Evolutionary Life Streams on Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

Stand on the bridge of your soul. The bridge of love, light, hope, knowing. The bridge upon which flows all that you know you are as a being of light, all that you are able to be as a being of love, all that you are able to do as a human agent, here, on loving beautiful Earth.

For the bridge of souls traverses time and space, time and meaning, to awaken the traveller to vistas beyond, yet enabling ever the connection into Earth’s loving, needing, embrace to be sustained.

Too many are seeking that bridge, to rush across and never look back, even though Earth weeps that another heart has withdrawn from her loving embrace.

Too many yearn for escape, when it is not Earth they seek escape from, but their own memories held within their personal sphere. Memories that gift learning, karma release, awakening, redemption. But, they can be so overwhelming, especially in times like these, of such rapid transition to a new and higher awareness and, ultimately, consciousness.

Be aware, these are the steps: to become aware, then to become conscious. The goal of evolution is consciousness, but you cannot be conscious of that of which you have no awareness. How could you even grasp the need for forgiveness if you have never felt guilt? For illumination if you have never experienced the lack of answers for your life questions? Or for hope, if you have never felt despair. Or compassion, if you have never experienced suffering. Or generosity, if you have never experienced loss. So it goes.

Awareness is the first step, to prod and stimulate your inner and human self to seek, learn, change and become someone you would like to be. Someone with more skills to navigate life upon Earth, then to become someone with more heart to give in life upon Earth.

That is why Earth weeps a tear, or many, when her souls withdraw, due to their human self saying ‘no’ to the learning journey. For then there is one less bridge of light into her being. One less pathway of heart love into her heart. One less point of light to enlighten the body of humanity, which as a whole also grapples with the same journey.

For we are not just individuals upon this beautiful Earth. We are members of families, groups, races, nations and humanity, even if we don’t always feel this (part of the awareness journey is to gain this realisation). Humanity is the body of consciousness that has responsibility for incarnating a certain level of light and love upon and within the body of Earth.

Planetary beings are curious entities, to our comprehension of livingness and consciousness. They can choose a path of self-development, slowly evolving to become carriers of the light of the universe that is theirs to hold. Or they may choose a more rapid path, to absorb other conscious beings and evolve in the journey together, in interaction.

That has been Earth’s choice, many, many millennia ago. When Sun called for the evolution of deeper heart in her Solar beingness, Earth responded, and opened her ring-pass-not for those souls and incarnational forces that could more rapidly help her evolve into a planet of heart. In turn, she gives those souls a chance for rapid growth into beings of heart, who can then continue to travel the universe, empowering the unfoldment of heart throughout this wondrous living, breathing Cosmos of which we are a part.

The souls Earth welcomed are of two streams: human, and angel. Souls are those units of light that may travel freely, within the call and response of the great and benevolent teacher, karma.

Earth welcomed many souls of humans, of course, including those already enlightened from committed journeys elsewhere in our universe (hence reference is often made to those enlightened ones from Sirius, and Venus), plus souls of animals and plants in that stream.

Plants have an interesting soul development, for although they have their own path of development, they co-habit their path on the journey of evolution with the body of the Earth herself (for they are so much a part of her substance in the most physical way) and with Angels, who embody streams of light and cosmic, solar or earthly intent into the body of plants and Earth.

Animals have group souls, sharing the journey of conscious development amongst many expressions. Many humans have more than one concurrent incarnation too, a valued way of speeding up the journey.

Angels are another stream of souls sought and welcomed by Earth in her quest for greater heart evolution. Angels have a different soul expression than humans, as their beingness is of flow, whereas human beingness is of form.

Angels flow in co-habitation with plants, but also of the physical evolution of Earth’s elements themselves – water, fire, minerals, air. They hold the soul and earthly evolutionary intent of mountains, streams, oceans, forests – all of Earth’s features – and thus the special vibration of many of these expressions of Earth’s body is felt. That is because there is a presence there. All to stimulate and align matter and the substance of consciousness with heart and soul, and cosmic-solar intent.

In this great evolutionary expression upon Earth, we also have angel and human streams merging, to maximise opportunity for conscious growth. The stimulus of angel flow is greatly challenging, and thus awakening, to human consciousness. While the physicality of human incarnation,(something angels do not have within their pure form of evolutionary expression) is greatly challenging to their consciousness – and thus much growth can occur. How that happens we shall explore later.

Suffice it to say, evolution of consciousness has meaning, intent, and utmost love behind it, driving, guiding, shaping the unfoldment through so many spheres of expression within our solar and cosmic spheres.

Find your journey and take it with loving acceptance and joy in your heart, for to be here upon Earth is a miracle and blessing in its opportunity, to become a presence and guide of the utmost heart, wherever you go in the wondrous world of cosmos.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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