Healing as Part of the Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

Everyone wants to feel whole, on whatever level or levels that need is perceived. Not feeling whole is created by three factors:  internal disruption by soul to stimulate conscious change; personal disruption through karmic patterns to balance the past; or global disruption through changes in the milieu of our existence within the Earth, that is, in her consciousness, evolutionary choices and karmic balancing.

Because our evolutionary journey for many millennia has been focussed on developing a strong personal self that is able to be anchored here upon Earth, our focus on being whole has inevitably been focussed on wholeness as a personal goal. Thus, most healing practices developed through the past millennia have focussed on this personal goal, even if they have called upon divinity in some way or other to facilitate that healing. There has been little differentiation as to the cause of the discomfort or dis-ease that leaves us feeling we are not whole, or in good health.

On a personal journey, the external stimuli and circumstances present as either unchangeable punishments by some unseen, judgemental figure of higher will, or as untenable situations from which we must escape. Both can certainly hold some truth, but in this emerging Age of the Heart, we need to become more cognisant of who we are and how we achieve wholeness in relationship with the Earth, and not as individuals on our own isolationist journey.

Sometimes the discomfort and challenge we experience is the Earth, nature, other living creatures crying out for a change so that the harm they are experiencing can be eased.

The Age of the Heart is not an era of human heart consciousness, it is an era of Earth heart consciousness

The Age of the Heart will be an era of mutual insight and understanding. As we know, the heart creates flow, and a flow can only exist when there are no blockages in the system in which that heart beats. The Age of the Heart is not an era of human heart consciousness, it is an era of Earth heart consciousness. Neither humanity nor individual human beings can truly awaken heart without opening to the consciousness of heart within our Earth system, or else it is no more than a personal circulation of intent – and that can only ever be astral, for that is the only significant substance of inner flow in the human consciousness at a personal level. And this is not heart. It may be loving and caring in relationship with others, but it is contained within the personal self and those in these karmic relationships.

To truly open to heart is to open to a greater flow of life’s loving intent, and that comes from your soul – and as soon as you take steps on that path, you are opening to the flow of Earth’s heart. Our souls exist within Earth’s Ocean of Love, her astral self, and we are part of the conscious stream on that level. You cannot open to soul without opening to that flow of life force that is a heart flow of nourishment of Earth’s loving embrace.

Evolutionary stimulus and development to date has been largely a transfer of vibrational purity from higher levels, creating challenge, insight and growth in the personal consciousness of our mind, body and feeling self. All to enable containment of the human self so it could develop strength in its physical personality self (which includes the astral, mental and dense physical body), and become a vehicle capable of being personally anchored here in this physical world; and thus able to accept the loving flow of soul without simply dissolving and returning to soul.

We have a deep and defined purpose for incarnating as human beings! This is not a place of suffering from which to escape, or a place of materiality to gather and contain in excess for the pleasure of one life, or a journey of personal learning and achievement that lasts one life alone. We incarnate to develop a strong human self, so we can stay here when the pulse of heart’s love flows through our souls and the Earth. And now we stand at the dawning of this Age of the Heart, when that flow is emerging, and demanding pathways of circulation.

Angels and nature are one pathway. We, anchored human beings, are the other main option.

Everything is within the evolutionary framework of choice. The awakening of global heart has been foretold for millennia because it is in the very blueprint and substance of our Earth, from her choice to be a planet of heart. The timing then unfolds through choices of human souls, nature’s angels, Greater Hearts, Kumara and Earth herself.

The choices humanity continues to make, to succumb to pointless materialism and harmful disregard for Earth and nature has created increasing pressure for heart to awaken; because we are in this system of Earth as a whole, and Earth and nature are crying out for care so that the whole system can be nourished, and, in turn, nourish life.

Hence we come back to the factors that disrupt our sense of wholeness and thus wellbeing. Earth and nature need us, humanity, to be part of the wholeness of Earth as a system. We need to take up our responsibilities to become conduits for increased heart flow through Earth’s body, for that is why we have incarnated and evolved. Nature and her angels cannot do it all, and even less so because of how we are destroying our natural world.

Thus, while personal pressure from soul to stimulate conscious growth is still there, and our karmic lessons are still there, the call of the Earth is magnified, because it is time. This is not a static world, but an evolving, conscious being.  As Earth’s call is magnified, then the whole milieu of our existence is stimulated. The call of our souls to awaken consciousness becomes magnified in heart vibration. The milieu in which our karma resonates is also magnified, as heart flow seeks expression. The loving journey we take step by step as conscious beings, is magnified in radiance and nourishing embrace. And, the healing we can awaken as we seek wholeness in this dynamic, living system of Earth, can be profound.

However, as always, it needs choice:  choice to open to the flow of soul, to the flow of Earth’s loving embrace, to the care of Earth and nature as part of our family of concern. Not one personal challenge to wholeness can be truly healed without this. It may be postponed, muted, reconfigured by effort and karmic grace – but to truly heal in this extraordinary time of great change, is to awaken to the living flow of love’s intent, and to the realisation that our wholeness is only fully realised when we understand and align ourselves with our evolutionary responsibility, to be loving humans caring for Earth, nature and all life.

Then we are part of the great positive change happening around us, and of the emerging flow of the heart, and in that the most profound healing can occur. The karmic milieu is changing, the substance of Earth in which we live is changing. The evolutionary call is changing.

Will you respond?

Then listen to the call of your heart, for there you shall find the flow that aligns you with the healing and purpose of the Great Change. To whatever extent your flow, it matters not one bit. Just awaken to it in your consciousness, take the journey in Earth’s truly loving embrace, and do your bit to help our collective healing and evolution unfold.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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