Violet Fire for Change Interwoven in Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

I, in violet flames, descend, for transformation must occur.

So much of Earth’s darkness, largely buried there in emotional and physical realms through humanity’s past, is now expressing – oozing out if you like. For Earth can hold it no more, and the globalised healing crisis ensues.

Humanity, ever the purveyor of conscious change, whether the evolution, or unfortunately, the enabling of devolution, are key vehicles.  Both are of the descending light and the evolving light from within the Earth, and the felt and known body of Earth herself as she releases the binds that constrain.

Humanity, you are the vehicle of conscious change! Earth, as any planet, can only evolve consciousness at a globalised level, in a whole-of-being response. This is a wondrous thing, of course, for an enlightened planet is a radiance and place of beauty. But the depth and richness of consciousness, the fullness of presence of the evolving spirit, that can only unfold when a more granular consciousness is involved.

Humanity, you are the primary vehicle for that granular consciousness, because you have and exercise choice, because you have individuated souls that can shine through you.  So the planetary light can become richer, more varied, and more deeply full of what consciousness is: the subtlety of insight, knowing, relationships on all levels (spirit to matter, and between and within matter, emotions, mind and soul), presence and choice.

So, as Earth heals and grows, you, humanity, are both an expression of your own journey (individuation demands this), and an integral part of Earth’s journey, more or less. Some choose less – they come and learn for a while in the School of Earth, then leave without a commitment to her. Those who engage more fully receive a greater and deeper training, but then are also a deeper part of her journey. Thus they feel the struggles and breakthroughs, and witness and experience her healing crisis, at least to some degree.

Many are choosing to leave, for they are not aligned with the planetary dharma of Earth. It is not their home for their next steps. But many are interwoven with the loving embrace of Earth’s journey of light, and feel both the love, and despair, of her pain at this time. That is the path.

So, humanity, you are either staying to help Earth, and will be part of her expression and healing growth through your own life experience, or you shall leave – but not before you have taken yours with you!

It is karmic law!

You cannot leave behind anything brought by you into this sphere. If that has had (as it usually does) a ripple effect through your lives of choices and actions, then you must take with you any of that karmic substance that has not been rebalanced.

Those actions and choices you are part of, which have been established through Earth’s intent and journey, those you do not need to carry with you. For they are Earth’s to resolve, and shall find nuance and expression through the other beings that remain.

So, thus I come, full of violet fire. For many must be disentangled from the ties of earthly and human choices so they can leave, and the many remaining need help to be vehicles of this great transformation on a planetary scale at this momentous time.

I am violet fire, and I come to nurture you through these next steps.

Find my colour and my love, and let my transformative force ease you out of ties to the past, attachments to the unforgiven, burdens of the unaligned; and become lighter, brighter and greater in your consciousness.

I come, violet fire, angelic and human, global and personal, past and future, to help you co-create the now of planetary enlightenment, upliftment and profoundly beautiful choice of heart.

So momentous this time, heed my words, for such greatness, seen in the future for all, hinges on the presence of all consciousnesses now, and on choices and alignments made.

I come, violet fire, to enable your alignment, freedom, choice and loving way forward.

Let me embrace you.

Hold me in your heart as Earth does, and soon the transitionary time eases, and greater light releases.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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