garden embrace

Mother Maitreya Loving Embrace

[written in conscious attunement]

This is an energy embrace more than words to stimulate thought, so it is best read when you can sit in stillness and contemplation and allow yourself to feel what is given.

In love, I come.

The love that enfolds,
the love that comforts,
the love that nourishes your heart.

In love, I lift your eyes to the heavenly worlds, the life-path of the soul, my garden of beauty, my home of the souls who choose.

In love, I embrace all who seek. All who seek love – the love that is purpose, faith, meaning, compassion, intention and action in the world.

The garden of my souls is full and radiant – room for so many more, who choose. Let my love enfold you, my winged angels lift your gaze, see the light, see the hope, see …

The future is made by souls of light. Be those souls, be light, let my love touch.

I walk with you through every valley, I lift your eyes to every sparkling star, I nourish your body with life eternal, so you may walk my path and choose, feel, be and become love.

For that is what I am.


The love that holds and embraces. The love that descends from cosmos. The love that tends the growing flower. The embrace that nurtures the fullness of nature.

Everything is love that has life – for life is an expression of love, and I am that love, that love for you to bring to Earth.

I love the Earth, but I do not bring love to the Earth – you, humans of Earth, you bring love to her greatness. You are the warriors, the peace lovers, the nurturers, the creators, who bring love.

I bring love to you. I hold your hearts in my loving embrace, you bring love to Earth.

I hold your gaze to the light, when you choose and allow; you must create on Earth with this gaze fulfilled.

So, I come with love, to nurture, to hold, to inspire, to challenge and confront.

Love, the hardest energy to hold and become, in the human world, for also you hold the forces of physical manifestation, which becomes darkened without love.

Long have I walked this path, I know this road, I support your choices, for that is my dharma – to understand, to guide, to love.

Dharma of Christ Bodhisattva Mother of Earth as one. The new age of light dawns, arise, chosen ones; choose, awakening ones; fight, warriors of peace and truth!

Arise, souls of my, our garden. Light of my heart, love of my grace, wings of my angels, doers of my hope.

Dream, and do.

Dream, and see, for all shall change.

I, I stand behind all who choose and show love, however small or great in action, however manifest or hidden in intention.

Every act of love shall create, and build the world of the future. Every choice of light shall nourish this world with hope. Every nuance of choice enriches the fullness of life in all its colours and expressions.

Be the fullness of joy, creativity, hope, love.

My garden blooms a thousand colours, for all life to find its resonance there. I bloom in hope, uplifted by the smiling colours around me. Together we create. Together we must create. Together we journey.

I am love. I bring love. I hold love out to you, who struggle in the darkened times and challenging crises engulfing our world.

I am Maitreya-Mother, in heart, in love, in loving lineage of wisdom, teachings, Earth care, human nourishment.

I am love.

Enter my embrace.

Feel my heartbeat.

I am the loving presence that enfolds you, and helps you become whole, a soul flower in the garden of loving compassion and presence.

I am that love.

Be me in all your radiant colours and Mother Earth shall glow, shine, and become whole and healed.

We want that, in all our hearts.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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