Healing in Mother Earth’s Heart Flow

[written in conscious attunement]

If you want to heal in the light of the heart, on the journey of heart, you must seek to understand what heart is and how it functions in you as a spiritual vehicle, and you must seek to understand the Mother.

Healing on the path of heart utilises the nourishing, cleansing balm of heart flow. The majority of healing in current and past eras utilises the radiatory effect of a higher light, which through resonance and vibration, can realign your spiritual atoms, ie, your inner self, to the blueprint of health contained within your karmic pattern. It involves immersing your vibrational self in a radiance of light, transmitted by a trained healer who can ensure the vibrational level of the healing light matches the vibrational possibility held within your own lighted self within your human expression. Healing will have little or no effects, if this co-resonance is not achieved. This is basic physics:  an atom will not absorb energy that it cannot resonate with; it is no different for the matter of the mental, emotional and etheric substance in your being.

However, in the healing with heart, an entirely different mechanism is used. This healing utilises flow, which must be able to come through both the healer and the healee. In this way, there are similarities to healing with resonance, because for there to be a truly healing effect, there must still be compatibility between what the healer can flow and what the healee can flow.  If this can be established, the healing can be spectacular!

Unlike radiatory healing, healing with heart does not require alignment with your etheric blueprint. Your etheric blueprint holds your pathway of physical expression from birth to passing; it holds the limitations and gifts you have that can be realised, based on choice. You have a similar blueprint for the astral and mental radiance of your being, although not as formed, instead it is a more dynamic expression of the permanent atom of these levels, activated by your personal radiance (largely through choice, actions and hopes), and by your soul. These permanent atoms are the vehicle through which your soul resonance implements your karma, ie, your opportunities for learning and growth, as well as for healing and clearing the results of past discordant actions.

Cosmic love is the blood supply of Earth’s life

When you work with the healing of flow, it largely bypasses all of these vibrational patterns. The imprint of karma, the learning path impregnated into your astral and mental permanent atoms, is subject to change, if you can create sufficient alignment between soul and human intention such that the flow of Cosmic love can begin, which is the nourishing ether that sustains soul and Earth in her Ocean of Love wherein souls dwell.

Cosmic love is the blood supply of Earth’s life, from a spiritual perspective. She has more physical flows within her physical self (which encompasses all our human physical, astral and mental selves); these are mostly guided and energised by the angels through nature, but also through the goodwill and positive intent of humanity, something that must grow. But her spiritual life force is Cosmic love, and that is brought to her by the loving embrace of Cosmic Mother, flowing through Earth Mother Kumara, who has the consciousness to bridge this span of spiritual flows, and bring it down to the body of Earth.

Here is where heart and Mother join, to create the new and spectacular healing that will be realised as we journey further into this Age of the Heart. For to heal with heart, you must create flow. Flow cannot exist in a one-way system; it comes from somewhere, and then must go somewhere; otherwise it is not a flow. On a physical level, your heart flows blood to your lungs and back, to your body and back. No flow, no life.

For spiritual healing of heart, the flow must come from where the healing intent and capacity exists, but then it must also go somewhere, and then flow back to its source. This is unlike radiatory healing, where the radiance comes from a higher place, and is then directed into your being where it can be absorbed to raise the vibration of your being to heal. The radiance is absorbed and utilised, and that which is not able to be absorbed simply bounces off, or goes straight through, to be absorbed elsewhere in the world around you. It does not need to flow to have an effect, in fact the contrary:  it must be held in the presence of the healee in order to be absorbed.

But a healing of heart is totally different because the healing effect is not achieved by a radiatory exchange to increase energy and heal, it is created by moving the substance of light through your being. The healing comes through the flow breaking the bonds of limitation within the patterning of your inner self, such that the life-force of love can flow more fully.

Why is this fullness of flow not there in the first place? Because, as we have covered previously, the human self has to learn enough to be able to be a conscious vehicle in this physical world, or it cannot bring into Earth’s body the intentful effort of its soul. Soul cannot exist here in this realm, it is not built of dense-enough vibration to sustain itself here. We humans are here to be the conscious link in the flow of loving life force into this world, and to create the most beautiful radiance of heart within our own being and within Earth herself. The world will become such a beautiful place!

To get there, we journey through a largely contained existence, so that we can become learned builders in our physical, emotional and mental sphere, and help build this world of loving light.

Now, as the flow of heart increases to Earth, we can begin the journey of awakening and healing through heart’s flow. In this healing, the healer needs to be able to align to the higher realms, not to absorb and transmit higher vibrations of light, but to engage in openness with the flow of love. Then with intent, to enable and direct this flow to where the healee needs assistance.

Here is where the alignment with Mother is needed in conscious intent. Mother gives life and healing on whatever level you seek it. For spiritual healing of flow, both healer and healee need to understand and be able to open to the loving embrace of Cosmic Mother through Earth Mother, for they are the beings who hold and sustain this flow of love into the Earth and back, so that she lives.

… it does not matter to what level you have developed in your personal consciousness before you can become a vehicle of heart flow

This needs the conscious alignment of choice to be in that flow, by both healer and healee. To enter into this flow for healing is to enter into something that is life-changing, for you are saying ‘yes’ to being a vehicle of heart here upon Earth. Should you not have decided this yet, the flow cannot move through you to Earth, and thus it will not heal. If you choose ‘yes’, then the flow can come, and the karma held in your permanent atoms is no longer the defining containment for your life’s journey. You have now stepped onto the path of heart. You are no longer upon the path of contained human development to awaken as a self-determined being of mind, emotion and body.

That is why it does not matter to what level you have developed in your personal consciousness before you can become a vehicle of heart flow, or a recipient of the healing flow of the heart. It simply requires the choice to open to, awaken to, that flow. From that choice forward, your karma is guided by the loving intent of Mother’s loving flow. This is different to the karma guided by the evolutionary intent to build a conscious human self. Now it is guided by the evolutionary intent to enable greater and greater flow of the life-giving light of the Greater Heart within whose flow you can immerse. This changes the whole karmic dynamic, as you can understand, because the learning required (which is what karma is for), is very different. On the path of heart, you learn how to be a conscious vehicle of flow, able to align with the inflowing love to whatever degree you have developed, and to let it flow through you and through the gifts you have, into this needy world. Some people are already of this flow, and their goodness, clarity and care are seen in many fields of human endeavour.

It is now your choice. When you open to loving flow, and care for the Earth at least as much as for yourself and those on your journey with you, then you begin to choose the light of flow, because Earth care invokes this alignment with the higher loving flows of her needs and intent.

When you truly choose this journey of heart, then spectacular healing can occur. The forms and structures within your emotional, mental and etheric substance that limit and hinder you, whether with emotional, mental or physical pain, loss and disappointment, can be swept away. Usually little by little, so you can absorb the wonder of the transformative journey in your consciousness; but it may be rapid for some, and for a few it may be such a full immersion in healing flow that ascension can occur. This is not the ascension, that, for example, Jesus undertook, which was such a complete infusion of radiance that all his bodies became of light. This is the ascension of flow, where the human self can remain in physical embodiment, but able to be fully infused with Cosmic Love through the Mother of Earth, becoming a vehicle of that flow within Earth. This is the path of the few, for now. Most shall learn in stages to bring flow through in different ways, giving different qualities and nuances to that flow through the consciousness they have evolved, creating the multiplicity of colours through which the fullness of heart expresses.

But the karma changes accordingly as the openness to flow increases, because the limitation and resulting suffering, as usually described, is no longer the vehicle of learning. Yes, the past wrong-doings to either other living beings or to the Earth need to be healed, but if you open to loving flow for healing, then you no longer need to realise, know and consciously release these afflictions from the past. Just surrender them to the loving flow, which as a torrent of light can simply dissolve these old structures in both you and others affected. Once dissolved, they simply become particles of matter, unattached to structures of guilt, grief, demand, hatred or any of the other human attributes that build permanence out of actions past. In this way, they can move freely, as part of the greater circulation of life-giving flow.

As you heal in the flow of heart, not only do you heal, but the substance trapped in your old patterns is released, and adds to the volume of what can be of flow, increasing the flow, enabling others to feel and respond to the flow, and aiding in the release of not just your own personal karmic patterns, but those of races, nations and Earth herself. So much needed at this time.

Do not think your way into this journey of flow, but come to learn of your own heart and Earth’s heart, come to understand Mother as the loving embrace of Cosmos and Earth, through not just knowing, but feeling, resonance and experience. Then you can emerge into the flow that is ready to nourish and heal you, and our world.

Your choice.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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