Connecting with Angelic Flow and the Divine Mother

[written in conscious attunement]

For the flow of Cosmic Love to move through Earth, which is her choice and dharma, the substances of flow within her conscious ring-pass-not need to resonate and move.

Just as with a human, and all life capable of consciousness, flow can occur through emotional substance, and physical liquid. Both have the ability to flow, given direction and impulse. The substance of mind does not flow, it is like air in the physical world:  able to vibrate with light, but not coherent enough within itself to become a flow. Gusts and breezes, yes, but not a singly-directed flow, which is what is needed to enable the expression of the living force of Cosmic Love, earthly love, human love.

This is anathema to what the human mind has created as the path to selfdom, self-realisation, power and greatness – which is the light of mind. This is surely needed, for it enables a coherence and resonance to be contained in the human self. The mind, when illumined to a certain degree, and cleared of rigid defences and limitations, can become a reference for conscious choice. It can hold sufficient reflections and vibrations of human and soul light that it aids conscience. But it cannot be the vehicle of flow that the human consciousness needs to become in this next stage of our, and Earth’s, evolutionary journey: to enable the flow of heart.

This idea of mind as the saviour and path forward for humanity needs to change, so that we see mind as a tool not a destination; as an aid, not our spiritual destiny.

The activation of angels in relation to humanity is part of this evolutionary shift, for they are beings of flow. They aid in the expression and movement of Earth’s flow in her physical self, through her ethers and nature, and work collaboratively with the Grater Hearts to enable the flow of love and consciousness in her astral self, the Ocean of Love wherein our souls dwell and evolve.

As the need for the expression of Cosmic Heart grows (an evolutionary fact), the need for humanity to fulfil its role in flowing with and expressing this movement of conscious love and intention also grows. Thus, the pressure on humanity today:  the inflow of Cosmic Love is happening. Earth is absorbing some directly into her body through angelic actions, and through her own heart consciousness held and guided by the Lady Kumara responsible in this Age of Heart unfoldment. But, for heart consciousness to evolve in Earth’s physical consciousness – not just in her body – we, humanity, must engage and create it. We are the vehicles of her fullness of physical consciousness. It is just like our own conscious journey:  we become human with the impulse of the divine spark engaging in, and creating flow through, our physical hearts, and thus we are alive. But we are not conscious within the realms in which we live – the astral, mental and physical levels embodied by our physical consciousness – until we learn and develop this capacity to blend and express our spiritual intent with this medium.

This creates the powerful conjunction of human and earthly evolution of the heart:  we must immerse in the expression and creative intent of this life force of heart, the heart of the Earth, and our inner heart aligned with our soul, here in the physical world. We are  a conscious expression of Earth’s physical life force, and we are the destination of love’s flow from our souls into our physical embodiment. This is the brilliant design of the heart’s unfoldment, created at the beginning of time in our universe, and here upon Earth it is coming to the fullness of its expression.

Why the angelic flows in and through the ethers of the Earth and all her worlds of nature cannot fulfil this is because this consciousness is not incorporated physically. Humans are the beings capable of self-consciousness, who can align individually with, and express, their soul’s intent, and thus the Earth’s loving intent from her Ocean of Love.

So, we have this conjunction of evolutionary need, and the pressure is created within humanity to enable the flow of heart. Angels are here to assist, but every step relies upon human choice to enable, and to flow with, that love of the heart’s flow.

This pressure is most manifest in the emotional self, for this is our vehicle of flow of higher consciousness. It has ripple effects through our minds, and through our physical bodies, because we are one being, but it is in the emotions where the choice must manifest – but gently.

As with any flow, if you let it build to a torrent, it will destroy much of what it flows through, and this creates great challenge. Yet to stop it flowing altogether is to stop the flow of life, for we live to evolve, and this is our evolutionary path. These can both be seen in the challenge upon Earth today.

The angels assist by holding and guiding some of that flow for and with us. Our task is to purify our emotional selves such that the flow can move through us, and be consciously imbued with our intent, and thus manifest our little bit of Cosmic Heart flow all the way down into Earth’s physical body and consciousness.

On our path of evolution, we learn the flow of astral matter through the expression of feelings. But mostly their flow is internal as we learn to interact with the world we live in, and strive to understand the influences around us. We learn to express and receive astral flows in relationships with each other. We also learn to express these flows through creativity, whether artistic, scientific, or everything in between. While many indigenous peoples have understood and worked with loving flows to Earth, and while it has long been the focus of the angels to let loving flow through their beings into the body of Earth, the majority of humanity does not hold this knowledge or capacity.

The energy embrace of the Divine Mother is a beneficial way to learn how to let this flow through. We all have, somewhere in our being, an ability to relate to mother’s love, for even in the most unconscious of human mothers, the creative unfoldment that enables a baby to grow is infused with love, and many angels are involved. And Earth is our mother, the physical nourisher of our human lives.

However you connect to the Divine Mother, find your way to this alignment, whether through deities we have come to know through the past – Lady Mary, Quan Yin, White Tara as a few examples – or directly through your love for Earth. In this connection and alignment, seek to purify yourself, so that you can become a being of greater loving flows. As you align your choices and actions, then more and more flow will move through you, nourishing you and the Earth. The many angels that work with the great Mother deities, and with Earth herself, will flock to you and infuse you with the knowing and guidance you need.

At this time upon Earth, we see much expression of hatred, separatism, and desire to destroy – whether expressed individually, racially, politically or nationally. This is exacerbated by the pressure to enable more flow of love, for if you do not purify, then the pressure creates dams and torrents, which express as unregulated and destructive forces.

Ours is the path of choice, to align with and enable loving flow to purify, not destroy, and it starts with our own conscious acceptance of, and alignment with, the greater path and flow of heart that is ours upon which to step forward.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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