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Mother’s Resonance and Earth Angels

[written in conscious attunement]

In the vast space between atoms, planets and stars is the Mother, full of vitality, full of life. This presence of Mother is pregnant with the potential of Cosmic consciousness, for that is the birth right of our universe. The consciousness that is both the presence of knowing the life force of Cosmos in all its intent, and the ability to guide and express it.

Our whole body, our whole planet, our solar system, holds this presence and potential, for on every level we are an expression of Cosmic life.

On Earth, this manifests as conscious choice, for the illuminating grace of Cosmic love is awakening our Mother; and our cells, our beings, our planet is bathed in this awakening of life’s potential, stirring our senses and realisations that choice and change are needed.

Herein are the angels, for they are of the substance of Cosmic Mother, all the way down in vibration to our Earth Mother. Angels cannot be physical beings, unless they merge with the human family and embody in a human life-stream. They are made of this substance that is not what we call physical. They are not of the atoms and molecules of our planetary world: they are of the space between. Thus, they are of Mother; they hold the fullness of her intent, they embody the presence of Cosmic unity in consciousness, and of Cosmic grace in expression.

If you work with angels, they will bring that resonance into that space in your being, between your atoms and molecules. It is the same if you work with the true light of Mother, not the deified reflections that are solidified in human form through most religions.

When this loving light full of potential, full of grace, resonates within your being, it is then up to your conscious journey to awaken your perception and awareness of this resonance within you. On our journey of becoming human, this potential has always been a resonance within, simply because we are made of the matter and presence of Mother Earth, and she is filled with this loving light of potential from the Cosmic Mother. But we do not have the consciousness to engage with it in awareness and alignment until we take the journey of consciousness that is life’s purpose upon our planet.

In order to sustain our livingness in this planetary sphere while upon this journey, we need gravity (the force of attraction between physical atoms) to hold our physical bodies in this sphere, and we need the magnetism of Mother’s potential of consciousness to enable our evolution as beings of light. This magnetism is formed into entities of both Earth, and of this resonance, who can draw our conscious perception to life in this physical sphere. Such entities have been called elementals, but could also be called Earth angels.

The reason these beings are formed separately from the great family of angels within Mother’s potential from Cosmos to Earth is because they must embody the resonance of Mother Earth, and be guided entirely by the magnetism and intent of that light, holding the potential of consciousness within the Earth’s body.

The family of angels holding the intent of Cosmos infuse Cosmic intent, and always draw the lower consciousness upward into those finer and finer vibrations. Even if that intent is infused down through the layers of vibration from Cosmos to Earth herself, that vibration is in resonance with Cosmic life, and always draws consciousness towards it.

But to evolve conscious life here upon Earth, there must be enough magnetic pull on the evolving being to prevent the consciousness from becoming Cosmically infused too quickly. If this were allowed to happen, both the purpose of our evolution, which is to enable conscious expression here within our physical world and our own human evolution to become beings of light, could not occur.

If we are not anchored in this physical world, we would dissolve and return to inner life, functioning as somewhat inert souls, insufficiently developed to cooperate consciously with evolution’s resonance and need. We would be like atoms in the sea, washing around in the current, unable to contribute intent to its movement, and thus unable to participate in evolution’s unfolding expression.

…without the anchoring pull of these Earth Angels upon the inner magnetism of our human form, we could not become beings of conscious light

Similarly, without the anchoring pull of these Earth Angels upon the inner magnetism of our human form, we could not develop as human beings, evolving consciousness in the physical, astral and mental worlds of our human expression, and becoming the beings of conscious light that is our inner potential. Without this evolution of consciousness, we could not become vehicles of either Cosmic evolutionary intent, or of Mother’s radiant potential, here within the body of the Earth – and this is the whole point for humanity’s existence in the first place!

Earth Angels are bound within the ring-pass-not of Earth’s conscious sphere, to enable this work that they do. It is a sacrifice for them, for they accept the closing of life’s flow from Cosmos, and open to the living flow of Earth’s consciousness. But they are still evolving, for as Earth’s consciousness awakens in deeper and deeper resonance, and finer and finer perceptions, so too do they.

This is another factor to add to our realisation of the depth and breadth of what is occurring in this time of the Great Change. This is one of the ways that the fundamental magnetic attraction of your life stream to this physical life is evolving, even if you have not grasped this consciously. This is how the substance of your being is changing, because Earth is changing.

Because Earth Angels are bound within the ring-pass-not of Earth’s consciousness and sphere of evolutionary intent, their pull on you is of the Earth’s resonance and need. To hold the evolving consciousness of humanity here, that has meant the creation of those patterns of thought, feeling and to a lesser extent of body, that can resonate with the young human being at the start of their journey. Like resonates with like, thus the magnetic attraction had to be built first of lower astral matter, to align with the first exploratory emergence of human consciousness in this physical world.

Why this is not in the physical body’s awareness first is because physical consciousness is the hardest, and the last to awaken – because that is the end point, when heart fully awakens, and alignment is achieved in consciousness between Cosmic and Erath intent, and the magnificent presence and potential within Earth’s body held by the Mother. This can only arise through the consciousness of the heart, and that can only develop once the human consciousness is developed to the capacity needed in the emotional and mental levels to choose to stay here upon Earth. When that choice is made, then the pull of the magnetic Earth Angels is no longer needed, and the human consciousness is permitted to open fully to the flow of Cosmic and thus Earth’s heart, because by this choice the human self has aligned with the fullness of evolution’s intent and potential, and is held here upon Earth in loving and cooperative choice, as a vehicle of that love that is of Mother, both of Cosmos, and of Earth.

This is your journey ahead. Come to know your Earth Angels, for the patterns of resonance you have built with them to hold your conscious journey here on Earth, need to change upon this journey. Patterns of emotions and patterns of thought that bind you to the past through the bondage of familiarity, or past challenges unhealed and unresolved, or both, create inflexibility and solidity in the substance of your consciousness and the substance of Mother’s potential within you.

Some will be resolved by Earth’s choice and increasing flow of conscious grace – but that alone cannot change the patterns you have built in your being. Her choices change the vitality and presence of the Earth Angels, but over millennia of lives, the human consciousness has built upon those magnetic pulls on astral and mental matter by the Earth Angels, to create human, societal, religious, racial and national structures that are now almost entirely formed of human intention and practice.

Thus, the fracturing of these structures we see today. They have held a form within which human consciousness has been able to grow, but are now no longer flexible enough to evolve harmoniously with Earth and humanity’s changing consciousness.

Thus, the importance of your choice. When you choose to be here upon Earth, for the sake of Earth’s evolution and thus your own, you bring another resonance into the world, that can help the human-built forms evolve because you are of them. We are all of these forms, whether we actively build them or blindly participate in them now, or have done so in the past.

Whatever you choose and do now, creates the resonance that will help the Great Change evolve as a transition and not a shattering.

In your heart you have the ability to resonate with your physical life on Earth, and with the light of loving intent, and this is your power to create positive change in our very needy world. This is where you awaken to Mother’s potential within Earth, where the fullness of conscious awakening and loving presence infuse your being completely, on every level, with that which is the purity and blessing of life’s radiance itself.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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