The Worlds of Souls and Humans

[written in conscious attunement]

In the world of souls, the journey is about aligning between the Earth’s Ocean of Love, her emotional self, and spirit’s intent. In the world of humans, the journey is about aligning between the world of souls, and the physical world of Earth. The ultimate aim of bringing these two worlds together, of souls and humans, is to create a living, pulsing conduit of spirit’s love between Cosmic heart and earthly expression.

This love becomes love-will in effect, because Cosmic love, which is what births spirit, is activated and directed by Cosmic intent, which becomes purposeful will when embodied upon Earth, whether in the world of souls, or through the human embodiment. This is also why many humans shy away from deep and intentful dedication and devotion to a true spiritual path, because it is easy, in the human sphere, to misunderstand the presence of love-will as pressure, confinement, challenge, and shattering – yet it is not. These may be part of the journey, but that is your doing, and your path of learning through the complex lessons of your karma:  to balance and refine your journeys past into wisdom for the future. What greater expression of love can there be!

In contrast, those who embrace this vibration of love-will, even if presented with challenges, feel the fullness of that intentful love as a driving spiritual and living purpose, that activates the heart and brings great joy in the fulfilment of each day.

Most people on a spiritual path are in between these two, for the human journey is nuanced by so many factors, including karmic patterns, the level of development of both soul and human (which determines how much spirit may express), the embrace of the Earth, and the embrace of Greater Hearts.

All souls are born into a pre-qualified medium within the Ocean of Love, because Earth has walked this path of conscious becoming for eons. She has developed nuances in her emotional consciousness, where human souls come into being, and these cohere as qualities and vibrational expressions of not only her being and conscious awakening, but of her spirit’s intent as it embodies through her.

To help Earth on her journey of manifesting her spirit’s intent, come the Greater Hearts:  beings who have come from other planets or stars with much wisdom already gained on the expression of spirit. Some  have also gone deeper through incarnating on Earth, to further evolve their understanding into wisdom imbued with Earth’s reality and the world of humans.

Thus, there is a great cooperative, conscious merging between these Greater Hearts, and Earth’s living, loving expression as a planetary being on the path of physical heart consciousness. Much of Earth’s emotional self is “organised” thus, you could say, into nuanced vibrational qualities that hold not only her intent, but that are also magnified by a Greater Heart who imbues that vibration with further consciousness, and infuses more spirit into that expression.

In this way, the expression of spirit through Earth and the Greater Hearts is embodied in vibrational coherences, seen as magnificent colours moving and radiating around and through Earth herself. Humanity is held within this loving expression, such that each soul embodies within one of these vibrational coherences, held by a Greater heart, in accordance with their spirit’s intent.

For example, if a soul comes into embodiment with the intentful guidance to express through creativity, that soul will embody within the milieu of the Greater Heart and Earth’s expression that nourish and guide creative expression in the human world. This could be any form of creativity, for we see this in not only artistic or musical fields, but in science, education, politics, religion – any field of human endeavour where the expansion of awareness is enabled by a creative approach. Or, a soul may embody with the directive intent to learn to wield power, to ultimately manifest spiritual will in human affairs; or to embody law and order as the spiritual truth it is, helping that concept be understood and expressed in our earthly world.

There are many journeys for the human soul, but each soul will always be embraced in this Ocean of Love by the Greater Heart where their spirit’s intent holds vibrational resonance.

This proceeds for many lives until such time as the soul has learned sufficiently on that path of expression, and it may then move to another sphere of resonance, and thus begin to learn within the embrace of another of the Greater Hearts. Or, a soul may stay in the one resonance until it can master that expression of spirit’s intent, both as a soul, and as a human, and then either assist the Greater Heart in holding and guiding the souls in that embrace, or leave Earth to help embody that intent of spirit in other worlds.

Why this has deep and heartfelt relevance to you as a human being, is because ultimately you can only journey forward spiritually in this life when you find resonance in your consciousness with the heartfelt intent held in your heart. This is where your soul’s resonance is held, and in your soul’s resonance is the love-will of your spirit’s intent, and where you can tap into the whole embodiment of that intent held by the Greater Heart in Earth’s Ocean of Love (where your soul learns and dwells). Thus, you find your purpose, and the loving nourishment that holds you and guides you on your journey – and who does not want or need that?

In the early days of human embodiment, you can find the presence of your heart’s love in the nuanced vibration, the colour, of the Greater Heart in whose embrace your soul dwells. In later (much later) embodiments, when both soul and human have learned much, and developed much conscious resonance, you come into more direct guidance from the Greater Heart.

So, in the beginning of your journey, you will be influenced and guided by the shade of the vibration and colour which infuses your sense of purpose, then later when you become more conscious, you can be more directly engaged in the conscious expression of your spirit, of the Greater Heart who guides you, and of Earth’s needs and love, all held in that collaboration of resonance in the world of souls.

Most of Earth’s Ocean of Love is held by these Greater Hearts –but not all of it. This is for a combination of reasons:  Earth has her own karma, some discordant elements within her own being that she is still resolving,  vibrational elements to purify before they can be incorporated into the loving embrace of one of the Greater Hearts. Then there are the souls created by evolution upon Earth herself, guided by her spirit’s intent and thus having less of an individual spirit’s purpose, and who are not strongly enough of one vibrational expression to resonate with any one of the Greater Hearts. Usually, they form part of that earthly resonance still being worked out through Earth’s karmic journey.

Lastly, there are those souls who have not been able to hold sufficient resonance with their human expression to enable their light to continue to flow. Even the youngest human expression has a flow of light from its soul, but if a human evolves such that it continually chooses human power over that of spirit, that resonance becomes less and less. Instead of being nourished by soul, the inner heart is closed, and life force is amassed by the lower magic of human greed – at its worst in the greed for, and expression of, human power. This is seen in the catastrophic destruction of civilisation and the deaths of many caused by such embodiments. Hitler was one, others are scattered through history, and unfortunately, in action to some degree today. Nothing of light shines through them.

For these people, their souls become very challenged. Every soul is a vehicle of flow, from spirit and from Earth’s Ocean of Love to its human self, and thus its ultimate expression as love upon Earth in the physical world. If that flow is disrupted by human choice, continuously made, then it becomes very difficult for that soul to remain in the Greater Heart’s embrace, whatever the degree of vibrational coherence, because it cannot flow that intent down into the Earth. The pressure on that soul to enable that flow to Earth, and the disruption to the collective intent for that flow held by the Greater Heart (and all the other souls in their embrace), means that eventually, if the disruptive human choices continue, that soul will move out of the embrace of the Greater Heart, and reside in the yet-to-be-resolved part of Earth’s astral consciousness.

This does not happen very often, but it is a path taken by a very few. Yet they are the ones who manifest the life-less wielding of power upon Earth that we call evil, and thus cause so much disruption and destruction in our human world.

Do not fear you are upon this path if you see your imperfections, if you sometimes have hatred or too much anger, if you feel overwhelmed by and incapable of expressing what is in your heart. If you were on the path of repeated choice to close to the nourishing light of your soul and the Greater Heart’s light that embraces your soul, you would not even notice these challenges. The only reason you feel all these conflicts and difficulties is because you are allowing the light in your heart to move in your being, and this is your conscience, and eventually consciousness. Without that, you would not be able to see the contrast between the lighter and darker shades of your being.

Experiencing light and dark is needed to enable choice, which enables conscious growth, which enables more soul light to resonate in your heart and flow through you. You will never be without the shades of light and dark until you become a Greater Heart. For as a human you are a vehicle empowered to act with conscious choice; and unless you are directly in touch with spirit’s intent (like the Greater Hearts are), then you will always experience the shades of human life so that you can enact that conscious choice, and fully manifest that loving flow from your soul into this world.

So, let go of judgement of the parts of you that are as yet not infused with love and light, and instead see them as lessons, reminders and guides for your development of consciousness, and enactment of conscious choice to bring your shade of loving intent into this world.

In this way, you and the millions of other seekers in this world help the world receive more loving light, and empower more loving light with conscious intent so that Earth can use this to redeem her as-yet impurified elements. Darkness is decreased, light is increased, and the mis-guided humans who keep choosing human power over heart’s loving intent will have less and less unqualified matter with which to work., Their mischief and evil will be curtailed, and their souls will be able to reinstate the loving flow every human heart needs.

This is our future, just remember that it can only come about through choice, whether consciously through the challenges and travails of a human life; or through the infusion of soul choice directly which can happen with younger human expressions and group souls, where the long path of human conscious development is not part of their journey.

Take heart:  if you feel the light and shade of life, you are on the path. Just use your heart to guide your choices and actions as much as you can, and more light and love will flow to your heart, into your life, and into our beautiful Mother Earth.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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