The Soul’s Journey

[written in conscious attunement]

In the world of souls, you exist in the Ocean of Love – the flowing milieu of loving intent that clothes every planet and star that has chosen conscious life as their path of evolution.  Therefore, as a soul you can travel to any of these locations – according to Cosmic karma, of course.

The karma we know here on Earth is the balancing of the Laws of Life as they express within her ring-pass-not, the bounds within which her consciousness develops. To journey outside that requires engagement with the loving entity that holds our universe, so that inappropriate journeys (ie, that are not concordant with the intention of spirit on all levels) are not undertaken. But it is possible to journey, and that is how many souls have come to Earth, rather than coming into existence here on Earth herself.

As discussed before, a soul is born when an intentional spark of spirit enters into the Ocean of Love upon the planet or star to where that stream of consciousness has been called, and that spark draws soul matter around it according to the resonance held within that spark. But then what? This is but the start of the soul journey.

Soul is the primary vehicle of consciousness in our universe, because it bridges the world of intention, spirit, with the world of action, physical expression. By physical we mean those levels of vibration that hold coherence around planets and stars, and around humans and all life, where consciousness is to fulfil spirit’s intent in matter. These vibrational levels, from a human point of view, include what may seem non-physical:  those vibratory realms within which thoughts and feelings circulate and express. From a planetary point of view, these are part of her physical existence, and the Ocean of Love is her emotional body.

To bring spirit’s intent into the body of any planet or star requires the birth of a soul in the loving embrace of that planet or star, as far as the conscious journeys we are exploring goes. Spirit cannot enter matter directly, because its vibration is so fine that even in the most refined planetary consciousness, it will mostly simply pass straight through. You can think of the journey of consciousness as the building of a great vibratory net, refined and purified, so that these very fine vibrations of the higher realms may be (caught) and experienced, and then, of course, acted upon.

Everything in the universe is created with intent – that is life. Spirit does not extend a spark into matter without a reason. Usually the impulse is in response to the Great Cosmic Plan to evolve certain expressions of life through a planet or star, and then the conscious call from that planet or star requesting that enlivening intention of spirit to come. Whether the resulting birth of the soul then goes on to incarnate that intentional expression deep into the matter of that planet or star is, again, a choice of the planet or star, in alignment with Cosmic intent.

But, whatever journey the soul takes, training and development are needed so that the soul can hold and express the fullness of its spirit’s intent. Soul training occurs in two ways:  either directly as a soul, or by sending out a further expression of spirit’s life force into the physical planetary or star world, eg, the mental, emotional and physical worlds we perceive as humans on Earth.

This expression of soul is for all life:  angels, humans, and all creatures. Even the smallest living entity has soul embrace, stepped down into a small physical life by distributing through millions of creatures for the tiniest expression, or less in number as you journey up the path of evolution.

On the soul level, training occurs through the embrace and direct infusion of consciousness from other illumined souls. This is only able to develop certain characteristics of soul, so that it can more consciously apprehend, and work with, the intent of spirit that created it, and express that more fully in the world of souls in which it is living. This is how the milieu of the Ocean of Love develops radiance and qualities that then help infuse the lower worlds.

But, to truly express those qualities in the lower worlds, the soul has to incarnate, ie, clothe itself in that more dense matter – whether mental, astral, physical, or all three levels of vibration in the physical world. This, then, requires different training; for just as on Earth in a human body, you can know everything about how to do something, but until you actually do it, you are not able to fully express that knowing, and say truthfully that you do know how. So soul training alone will not enable you to express the loving intent of your spirit’s spark in this world without incarnating there.

Soul always incarnates with an intention, perhaps many, for all life is brought into beingness with that creative force of intention. The learning journey is then to find how to express that intent in this new medium.

For a human being, that is a long journey, taking many lives. In the initial stages, the human self has to learn how to engage with and act within the worlds of thought, feeling and physical matter, all the while trying also to understand the call and resonance of the drive and intent held within (from the soul). This learning is returned to the evolving soul after each life, so that it can be held and built upon in future lives.

Gradually, the soul learns the ways of expressing in the physical world, and in each life the complex interaction of soul intention, and personal and global karma create a rich tapestry of experience through which to learn and express.

It is not just an open field of experience, though. All human evolution is guided by the enfolding embrace of Earth’s intent and need, because humans have a particular role to fulfil in the conscious expression of Cosmic intent and love’s grace in her physical body.

Through her conscious intent, she has called and held to her the vibrational grace aligned with her choice to embody heart physically in our universe. Thus she has called souls already evolved in the ways of physical expression in the mental and astral worlds from other planets and stars, and thus all humans who incarnate here are held within the embrace of one or more of those greater souls, to get a head start, if you like, on the journey.

These greater souls are embodiments of both their spirit’s intent, and Earth’s intent, for they have come here with the knowing and ability to engage in this partnership. The resonance of their combined intent manifests as a path on which young souls can journey, to learn both as a soul and as a human.

Because these great souls are here in concert with Earth’s evolutionary journey, they all work together to fulfil the fullness of Earth’s intent. They are the Greater Hearts who hold and guide into conscious expression that intention of Earth, to become a planet of heart. They have incarnated, and guided from the inner worlds, every major expression of loving light in our history:  those times when great teachers have emerged and inspired, and continue to inspire, humanity. They have built and demonstrated pathways of knowing in our world; of consciousness in the inner worlds; and of loving partnership with each other, and with Earth.

Every human has incarnated in the auric nourishment of one of these Greater Hearts, whether in the far reaches of their presence, in the feint vibrations on the beginning of their journey, or more deeply engaged as both their soul and human self learn to align with and express this loving intention more consciously.

Many humans move from one stream to another, learning the vibratory intention of more than one Greater Heart. It is all in accordance with their own soul’s intent, aligned with the global milieu and need. For we only incarnate to be, ultimately, of service to Earth’s intention, to be that planetary expression of heart in physical embodiment.

As a human, ultimately you will become the expression of your soul, the Greater Heart in whose stream you incarnate, and the Earth’s intention that called you into existence in this world in the first place.

What a stupendous journey!

This is all to say that there is enormous meaning and intent within and around you, no matter where you are upon Earth, no matter where you are upon your path, and every life adds loving alignment into your being so that you can express this more and more.

Within this life, do those things that make your soul sing within you. You will know what they are, because they will feel right in your heart. You can check, to ensure they are of truthful and peaceful intent; you can evaluate and learn on your way, to witness your journey, and refine your actions and choices. You can seek and explore within your own consciousness, or in the embrace of a teacher you trust. There are so many options available to you! Life itself is a great teacher.

With every choice and action aligned with this intention, you can awaken more of your being to the resonance of your soul, and thus the Greater Heart in whose embrace you learn, and ultimately to the call of the Earth that brought you here.

Then you become an active soul, helping the embodiment of heart in this beautiful world.

Find your heart’s resonance, and shine in whatever small or great ways that are yours to express.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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