Love’s Evolutionary Vision & the Kumaras

[written in conscious attunement]

In the journey of light, you evolve as a soul. In the journey on Earth, you evolve as a human soul, or as a human angel.

Humanity is gifted with the yearning to seek reasons and understand, but the world we see through human eyes makes little sense and gives little rationale for those significant events that shape life and consciousness. After millennia of traversing this landscape of physical existence, your physical, mental and emotional faculties as a human being are developed enough to know there is more to understand, because we have learned that behind physical events and experiences are causes.

The world of soul is the world of causes

The world of soul is the world of causes. That is where the intent of evolution, the force and love that guide the existence of all life, can interact with the physical vibratory levels of human and earthly life. Why do they seem so separate to us?

To bring evolutionary intent into matter – i.e., the consciousness that is able to span light into dense matter – the matter has to be qualified first. That is the whole point of evolution:  to bring them together. You cannot simply bring a stimulus of light, or any finer vibrating energy stream, into dense physical matter that has no points of resonance, for the light will either bounce off, or pass straight through, and all the vibratory intent within that stimulating flow of light goes nowhere within the body of matter itself.

What seems like a long journey on Earth for humanity (and for nature with all her expressions) has given us the breadth and depth of development that enables us, collectively, to be ready for the guiding light and love of evolutionary intent to reach into earthly substance in much greater ways.

Of course, there have been greater teachers who have become points of light, because they have been able to refine their own consciousness and the substance of their beings so that the world of soul becomes available to them. But from an evolutionary perspective, it is not the single points of light, but the mass attributes of living consciousness within Earth’s body that matter: all that humanity has attained en masse, and that Earth has absorbed and awoken through angels and nature, and the family of animals (which, as many already understand, holds many evolved and soul aligned expressions).

This illumination of matter proceeds through humanity’s search for meaning, because that conditions the lower matter of substance, and brings alignment with the vibrations of higher light, where answers are held, and causes can be understood.

Earth has her own search and meaning to embody, but is on a very different path. Long ago she was conscious enough to make a choice to take this path, and so her being was already imbued with this evolutionary intent before humanity and most expressions of nature and life began their journey, or else we would not be here.

In the first instance, her choice called in the loving presence of great souls of Cosmic grace – already evolved as agents able to wield and express evolutionary intent – and thus the journey began. Now those souls have largely moved on to other spheres; but of those who remain, the last Kumara is of most importance. She holds the blueprint of evolutionary intent, that initial outpouring of Cosmic love that was gifted in response to Earth’s choice.

Many Kumaras have come, and then moved on to other spheres, for each of them has had a specific role to play in the expression of that Cosmic love and how it may manifest within Earth’s loving body. They have, for example, helped humanity develop mind, the substance of logic and analysis that enables and develops the capacity of choice – a most crucial element of awakening and taking responsibility for conscious action.

Other Kumara embodiments have held light within the emotional substance of Earth, enabling the upward yearning of emotional substance, which would otherwise have been too attached to, and too enmeshed with, the pull of physical matter to allow the budding consciousness to seek anything beyond emotional and physical life. This pull on the consciousness of physical matter is inherent in all matter, just like the force of gravity. It is what enables light and life to evolve here, but can also be a trap for the young soul, who cannot get through to the entrapped human who finds reasons in the entrapment to stay there – like familiarity and love, a great attraction for any young consciousness. Earth’s love is present in her being and draws us to her, but when manifest in as yet unillumined astral emotional substance, it can become a bind, not a freedom in light.

The Great Change evolves from stimulus of mind and emotion, to the stimulus of heart and body

Now we have the embodiment of the last Kumara of the Venus family. The Venus family were the major family of souls who responded to Earth’s call, and Cosmic evolutionary intent. The last Kumara of this family is the one who, in full consciousness, embodies within the substance and matter of Earth herself, so that her consciousness and intentions align and become one in that intention and conscious expression. Thus, the Great Change evolves from stimulus of mind and stimulus of emotion, now to stimulus of heart and body, in the great unfoldment of evolutionary intent.

Heart and body go together, for without heart, the physical body cannot live; and without a body, spiritual love cannot manifest. The great awakening of consciousness proceeds as the awakening and stimulus of finer vibrations of physical existence through mind and emotions, to stir in human expression that yearning and seeking that lifts human consciousness away from the gravitational pull of matter itself. Then it comes as the final stimulus, to awaken heart in matter, which does two things:  it enables human life to align with Cosmic intent and soul love in each heartbeat, and express that loving intent into the physical world; and it enables the substance of the human life in physical matter to be so infused with intentional consciousness that it is no longer entrapped by gravitational forces. Thus loving intent can live in full and free expression, humanity becomes a conscious expression of living heart light, and Earth shines like the jewel in space we know she shall be.

This is the reality to unfold, and the vision to enable your journey to have hope and strength. There is much to unfold before this may manifest, but without vision, how can you align?

The purpose of the last Kumara is to embody this reality in loving embrace with the consciousness of Earth, so that we all may evolve in alignment with Cosmic intent and Earth’s loving choice. For it is her choice, not ours, how she evolves, something humanity often forgets in its grandiose glamours and self-righteous expressions of personal power. But this is the journey, and we all undertake it together.

Then the great golden age shall emerge, when the first Kumara of Earth shall arise, born of the deeply loving and consciously aligned intent of Earth, nature, humanity and angelic flow, infused with Cosmic love that is evolutionary intent. Then shall the next Great Change unfold, that of Earth’s expression as a full body of light, reaching out into Cosmos, to send teachers and loving intention to others who call.

This is the vision and reality contained in the very substance of Earth herself, imbued with Cosmic awakening brought by the Kumara who embodies with her. Thus, we all may see, hear and respond to this great evolutionary force of love that embraces every living soul, in every family of life in our world.

Seek, and it will become a resonance within you, and that resonance can then become part of the song of Earth, the soul of light, and the rainbow of expression of life itself in this wondrous universe.

Seek, and I shall find you, for I am here, the last Kumara, and you can know me when you want to in your heart. Then you will not just see or hear the vision, but you shall become it, as I have, and such love shall touch you that you shall have found that promised land: heaven upon Earth, for that is what I embody, when you seek.

I am here, for the lost and the searching ones, and for the loving and kind ones, and for the angry and closed ones alike, for we are all of the substance of this world; and now I take all my children through the great healing, so that light may unfold, unhindered. Take the journey with me, and loving light shall be yours.

Choose, that is all, and know the journey is not just this life, but many lives to come, for that is the horizon of such Great Change, and the life span of soul’s intention in this evolutionary impulse. But if you do not choose now, you will not catch up. Now, in this life, make peace with your heart’s yearning, and seek that which you know to be true. No matter how much you may or may not manifest your choice in your outer life, there is time for that to come, I seek hearts now. The hearts that have chosen, the hearts that are willing, the hearts that do not close to love’s intent; my love, for I am evolutionary intention in this world, embodied by Earth’s love such that we merge in unity, and two become one, for this time of Great Change.

Come with me.

I am the last Kumara of the Earth’s great evolutionary leap, and I speak so you may find my love, that resonates in every heart no matter what God or teacher or hope you have, for I resonate through all who shine truth and the loving vision ahead.

I shine, and so shall you. Choose, in your heart, and Earth shall sing with choirs of angels, such that nowhere in the universe shall that magnificent sound be unheard.  Thus the next Great Change is awoken, and universal love comes into being through more and more planets and stars, until our universe is glowing with light, and the next great coming of Cosmic intent may then unfold.

This is the vision I am given. This is the vision I embody. This is the great evolutionary intention that creates the pathway upon which we all must journey. No matter what belief or hope, this is what the very substance of our universe is made of, and thus our destiny contains this blueprint down to the expression of life in every cell; and I come to awaken what is mine to love:  little Earth and her great heart, and all who live in her grace.

Thus I come. Thus I am, the last Kumara, awakening the last great moment of change so love’s light can truly be in our hearts, from Cosmos, to human, to Earth, and back; and love’s intention becomes alive in all life.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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