Physical and Spiritual Resonance of your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

When you walk a path of heart, your first step is choice.

Choice of heart, your ultimate conscience, that leads to your present (and ultimately illuminated) consciousness. Present because heart can only enliven a consciousness in the here and now. It does not work in the mind-processes that hold future possibilities up as goals or challenges. Neither does it work in emotional forms, necessarily built of the past (for that is how they are formed).

Your heart beats to sustain your life in this moment. To pause and wait for future possibilities would mean death; and neither can it beat to enliven the past, for that does not exist in this heartbeat’s moment. This is the same for your spiritual heart.

So your heart choice is within this moment.  Every time you seek that inspiration of heart, you align more and more of you with that consciousness; and even though it is focussed and present in this moment, it holds all the promise of everything you have become, and everything you can be.

Every physical heartbeat draws in the substance of your being through your blood, and all the knowing of your body can be present in that milieu. Your spiritual heart draws in all the consciousness you have woven into your personal sphere. Within your heart is where the magic occurs! Your spiritual heart aligns with your physical heart, and your body knowing, and soul knowing, reside a moment in that one place, and are imbued with the vibration of that great organ – your heart on all levels.

Your physical heart is not just an organ of muscle, nerves and blood. It is the holder and creator of your resonance. This can be measured. So when the blood of your being resides for just that moment within your heart, that heart resonance infuses into this substance of your being. Because this is also where your spiritual heart resides in your personal consciousness, then in every pause between beats, your spiritual consciousness also imbues your blood with the resonance of your spiritual consciousness.

So here, then, is where this knowledge becomes especially interesting. For as you awaken more to your spiritual consciousness, you enable this resonance to engage more fully within your being, and thus every time your heart beats, you imbue your life blood with more of that spiritual resonance, your body receives illuminating and uplifting spiritual nourishment, and your whole body becomes more light!

It is so much to do with vibration.

A very fine vibration will simply pass through a substance of heavier vibration, or be reflected (bounced) off a substance that is very solid and dense in its structure.

In this age of heart consciousness into which we are entering, the global milieu is changing (Earth’s choice), and thus the resonance we live within is providing more substance of finer vibrations from which we build our bodies, thoughts and feelings.

Hence, the globally changing consciousness.

It is not enough, however, to just paddle about in this new milieu, and soak up this finer-vibrating resonance around us; for we may still be filled with the emotional forms holding onto the past memories and ways of doing things, and the mental constructs of how we think things should be in the future.

That is why we must choose, for that opens our consciousness to this resonance of Earth through our own hearts, and this then nourishes the substance of our being (mind, emotions and body), so that we have more impetus and capacity to change.

Some shall be swept along in the great ocean of change unfolding around us. But that is not enough to create the Earth changes needed.

This change in consciousness is one of alignment from Earth to human, from soul to Cosmos. It can neither be imposed upon nor created by one presence alone. Earth cannot create heart consciousness within her being, for her consciousness embraces all levels of existence within her sphere. We, humanity, are the vehicle she chose to enable this finely attuned and deeply physical presence of heart to become incarnate in her being, for the sake of all in her care. Neither can we, humanity, do this without Earth and all her care and beings of higher consciousness that are within her.

Earth has chosen. Many of humanity have chosen also, but not yet enough to tip the balance to a path of heart globally amongst humanity, where true (not constructed) conscience, guided by the truth of soul, life and Earth, will fill the heart space of every being.

This is our aim. This is our need, in order for heart to be an awakened reality, and not just a fantasised prophecy.

So, choose, with all the substance of who you are, deep in your heart and filled with loving Earth, and heart shall fill and nourish you with wonder, joy and amazement, and you will become a change agent for Earth and all around you, in heart.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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