Soul’s Loving Embrace in Daily Life

deep rose heart

Soul is love, but what does that mean in your day-to-day life? Does it mean soul is present when you love your children, parents, siblings, partner? Does it mean soul is present when you love a cause, or perhaps a religious figure through your faith? The answer is maybe, but usually not. Let us explore […]

Living a Soul Life

To live a life of soul is to live infused with loving purpose, to flow with energised service, to relate with insight and wisdom, to understand and act with perspective and compassion. Who doesn’t want this? This is what lies as the promise of life to be, in your heart; for your heart resonates with […]

Temple of Choice

light and clouds

Come, come to my Temple of Choice, where all hearts have knowing, where consciousness touches deeply, and life streams respond. I hold the veils apart for you humanity to learn quickly, and choose accordingly, for loving choice soon becomes will; then there will be no personal choice. Then there will be soul alignment with global […]