Incarnating as Soul

[written in conscious attunement]

In your heart is the part of you, here in your physical self, that resonates with your soul, your living, loving, nourishing source of life’s vitality. It may be the only part of you resonating with soul at this point, but it is always there. You will not usually find bits of soul consciousness reverberating in your being, as you refine and develop your personal self to resonate with that consciousness. It takes a long time for more of your being to hold the resonance of soul, because that is the end point of the human journey.

The most usual path of development of soul consciousness is to build and refine the wisdom, insight and self-awareness in the mental and emotional self, and the purity of the physical etheric self, so that when the inspiration and strength of soul is needed, your whole being can hold that resonance as a vibrating light into the physical world. If you are not developed in the fullness just described, then any expression of soul must be guided by soul, and is therefore not a conscious expression of the personality; this is the saviour model of spiritual growth, where the hope is for a sudden possession of all things illuminated, loving and wise without the conscious engagement of the personal self.

Of course, there are times on every spiritual journey where you may feel a sweep of uplifting energy fully infuse and embrace you, and help you gain insight or healing – but the truth is that this is rarely brought to you by your soul. In almost every circumstance, this great inflow and embrace is given by your inner guides, helpers or teachers.

Soul is not involved on a daily basis in your life – in your human day at least. A day in the life of soul is your life from birth to passing, the active period of engagement before the inner retreat between lives. The inner retreat may also be one of busy engagement in further learning and development, and is usually for those striving forward on the path, but still the soul is not involved in every detail.

There are several reasons as to why soul is not engaged in every moment of our personal life’s learning and journey. The first is that soul vibration is on another octave, if you like, from the vibratory notes of our lives. While in our personal self we develop mind, body and feelings within a limited range of vibrations (because that is the milieu of human life), soul develops on a completely other vibration. Connected in resonance, yes, but not in the same range of notes.

Soul is not there to save you … but to learn in concert with you, so that you can merge in consciousness and become a beacon of loving light and presence

Second, you have to consider evolutionary purpose. Soul is not there to save you, the human self, but to learn in concert with you, so that when time is right, you can merge in consciousness and become that beacon of loving light and presence that is a soul-infused being.

Your soul helps map out the key lessons for any one life, and may engage in certain moments to encourage, or illumine certain options. But as mentioned, most likely these are given by your helpers, friends and teachers on the inner or physical levels.

Third, your soul may not yet have the wisdom and capacity to engage in human life in its physical detail. Your soul is learning too, and while at all times it is the source of the living force that enables you to be alive in this physical world, and energises your life journey, until it (and you) are very far along the path, your soul has limited know-how that it can apply directly in this human world. That is your job!

You, the human personality of mind, emotion, etheric and physical body, you are to become the expert at navigating with wisdom and love in this human world. When you do become a wise and loving person, then your soul can resonate in you, and more to the point, you will have developed the refinement and qualities with which your soul’s resonance can set up a harmonic vibration. Thus, you will walk on Earth infused with your soul’s presence, and radiate that into the world, and give that to Earth in the denser levels of vibration.

This is the journey to mastership, where the gift is to become that presence of living light here in the physical world. There are many other journeys, though, and the primary goal is to understand what your journey is, here in any one life.

At every point your soul love is there, in your heart, so you always have that loving presence in which to retreat when you need that nourishment or healing, but you need to be realistic about becoming light. For most, it is not the path. The path is to become a loving human, in which light can harmonise, and soul can resonate, and you shine in the world as a beautiful and loving human.

The path of becoming soul, and being a vehicle of light, here in our physical world, is neither needed by the Earth, nor possible, for the masses of human souls. We are all at different stages of human and soul development, and while in every life we learn to become wiser and more loving as a human, and to develop in consciousness so we can be a more positive citizen here within Earth’s evolutionary journey, the path of becoming soul in our human self is not necessary for either of these.

To reiterate:  soul is the loving, nourishing life force that enables you to live and evolve here upon Earth. Soul is the vehicle that accumulates and re-gifts the consciousness and wisdom you have gained from life to life, and works within the Law of Karma to help you become that wise, strong and loving human you wish to be. That is the evolutionary journey.

Beyond that, it becomes a choice of your soul. In broad, the choices are to stay here on Earth and help on the inner levels, as a guide, mentor, healer, teacher, etc.; or to stay and continue to incarnate, to nourish human and earthly life with the gifts you have gained; or it may be to leave Earth, and journey elsewhere in Cosmos.

Then there are the very few who have the opportunity to evolve further in such a way that they can incarnate as souls – something only possible with Earth’s direct request and consent – and undergo the specific training and development that is required for one who has chosen this path. Examples are the two great beings we know from the incarnations of Buddha and Christ Maitreya (who overshadowed Jesus). These two great souls have long walked the path to enable them to stand upon Earth as humans and as souls, and thus the reverberation of their teachings and sheer presence are remembered and revered through millennia.

Yes, there have been great, caring, illumined teachers since, but they have either been overshadowed by great souls from the inner world of the Greater Hearts, or they have expressed their own soul wisdom in periods of illumination; but in neither case have they been a fully-incarnated soul upon Earth.  There are great female souls also who have, and will incarnate. It is all about timing and need of the particular vibrational stimulus that a great soul in incarnation brings.

It is perhaps disheartening to understand how rarely any soul fully incarnates here in this world; but only if you have been caught by the illusion or glamour of the weekend workshop that will turn you into a purified and gloriously soul-infused being; or lost in the hope of escaping this life’s journey by letting soul take over it all.

The glorious beauty of human life is the ability to be here … and learn how to resonate with soul, so that love and light can filter through all the colours of your personal expression

The utter, glorious beauty of human life is the ability to be here, fully functioning as a human being, taking the journey of the evolution of consciousness, and learning how to resonate with soul; so that love and light can filter through all the colours of your personal expression, and help make this world one of peace and equity, love and hope, consciousness and care for all life and Earth herself.

Understand soul, for that is your life source. Seek to resonate with soul, for that is your greatest loving expression. Take the journey gifted by your soul, for that is your journey to freedom: the true freedom of living and serving in oneness with the law that defines our alignment with soul and Earth.

This is how your path to becoming the most beautiful, radiant, loving, soul-infused being you are to be in this life – and that is your path to pure joy.

Start in your heart, where your soul resonates no matter at what stage of development you are. From there, become more heart conscious, and in every tiny or greater choice, you enable soul to infuse you more and more, and that is the gift and blessing of a life here upon this beautiful, nourishing Earth.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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