Mother’s Loving Fire

[written in conscious attunement]

In the deepest, purest presence of the Mother, you are in pure fire. Not the fire of force, raging with the intentful winds of will, burning with the demand for change. The pure fire of Mother is essence of creation itself. It is the fire that is not of matter, but that which burns in the substance between what we call matter.

Fire itself is the element of pure transformation because it is the only force that can completely break apart and reconfigure the substance of life. All other elements in our physical world rearrange, but cannot deeply transform. And life itself is a process of transformation. In our human world, we have the transformation of cells in a living, breathing person, and before that the transformation of your soul’s intent into the spark that ignites your creation in the first place.

Without fire, all levels of matter, soul and spirit would remain separated, without interaction. These are all levels of matter from the perspective of Earth’s consciousness, and the inherent attraction of like-to-like that holds matter together works on all these levels. But the fire of creation is what ignites change. The fire of conscious intent, seeking to birth the light and love of that intent in the deepest realms to where that consciousness can go.

In that deepest realm is the fiery presence of Mother, on every level of creation. The spark of creative intent cannot ignite unless the presence of fire is already there in readiness, to set alight in response. Just as you cannot ignite a physical fire in the substance of water, air or earth, you cannot ignite the spiritual fire of creative change in the inner substance of our human world. Yet it is that fire we need to evolve. It is that fire we need to create light out of matter.

Thus, in all spiritual creation, Mother embodies the fire of potential within matter, in readiness for the intentful spark from spirit, to ignite the creation of life.

When you want change, you must address the two elements that are needed:  the intentful will that brings the spark, and the fire of potential within the substance of your being.

Humanity has not truly reached such a point of great change before, where these two elements must be enabled. Humanity has been evolving the capacity to reach and embody the spark of creation, learning to create with mind and emotion, developing the capacity to reach up through the layers of beingness to the fine vibration of fire as creative intent, and to build in our human world.

But this is not the fullness of creation, and as we open more to the evolution of heart consciousness, the enablement of creation through both the fire of intent and the fire of potential is essential.

Evolution requires the awakening of heart consciousness, that is the choice of our planet. Heart consciousness is not a destination of illumination or bliss, but is an active, cooperative integration, bringing spirit’s intent into a creative expression of love through our personal consciousness immersed within Earth’s living sphere, whereupon that loves feeds into the heart of the Earth, and recirculates through her inner self, to nourish our creative process yet again.

Heart consciousness requires cooperative engagement with Earth – Earth as a conscious being … Earth as Mother.

Heart consciousness requires cooperative engagement with Earth – Earth as a conscious being, Earth as a being of loving light, Earth as Mother.

Our Mother Earth holds all the fire of potential. Humanity and the angels together are the evolutionary streams able to be the flow that brings spirit’s intent all the way to her physical heart.

This is the awakening of heart consciousness. It cannot happen for humanity alone, for any single human alone, or any angelic being alone – it can only happen in the full circulation of heart’s flow from spirit to physical matter and back again. That is heart.

This is why Earth is calling, screaming to humanity, to look to her, and to take care. Climate, extinction, environmental catastrophes, this is her voice. We cannot live here without her, we cannot evolve here without her heart. We cannot express spirit’s intent without her Mother fire, for that is the very substance that enables every creative expression to exist in the first place.

Find that fire of Mother within you:  the fire that does not burn yet ignites in creative love when stimulated. The fire that holds the potential of every heart to become conscious in loving relationship with Earth. The fire that is the essence of life itself, between all the forces of will and wishes alike. That is the fire of Mother, the embrace that holds you here in life and love, so that with Earth, you can create and be a living, loving heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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