Heart’s Call of Mother Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

In the deep, deep heart of every being upon this Earth is the unwavering knowing and recognition of the heart of our beautiful planet.

When you touch the Earth, you, the soul deep within, the magus, the wisdom, the seeker – you remember. For you cannot enter and incarnate in this planetary sphere else you have passed through the embrace of Mother Earth’s heart, for this is Her beingness within which you live and evolve.

Now this consciousness is being called upon. Now it is time to remember. For those who choose not to know, respect and remember the deeper reasons for being here on Earth shall need to go elsewhere.

For the great heart unfoldment proceeds, and heart is all-knowing. You cannot be of heart and pretend. Heart is truth, and in truth you stand as part of Earth, yet individually as human – you cannot be isolated! The heart unfoldment is awakening the memory, now the actions must follow. Be true to your heart’s call, and help align the substance of Earth that we, humanity, are, with that heart’s call.

For we are substance of Earth. All our layers and levels of self – physical, emotional, mental, even soul and spirit. Soul and spirit can travel beyond the Earth sphere (e.g., to learn on other planets), but are of the Earth’s substance while here within the ring-pass-not of her embrace.

This is the loving envelope of evolution, through which intention is gathered and forces focussed, so that rapid evolution can proceed unhindered by the swirling milieu of surrounding evolutions on other planets, stars and even solar systems. If you like, we are living in a bubble: Earth’s consciousness and substance, held in love and protected by the intent of the guiding angels and deities of Solar and Cosmic responsibility.

But, to your heart, to your whole being: you are of the Earth’s substance, and in truth now the responsibilities are changing. Like the mother of a babe who holds all responsibilities, transitioning to let the young adult take on all their own responsibilities, Earth’s relationship with us, human beings of conscience, is changing. Now we need to step up to the responsibility of who we are, and why we are here upon this Earth.

That is why you must seek deeply and remember the heart of Earth. For in that lies the loving truth of who you are and why you journey here.

No great revelation or stupendous global role is forecast. But it is a simple fact that to journey with heart, you must re-establish in consciousness that deep relationship you have with dear, beloved Earth. Here She is, your Mother through millennia, never ceasing to love and enable, nurture and empower. Now you must see and truly feel and know that relationship and build upon it, in love. Love of the grace that it is to be able to incarnate here. Love of the wonder of being soul, spirit and human flesh on this mystical, magical and deeply physical journey of beingness, and consciousness. Love of the consciously unfolding and evolving path ahead, that is of you, and Mother Earth. For here your substance of being, and Her substance of being, do not feel separate. For when you walk the path of heart, you know yourself (at least to some degree), and you know Mother Earth (also to some degree).

Recognise that knowing; and you become the co-builder of your pathway, aligning your deep inner wisdom with the glorious, radiant presence of Mother Earth and Her evolutionary intention. The two cannot be but one merging, on the way of heart. For, as spoken of yesterday, heart consciousness is evolved in relationship – and the ultimate journey of all upon Earth is to unfold consciousness in relationship with Earth. Not on Earth.

You are of Earth but consciously evolve through your own choices. Yet as Earth evolves, and heart presence strengthens now, your choices have more import in the greater scheme of both your, and Earth’s evolutionary flow.

Now, more than most other times upon Earth  – except perhaps the latter days of Atlantis, when a similar major shift of consciousness was taking place – your choices really matter.

For much of the evolutionary time we humans have been here on Earth, we have been like children in the school and playground, where much experience and learning takes place, but the consequence outside the schoolyard and sphere of personal development is not much at all.

But now we leave that school and transition to the college of the heart, and the whole being of Earth is involved. Because, of course, heart can only evolve in relationship, and soul heart only awakens here upon Earth, in relationship with Earth. Of course we evolve heart through relationships with friends, family, partners, spiritual teachers, .but those mostly awaken the consciousness of heart within personal spheres. That is, you awaken what you are of heart, which is an essential element. But now with that substance of personal heart being largely developed across and through humanity’s consciousness as a whole, it is time to grow up in spiritual consciousness, and awaken your heart’s depth of beingness in relationship with the Earth.

This takes nothing away from the depth of feeling and love you give in your personal expression of heart in your personal relationships; rather, it adds to it. For in seeking and acknowledging this deep heart love and connection within you to Mother Earth, you shall find that such greatness of love flows through you, that all you do shall become more radiant and splendid.

This is the journey of heart, and most of humanity stands upon this threshold because we are all of Earth’s substance, and She has become that call and deep, resonant note that sounds within every heart. Whether young soul or old, whether seeking or not, the resonance of the heart call is now vibrating within Earth’s body, and thus within the very substance and consciousness of our own individual beings.

Seek that resonance consciously, and new worlds of grace and beauty become yours in consciousness, and as we open more and more within the family called humanity – then so too shall the call’s resonance magnify, until it hums through every sphere, and all worlds shine, imbued with love.

Find your deep heart and recognise dear Mother Earth in your deep inner knowing, and the door is opened, never to close.

Open to heart, and heart will open to you.

Our relationship with beautiful Mother Earth is all knowing, and all-giving.

Be that, heart of all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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