Heart Consciousness & Mother Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

In the vast amount of space between and within the atoms of your physical being, lies Mother. Mother Earth, Mother Cosmos, and Mother Kumara – the being of conscious intent created by the merging of Cosmic Mother’s intent, with Mother Earth’s choice. Mother Kumara was thus the first impulse of Cosmic consciousness awakening within Earth; for Mother comes first, so that matter can be imbued with the creativity and evolutionary blueprint of what is to come, and life can evolve in this realm.

Mother Kumara has held this space for an eon of evolutionary time – the time since Earth’s choice and Cosmic response. She has held this blueprint within the ethers of this beautiful planet, and within the substance of space in all life. Thus, the blueprint for life’s unfoldment in this sphere was established.

But the evolutionary path chosen is one of physically embodying heart consciousness, and thus a vehicle of conscious capacity was needed in the physical world. As we have explored previously, heart cannot be without both conscious intent, to create the spark, will and force of the heartbeat; and with the substance of life that can flow with each heartbeat’s intent.

The substance is here, for Mother Earth and Mother Kumara are the embodiments of this loving presence. They also help it manifest through nature and all her creatures, and the angels and their care. But none can manifest intent to the degree needed for heart consciousness to become physically present within Earth’s body.

Physically incarnated cells of consciousness are needed – cells made of the love of Mother Earth, filled with the loving blueprint of evolution’s journey held by Mother Kumara, but then also given the individual will to create here in this physical world and manifest Cosmic intent. Thus, the human self came into being, with a soul immersed in Earth’s Ocean of Love, able to be imbued with Cosmic and earthly intent through that ocean; and a physical body, able (in time) to align with soul and thus manifest this intent all the way down to the densest level of existence.

Our physical bodies (including the emotional and mental substance of our personal selves) are, of course, made of the substance of Earth, and thus has resonance with the blueprint within. They are not created with consciousness already present, and are not able to align with their soul’s and higher conscious intent without development.

You cannot create consciousness by an act of will alone. Will creates the spark that enables intent to manifest, such as to create a human being, but consciousness arises through the interaction, interplay, inter-development of that will, within the substance within which it takes form.

The largest part of human evolution has been dedicated to this, after the initial impulse to create the human form had achieved sufficient  development. Almost all evolutionary intent since then has focussed upon enabling the development of consciousness, such that the impulse of spirit and higher intent could find resonance within, and stimulate physical expression through the human self. So there has been much emphasis in human history upon the evolution of mind, the refinement and understanding of emotions, and the melding of these within the physical human self as consciousness.

Collectively, there is enough mental, emotional and physical consciousness in the substance of humanity for the next door to open upon the evolutionary journey:  the door to the consciousness of heart. Certainly, there is plenty of human activity that is without consciousness, and some done with negative intent to try to stop the inevitable change to the consciousness of heart, and to keep things the same. But remember this:  the collective consciousness of humanity has enough light in it to embrace the emerging era of change, and that is all that is needed.

This next evolutionary step is profoundly different to the journey so far. Until now, the primary intent has been to develop the human self such that the intent of spirit could enter. You could see this is a vertical alignment, between human and soul selves, from dense physical into the worlds of light. An alignment where each octave of resonance could sound with enough clarity, to enable spirit’s intent to reverberate within the human self. Thus, higher intent can nudge and guide the human self, and the consciousness of that alignment evolves.

But this alone does not create the consciousness of heart.

Consciousness of heart requires both conscious intent, the alignment element of will that directs the flow – and there must also be consciousness within the substance that flows, so that it can be drawn into the presence of the intent, and given life-force through this intermingling within the heart.

Think of it this way:  an idea goes nowhere unless you nourish and create it through the physical and emotional levels to manifest it in the physical world. You cannot manifest with thought alone. All of this is enabled by the very life force that you have as a living being, energised and nourished by your heart. This is a microcosm of what we speak of as this next evolutionary step.

The reason this personal alignment with, and manifestation of intent does not itself create heart consciousness is simple:  heart consciousness (not self-consciousness) requires an alignment with, and expression of, the substance of heart in our world. The flow is not just of personal intent into a personal creation (mostly a contained astral circulation) – it is of higher intent, into Earth’s being, returned to her astral self, the Ocean of Love, and recirculated via our souls.

Personal intent circulates largely through our personal astral self, interacting with others and the world, to some smaller or greater degree.

Heart intent originates from soul, and the only way that can circulate is when we understand and consciously embrace substance of that heart’s creative expression – which is the substance of Mother Earth and Mother Kumara.

Thus, this great and utterly profound change in our evolutionary journey:  from developing self as a vehicle capable of resonating with higher intent from soul, to a being of Earth and soul, capable of resonating with soul intent, and filling the substance of Earth with that intent such that the heart can flow.

This needs awareness and consciousness of that which is the substance of the heart. You cannot become heart-conscious without that. So, the evolutionary focus shifts from continually seeking understanding of the higher intent, to seeking resonance within the body of Earth, through your own body.

Feel the Earth, feel nature. The knowledge of this is there, but the connection through physical resonance is not very developed within the human consciousness.

Some of the Greater Hearts have incarnated with this resonance with Earth, for they have come in pure conscious alignment with spirit’s intent to create a deeper stimulus and show a more conscious pathway of heart to humanity, plus to give energy and love to Earth in her physical self. But it is our journey, as physical beings, to learn to resonate with Mother Earth and Mother Kumara, and meld that with the conscious intent we perceive from the higher realms, and create a flow of heart – and thus become heart conscious.

The substance of your being already contains this resonance, for you are made of that which is Mother Earth. Your journey is to become more and more conscious of this substance in your being.

Do so slowly, slowly, for becoming conscious of this resonance shall shake your physical atoms (including those of your emotional and mental substance), and balance is essential to keep your heart radiant and aligned. But this is the next step, and loving and caring for Mother Earth is a good beginning.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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