Living a Soul Life

[written in conscious attunement]

To live a life of soul is to live infused with loving purpose, to flow with energised service, to relate with insight and wisdom, to understand and act with perspective and compassion.

Who doesn’t want this? This is what lies as the promise of life to be, in your heart; for your heart resonates with soul, and is your guide on your evolutionary journey of conscious awakening. Your heart is also built of physical matter, and creates and sustains your physical life, and so it also resonates with those forces that build life out of matter. It is the place where we balance those forces that pull us into matter, and draw us to soul and the refined light of evolutionary intention.

To live a life of soul is to live infused with loving purpose … to understand and act with perspective and compassion

Heart is what awakens now, in this evolutionary journey upon Earth. In the past, spiritual and soul stimuli were filtered down through mental and emotional structures, built by evolved and inspired beings with insight and at least some resonance with soul and evolutionary intention. Religions and spiritual traditions are the most obvious of these structures, built as they have been through millennia of human yearning, searching, insight and hope, and often inspired by the radiating presence of an incarnated soul of light in the past. These structures have given pathways, guidance, and opportunities for a young soul to grow and develop upon their path, when they do not as yet have enough personal conscious development to find soul and light, and to follow that guidance directly.

Other structures, not so obviously of soul intent, are many and varied, because soul and spirit are not just interested in the spiritual awakening of humanity. For human life to continue to exist and be of service upon Earth, there needs to be carefully-considered and caring expressions of life’s development and management in every sphere: for example, in politics, law, science, education, art, music, medicine, psychology … health, wellbeing and social structure in all their expressions.

To seek to live life immersed in soul and ignoring all other aspects of human life and responsibilities to Earth, nature and all life, is as unbalanced as living a life of greed and unillumined materialism – unless it should be your specific dharma to seek that isolated soul life, but that is rare.

Soul infuses our heart and sustains our life upon Earth because we have 1) the honour and privilege to have a physical incarnation, which in this universe is rare; and 2) work to do here.

If you wish to dissolve into the world of soul, then you may have that opportunity – but it will cost you, as a human and as a soul.

To incarnate here upon Earth is a great gift

Everything in life is balanced, life after life, by the ebb and flow of soul, and human intent and actions, encompassed and guided by the Law of Karma.

To incarnate here upon Earth is a great gift, and requires cooperation of your soul with the loving embrace of Mother Earth, and with those who hold and implement the laws of life. For example, the laws that guide the forces of involution so that you can physically incarnate; those that guide your development and evolution such as the Law of Karma; and those that enable and guide interaction and learning through relationships to others and Earth, such as the Laws of Attraction. These laws are impregnated into the substance of the universe itself, for that is the great living being in whose presence and body we live.

So, our life here within the physical realms is not about just finding God and going to heaven, or finding illumination and breaking the wheel of dharma, or sacrificing self and returning to the light – or any of the other pathways elucidated, and unfortunately in many expressions, cemented, in the teachings and practices we see as spiritual.

Yes, seek soul. That is essential to illumine our minds and awaken our hearts and consciousness so we can evolve. But it is not enough!

Some spiritual practices and religions embrace the need for engagement with and service in the world. However, the traditionally non-spiritual aspects of life, society and Earth-care are not in and of themselves seen as part of our spiritual journey, but just as places we can bring our own personal spirituality. This is what must change!

Until we see every expression of society and physical life’s structures as part of the illuminating evolutionary expression of spirit’s unfolding, we are spiritually by-passing the needs of the hour. These structures are seen as something necessary for physical existence, but irrelevant to the spiritual journey. This is not so!

Furthermore, this does not give leave to those of any narrow-minded dogma to seek to dominate social structures so they can impose their way upon others. We see this too often when those who pretend religious or spiritual allegiance, create division and separatism in groups and nations. This is not an expression of soul, of light, or of loving evolutionary intent. This is religion convoluted by greed into the power politics of darkness. No good shall come of this, in any sphere.

We are a diversity of human beings upon Earth, to enrich the path of evolution and learning. We would learn nothing of evolutionary importance if all were the same, for we would have no choices of consequence to make. Of course, there are masses of people who do not actively seek an evolving path in life, and for whom sameness holds the appeal of false certainty, but it is not them upon whom the urgent need of the hour rests. It is on those who lead, in all endeavours of human expression, and on those of conscious intent who have choice.

All human structures of life and society need to become vehicles aligned with the inflowing evolutionary intent, and reflect the reality of soul. A long way off, perhaps, but until the seed of this reality rests in the human consciousness, even to just the smallest degree, it shall not even begin to be realised.

The paradox of living a spiritual life is to enable that infusion of soul and loving intent to give you vision, and then to put your feet back upon the ground and strive to help that vision manifest

The paradox of living a spiritual life is to enable that infusion of soul and loving intent to give you vision, and then to put your feet back upon the ground and strive to help that vision manifest.

Humans are exceptional creators and builders, with excellent problem-solving capacities. The key to the path forward is to avoid greed. As explained previously, greed is the manifestation of the pull of the material forces of involution, when not balanced by the pull from the heart to the light. From greed, all other anti-light characteristics can develop, for you can only fulfil greed when you create separation from others, so that you have more than them. From this arises almost every human challenge:  e.g., war, famine, racism, nationalism, oppression, poverty, pollution and destruction of Earth herself.

As heart awakens through this period of the Great Change, greed is confronted in all its expressions. The only hope is more heart, which means more choice every day, for every human. For then we do not disappear into a life of soul, but we express the loving, balanced life of soul in our human world in this hour of need.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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