Your Infusion of Evolutionary Love

[written in conscious attunement]

In the loving flow of the evolutionary impulse that lives in your heart, and that awakens as you awaken your consciousness, you touch your life’s purpose. But most importantly, you touch the qualifying vibration of love that tells you what quality is yours to embody upon Earth.

This makes it sound very singular – and in the broader picture of Earth’s evolution it is, and that is key to you finding and enacting your purpose for living here upon this beautiful planet. How it manifests in your physical, emotional and mental life is, of course, full of the nuances created by your strengths and experiences from this life and past lives. But always the keynote sounding, reverberating, through your actions and choices will hold this quality that fills and nourishes your heart.

Evolution is not random; it is a carefully guided journey to enable the outcomes to be achieved that are held in the initiating spark that creates each expression of life.

This spark comes from the loving intent of those who hold understanding of the worlds into which that life will be born; who hold a picture of the whole; who work in positive and intentful collaboration with the greater light of life, the heart of our universe itself, for that is the source of all life as we know it.

Upon our Earth, that spark comes first via the Kumaras, great beings of Cosmic life force who hold that intentful electrical charge that enables life to emerge – that is, that brings matter and spirit together.

Matter and spirit would not mix otherwise, for they are at such different vibrational levels. But in the spectacular process of evolution in our universe, heart has been created as the vehicle within which spirit and matter can co-mingle. This applies to every level – whether Cosmic spirit infusing Cosmic matter, as happens in the Cosmic heart, Sirius; Solar spirit infusing our Solar system via the heart in our Sun; earthly spirit infusing our physical world via our Earth’s heart; human spirit infusing our physical human self via our heart.

Yet this co-mingling and infusion, while enabling life force to flow and life to exist, does not in and of itself facilitate a conscious journey, whereby the being so infused becomes a conscious collaborator in the great plan of evolution’s intention.

If the intent of our universe were to enable infusion of all matter only, then very few beings would be needed; just those needed to hold each level of creation such that spirit’s love could simply permeate all matter in their embrace. This was the keynote and evolutionary intent of previous incarnations of our living universe, hence why all matter does at least have the memory and resonance of spirit’s love held within.

But the intent held in the creative force of our Cosmic Heart is of consciousness. Therefore, not only is the evolutionary path one of infusing all levels of matter with spirit to create life, but of enabling all those levels of matter to become consciously cooperative and active in alignment with that will of spirit.

Thus, coming back to our earthly sphere, the Earth is alive because of the spark of spirit in her heart, but she evolves because of the higher beings that hold the intent consciously, and thus enable her to evolve in consciousness. Eventually she will hold her own full consciousness within our universe. But that is a long way along the evolutionary path – not least because, for her consciousness to become fully present and spirit-infused, all beings in her planetary sphere also need to become fully conscious and cooperative with spirit.

As we have covered before, nature and all her creatures are held, loved and guided by angelic beings, and consciousness is enabled through their fully cooperative alignment from higher to lower. The choice as to how quickly full consciousness infuses the earthly matter held by all these life streams is up to the Earth, and how quickly she can enable those finer vibrations to sound through her being.

Here is where we, humanity, come in, for we are here at Earth’s request, as beings able to bring consciousness, and thus spirit’s intent, flowing from highest to lowest, into conscious expression into matter itself. The angels of nature are never physically embodied, and neither is it the role of nature and all her creatures to bring spirit’s intent into physical materialisation. They collaborate together to enable the natural world to be nourished by that conscious intent, but humans are the chosen vehicle to enable conscious intent to become conscious action, right down into the densest matter of our physical world.

Thus, Earth’s journey of conscious unfoldment requires us to take that journey too.

The Kumaras came to assist Earth on her journey, but who is there to assist humans on their journey? The Greater Hearts. In the presence and conscious guidance of the Kumara holding the intent of the present era, the Greater Hearts are those trained in other planetary or stellar journeys and able to resonate with the task at hand; or, as is now possible, those who have taken their own conscious journey upon Earth. Each Greater Heart holds one of the keynotes of the evolutionary intent of Earth’s heart, and thus between them all, they fully infuse all journeys of consciousness upon Earth.

As explained before, every human soul comes into being within the resonance of one of the Greater Hearts, that is the only way to embody here upon Earth. Your soul is bathed in this loving resonance, and as you awaken your consciousness, more of that loving intent can infuse your human self.

Some of the Greater Hearts have become known through spiritual texts and teachings of the last millennia; many are not known. Some humans who present themselves as an embodied Greater Heart are definitely not one, for to do so is the path of glamour and self-aggrandisement, not the path of love and consciousness.

You do not need to know the Greater Heart within whose resonance your journey of consciousness evolves, but if you find resonance with certain teachings, or teachers, that inspire growth and goodness in you, be open to that. There are many people who strive to aid their fellow human beings in many ways, and any of these ways may be yours for the next steps on your journey.

Consciousness is not the result of spiritual training alone. The evolutionary imperative is for consciousness to develop such that the body of Earth herself can become fully and consciously an actor in the expression of Cosmic Love throughout our universe. Love can express in every nuance and action of human life.

What was categorised as a “spiritual” path through many traditions in the past millennia, is not the path energised for our current and unfolding journey of consciousness. Hence why many religious and spiritual traditions are faltering and failing, for they have become more obsessed with their own influence and power in the world, cemented in their past and traditions, rather than enabling the positive change that is needed in all spheres. This is okay, all vehicles of conscious development come and go. Do not feel sad or abandoned, but find your own heart’s keynote. You know what is right for you personally, and what is right for you to do and be in this world, in your heart. So give it a chance to nourish your insight and understanding, and forego any rigid dismissal based on dogma no longer resonant with the love that all evolutionary intent gives, freely, and fully.

Wean yourself off the pervasive perception that we are waiting for a saviour. We, humanity, are the saviours of this world, this beautiful planet that we call Earth.

Should any of the Greater Hearts incarnate and become known in the future – such as the coming incarnation of Maitreya and others around him – this is for the Earth, not for you. Every human and all of nature are beautifully blessed whenever a Greater Heart embodies, because we are part of the Earth, and every time a Greater Heart incarnates the Earth takes a great step forward, and thus we all can do the same.

But these incarnational embodiments of Greater Hearts are few. Instead, they work tirelessly upon the inner levels, to inspire and infuse every human heart in their care, so that humanity can embody and put into action the loving intent held by Greater Hearts for the Earth.

This is your awakening, your service, your ultimate realisation of consciousness:  you are a beautiful, radiant, living cell within the body of Earth, and your cooperation with Earth’s heart flow of Cosmic intent, and with the other cells with whom you resonate, will enable perfection in a way you can barely conceive. Yet the utter fullness of love and pure joy that will follow calls your heart, for in your heart you know the plan, and that is your journey to follow.

The Greater Hearts are there to infuse your heart with that loving evolutionary intent, and even in times of great challenge and darkness, seek to go there so that you can endure, and with loving grace be part of the positive change we so need in our world.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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