The Law in the Ocean of Love & Fire of Creation

[written in conscious attunement]

In the Ocean of Love there is a Law. The Law that defines movement. The Law that defines flow. The Law that defines how every particle of matter and light interact.

I am that Ocean, and I am that Law.

In the Fire of Creation is the Law that defines how matter transforms, how substance changes states, how that fire shall ignite and burn, what that fire shall consume and ignore.

I am that Fire, and that Law.

In the body of Earth is a Law that defines how matter and light blend to create consciousness, how incarnation is allowed, how soul and personal self evolve, how Cosmos and Solar deities may engage.

I am that Law.

I am not the Law of the nations and of society; I am not the laws of physics and gravity, of chemical interactions and nature’s earthly processes.

But I am the Law that holds the Ocean of Love and the Fire of Creation within Earth’s being, so that all who are involved in evolutionary unfoldment can embody those detailed requirements into earthly existence.

So, when you feel love, it has come from the Ocean of Love that I hold for all, and freely bestow on all who seek and all who give – for that is love … undeniable in presence, texture and flow. All who love draw upon this ocean.

All who create draw upon my fire, to pierce the veils of unseen and unknown with that which is new, evolving that which is old. I give that fire.

So, as I give these substances, within the Law, I am also the bestower and vehicle of karma. For I cannot give when the Law permits it not, and karma is felt.

You, my dear citizens of Earth and heart to be, yours it is to evaluate what you have and what you seek, and align with what can be given and bestowed. Then you work within the Law, my embodiment of the Law, and my loving ocean and fire of creation can flow to you.

Every soul and personal self has this choice – no matter how evolved or not – for the light descending requires the stillness that comes from all citizens on Earth aligning with their insight and understanding of my Law.

For when you know and recognise the light within what can be and what must not be, the noise diminishes. The noise of wondering, fighting, doubting and demanding, all of which are actions of the un-aligned.

Do not dwell in these expressions of self for long, or you add to the noise that hinders the next unfoldment.

Let your inner stillness give you insight, and then be brave and choose. Then you become part of my great ocean, my living fire, that shall replenish beautiful Earth, that shall re-energise depleted nature, rejuvenate dying oceans and rivers.

I come to heal, the ultimate expression of the Law. For it is a complete alignment with the Law, that is appropriate for your level of consciousness, that heals, and I give that.

I come to heal you as much as I come to heal Earth and nature. For my work is all encompassing, my embrace all-pervasive, my intention all-aligning; for I call souls and persons to me on every level, to be what it is yours to be!

To find that within you that aligns. You will feel it for then your consciousness is at ease, no matter the trials and tribulations of your outer, daily life. You will feel it inside: the strength, certainty, clarity, peace that I bestow, to all who choose. All on this Earth can recognise this place of alignment, but few seek it with the skills with which they are bestowed. Thus, the great change:  the pressure for the alignment on Earth to reach a certain volume, so that the heart’s flow of Cosmos can infuse this next journey of consciousness. That is what is required. That flow descends yet not enough gets through.

So, I, I as the Law, I ask every soul and personality to choose, for the need for the flow of living, loving light to descend is great. In that asking, every soul and personality feels the pressure. How else would the need for conscious choice become conscious?

Pressure is the natural response of matter and substance that cannot yet be open, porous enough for the living, loving light to flow through.

When you say ‘no’ to this flow, you become like the wall of a dam:  all seems normal when you look out, but behind you? The increasing depth and fullness of the waters of loving light that must come through.

So, I ask you, seek your place of acceptance and stillness, where you know you are in your truth, for then you shall be in my truth, and light and love shall flow.

You have choice, but every choice delayed increases the pressure.For one thing that requires no choice, for it has already  been made long ago, is the choice dear Earth made to open her heart to the loving light of Cosmos, and become a vehicle of conscious growth, and thus the whole journey of nature and human evolution began.

The need to open to this greater flow, to ease and heal the challenges of the hour, is as great as it is to become a human of love upon Earth, as it was for Earth to take on this journey in the first place. One cannot start the journey and then seek to stop half way through the unfoldment. It is not even a choice for beloved Earth, so great is her heart’s alignment with the flow of Cosmic love and evolutionary fire.

But, dear humans, you have choice, for that is how you become the beings of consciousness you incarnated here to be.

I reiterate:  every soul and personality has this choice before them, and no matter the degree of evolution, learning and experience gained: all have the capacity to choose. Because I am in the substance of Earth, so I am in the very substance of your being.  So you know what is right and true, you just have to seek, and listen, for the very matter of your being will hum in harmony with my Law, or ring with discord if not in harmony.

Listen for this truth, and then you become a bearer of the Cosmic living, loving gracious flow of life force that is the hallmark of an evolving planet of heart, enabling the Law, becoming a radiant place of loving light for all of Cosmos to celebrate.

I am that Law that loves and guides you. Listen, and become! My loving embrace is around you.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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