being you are in your physical, human self, is to withdraw life force from your true path.

You cannot incarnate without having a path to take here in this world, without a dharma to fulfil, service to give, purpose to find. If you bypass all this richness of your human life, you will not find heart.

Heart can only fully manifest when you are both aligned, with your soul love and light (as much as you can be, in balance), and present in this richness of your physical life.

The other challenge when you meet yourself in your heart, is that the patterns and triggers in your personal memories and projections can close you off to the light, shroud you in guilt and doubts, weigh you down with old memories. This is ever the challenge of the spiritual path! But now, it is not to be avoided, repressed, forced out of mind – now you must see it as nourishment for your wisdom.

The key is balance. Take your memories, and if they make you cringe in the brightest of lights, do not turn away. Take them one at a time into your conscious heart, hold them with you in your meditation, contemplation or prayer, and let the magic of your heart space help you realise, see, feel, awaken to the truth that you can distil from the memory, or if there is none – to let it go. Renew it – let light flood through the constructs of your memories and stored events, actions and reactions, so that you become more wise, and more heart.

Of course the path of heart will awaken challenges, for how else shall you become a wise and graceful vehicle of heart light? How else shall you participate, gifting your heart blessings to the Earth so that all shall find peace?

You don’t feel this is your path? Well, if your heart calls you, it is! For heart is the ultimate wisdom and giver of service, for it is where you are one with your flow. And flow only exists from source to destination.

No human is a destination, the end in the line for the heart’s flow of the divine, for we have not the capacity to hold it and return it to Cosmos, from whence it comes. Only Earth can do that, so she is the ultimate destination of all heart flows, whereupon she gathers all the loving purposeful light in her own heart, and pulses it back to Cosmos. This she does each year, in the great rhythm of her cycle around our solar heart, our sun.

Each year, she receives from the Solar heart (and Cosmic heart through that), nourishment, love and life force, both directly, and through those of humanity who choose a conscious path of heart. Much of nature and her animals and other creatures absorb Solar love and give of it to Earth just by the very integrated nature of their life force and existence within the body of Earth.

But, humanity, you hold yourself separate. But that is for a reason, so you can learn to be conscious conveyors of heart light to Earth. If your heart calls, this is your path. Learn how to feel and respond to the light that floods into your own heart, and how to give it on, so the flow continues.

For those whose heart does not call, some are not on the path of conscious heart awakening, nor on the path of personal exploration that awakens conscious resistance. Heart-present leadership shall enfold many and help them evolve in that loving flow.

For those whose heart does call, but choose not to awaken it, then the rhythm and cycles of Earth in her heart awakening will make their heart’s call stronger and stronger, and it shall be awoken.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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