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Soul’s Loving Embrace in Daily Life

[written in conscious attunement]

Soul is love, but what does that mean in your day-to-day life?

Does it mean soul is present when you love your children, parents, siblings, partner? Does it mean soul is present when you love a cause, or perhaps a religious figure through your faith? The answer is maybe, but usually not.

Let us explore what soul love means in the human world. Soul is of the vibration of the Ocean of Love, Earth’s milieu of loving intention that coheres her conscious existence with the incoming and present souls, drawn to participate in and contribute to her journey as a loving, living expression of heart consciousness. That is her evolutionary goal, as it is that of the universe in conscious intent, and that is the expression of her beingness that draws other life streams to her through the Law of Attraction.

Soul … can respond both to spirit’s call, and to the resonance of physical matter

Soul is the medium, the level of vibration that can respond both to spirit’s call, and to the resonance of physical matter, which we have explored before. In this way, it is a unique medium for conscious life:  it both gifts life into matter, energising the spark of intent that gathers substance into human or other physical forms; and it resonates with the guiding intention of higher life, be that spirit, or Earth’s intent expressed through her body via her astral self, the Ocean of Love.

It is a creative force. It creates life, and/or it creates intention to stimulate growth of consciousness. In this way it is a loving expression of life itself.  When you think about love as a vehicle of human connection, it is about relationship, comfort, caring, nurturing, support. There are many words that can describe the fullness of a loving relationship, but very few relate to the primary purpose and vibration of soul love, which is to create under the guidance and impulse of spirit’s and Earth’s intent. Even the human creative process to bring new souls into incarnation is not often directly linked to earthly or spirit-aligned intent.

The primary reason for this is because the fineness of vibration of soul is neither 1) easily perceived in the dense vibrational nature of human life, nor 2) if it were, it could easily be too much for the human self to accommodate.

You may wonder how that can be, if soul is the creative force that brings all life into incarnation. It is simply the fact of the vibrational resonance:  a fine vibration will, in most cases, either simply bounce off, or pass straight through, a denser vibration. This is a physical fact. That is why spiritual healing only works for some – and for some it challenges – because unless the vibrational input is exactly harmonised with the resonance of what needs transforming, the vibration will have no effect. Thus, the skill and training of the healer is of paramount importance, as it is for the healing guides who work with and through them. This is not to say spiritual healing always invokes soul vibration, it rarely does, for the very reasons we are exploring.

If a higher vibration of light and love, or whatever focussed quality is held in that vibration, is brought into presence around a human being, through a healer, a life circumstance, or direct soul intervention, there are two possible outcomes:

  1. no effect at all, because the vibration has found no resonance within the vibrational structure of the human being, so it passes through, or bounces off; or
  2. there is resonance within some part of the human self, such that the incoming vibration can set up a harmonic vibration, and change the note, if you like, in the human consciousness and/or physical milieu of the body (including the emotions and mind).

In any circumstance, too much of a different vibrational note resonating in your being can be harmful. You are a vehicle of complex and interconnected emotions, thoughts, and physical substance, and your journey is one of evolving consciousness.

If, for example, soul simply infused and took over your human self, your soul would be in charge of your human life, which it can only be capable of if you have had millennia of lives of learning such that your soul has enough knowledge to do this; and you would no longer be on a human journey of developing consciousness.

That is why this almost never happens. Only when the soul and personality are capable of co-resonance to the degree that enables complete soul infusion, and when global and personal karma enable, can this occur – such as in the incarnation of the soul of a great spiritual teacher for a particular global impact. Note that this is totally different from the work of many illumined and/or inspired people of spiritual intent, who influence a smaller or greater number of followers. As mentioned previously, very few souls incarnate as a presence here, because it does not have an impact just on the human beings attracted to that light, but upon the whole Earth herself. Thus, it is only able to occur in concert with the choice and evolutionary path of Earth herself. Very rare, but spectacular when it occurs; when seen as the expression of light that it is.

Furthermore, that light has various effects. In the complex milieu of the human personality of mind, feelings and physical-etheric self, an infusion of a finely vibrating light unavoidably stimulates change, for that is inevitable in the mix of vibrational notes that ensues. If you have the capacity to perceive and welcome this change as something with which to resonate further, then you can take that journey and evolve your consciousness and your physical beingness to be more resonant with this vibration. For example, in those followers of Jesus, or of Buddha, two great conscious beings who incarnated the vibration of soul into the world. However, this always requires change, which is what evolution is about. Change such that you can resonate more fully with their loving soul intent, and change such that you dissolve, transform or dissipate those parts of yourself that do not resonate.

All spiritual stimuli, whether directly from soul, or circumstantially through karma, show you what to change so that you evolve

This is where you choose. All spiritual stimuli, whether directly from soul, or circumstantially through karma, show you what to change so that you evolve.  But the very structure of a human being is built in the worlds of physical, emotional and mental matter, held together by the forces of attraction that enable incarnation. The very substance of your conscious and personal self is cohered by this structure and containment, which is what makes you who you are as a human personality.

So how should you choose to resonate with something that will forever change the structure and inner containment of your being? The first reaction of physical matter to the force of change is to resist, and the force of inertia is strong. This is the basic interaction of soul with dense physical matter. That is why it takes life after life of incarnation, learning lessons, and achieving enough consciousness so that the opportunity of choice is not overruled by the very inertia of physical existence, but instead can be informed by the consciousness that can drive acceptance of and cooperation with the light of soul or circumstance. As we know from history, very few have been capable of this choice, and most have adhered to the familiarity of inertia’s force.

But times are different now, for two reasons:  Earth has evolved more consciousness; thus the milieu in which we incarnate is more infused with that which can resonate with soul’s call; and humanity has also evolved, both en masse as a collective consciousness (still a long way to go though), and in the number of individuals with a more highly-developed consciousness  who hold incarnational intent into this physical world.

Thus, the period we call the Great Change is here. Change can only occur through conscious choice; although note that for human evolution and the impact that has upon Earth as a living, loving being, this can occur both individually and collectively. Meaning that not all humans need to consciously choose the path of individual change, but if there is enough combined intentional alignment of the masses, with the desire and hope for positive change (however that takes form in the mind or emotions), then that is also a choice for that change in the milieu of earthly and human existence.

This then is the field of influence and expression of soul:  the loving infusion that is the instigator of, and creator of, evolution of consciousness. Soul is the force of love that coheres spirit and matter, because it can resonate with both. Soul is the force of love that enables creation, and evolution, and thus  change in the world of substance and matter. Soul infused the love Jesus and Gautama had and still have for their followers and chelas – the soul love that invited and still invites conscious change.

If you have evolved enough to have some resonance with your soul, then it will shine through your heart and infuse subtly, or more greatly, the loving expressions you share in all your relationships. If you, like most of humanity, are still learning to resonate with soul to this degree, then rest assured you can still be a most loving being, for human love is most fully expressed through emotional, mental and physical alignment of your being with the forces of attraction that build our relationships in the first place. Then, in time – perhaps not such a long time in this era of great change and infusion of evolutionary opportunity – you can bring soul resonance into your relationships. Then, not only you, but those you love, can hold and resonate with that evolutionary force and creative intent that is soul love, and grow in that loving embrace, not resist in inertia’s ignorance.

If you want more loving soul in your life, start in your heart, for there you can refine your consciousness to apprehend the vibration of soul, for that undeniably exists in your heart. That is the very loving, creative force that keeps your physical heart beating and infusing your existence with not only physical life, but the loving life force that is in resonance with Earth and soul, aligned with the conscious intent of evolution in manifestation through the Law of Karma.

If you want soul love, choose it, in whatever smaller or greater way your heart guides

This is soul love, and how much you experience and bring it into your day is your choice. Not how much your hopes, dreams or wishes seek – but your conscious choice, for that is how the revelation and resonance of soul is enabled in your human conscious self.

If you want soul love, choose it, in whatever smaller or greater way your heart guides.

Do not force it, for that can harm, as described before. Align with it, through your heart, your intuitive perceptions, your loving instincts, but most of all, through a wholesome personal choice. Then it shall shine in you, through you, and not only into your relationships, but into the milieu of humanity’s collective consciousness, and make the understanding of, and choice for, soul’s loving resonance easier for everyone else.

Thus, the Great Change can occur, and Earth’s loving path can embrace all, instead of human hatred, destructiveness, and war on whatever level it might otherwise manifest.

Do yours, and great positive change can and will occur in soul’s loving embrace.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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