Enabling Earth’s Heart Flow

[written in conscious attunement]

In the journey of conscious evolution here in our world, there are two major steps:  to obtain personal awareness, and to obtain Earth awareness.

Personal awareness comes through the development of consciousness on physical, emotional and mental levels, to some degree at least. This enables the human self to engage with and interact with life in this sphere, to follow instinct then intuition, and learn to embody a life of purpose linked to the resonance of their soul.

This development can enable you to be a conscious human being, and an actor in human affairs, but does not enable you to be a conscious participant in Earth’s affairs within her evolutionary journey. However, that is why we are here:  to be part of not only our own journey, but contribute to Earth’s journey of conscious unfoldment.

Thus, the next great step in the evolution of consciousness is to open to Earth awareness. Once you do this, you can no longer see yourself as an independent actor for self, for community, for society or for nationhood alone. You start the journey of understanding that your purpose is not just your personal development, but to engage with Earth’s development as well.

This can only happen through heart. Mind and feelings are vibrational elements of our beings that can resonate with a higher light, yet they are as tightly contained to their vibrational levels as our physical body is contained. To awaken consciousness within these levels requires an application of directed intent from a higher level, to transform it down into the levels of vibration within which we exist as thinking, feeling humans. This is the role of soul. In its early evolutionary days, the young soul is supported and guided by older brothers and sisters on the soul level, until it develops sufficient strength and consciousness of self to absorb spirit’s intent and direct that intent into its human expression, setting up the vibrational truths that awaken personal consciousness. Thus, we have the awakening of intuition, intellect, emotional insight, and human conscience.

But then what? Consciousness always develops at the edges of self. As the personal consciousness develops, the edge becomes not just between what is known and not known, between what is felt and not felt, between what is personally understood and integrated as meaningful, and that which remains a mystery in either cause or outcome, or both. The edge of consciousness comes to that place where the human self cannot reconcile personal self-development with the inner drive of the maturing and aware soul bathed in Earth’s love.

Soul is part of Earth’s loving body of care and intent, and with maturity, comes to understand the greater picture of life’s intent, beyond its own existence. Soul is the first level of your being to realise this edge of consciousness, and thus to seek to explore and understand what lies beyond.

In the Ocean of Love, which is Earth’s body of feelings on her level of existence, our souls are not just held and nourished, but are part of the currents and flows of intentful expression of Earth’s journey. In the ignorance of a young soul, this barely stimulates awareness, for the learning journey (for most souls) is to awaken and stimulate growth of consciousness in its human self. All its intent is directed there. As you know from your own human journey, when you are one-pointed and focussed on doing something, much can happen around you to which you can be completely oblivious. But when that one-pointed drive diminishes, awareness expands, and all that could not be previously perceived becomes present.

Thus, the journey of soul changes, as the one-pointed drive to awaken consciousness upon Earth within its human self diminishes as human evolution proceeds and achieves some self-awareness, and as the force of stimulus around it in the Ocean of Love increases its pressure and awakens awareness.

Thus, the Great Change in yet another vibrational truth:  soul awareness and thus stimulus to us as humans is changing from directing personal awareness to awakening Earth awareness. But as our personal awareness is built within our human physical, emotional and mental vibrations, which, as said, are very contained by the simple virtue of the limits to their vibrational resonance, the change cannot come by simply increasing the intentful pressure to awaken more consciousness on these levels.

The soul now seeks an expression that relates to its unfolding awareness of its presence as a living participant in Earth’s journey. Soul now seeks Earth awareness through its human self, and begins to awaken more and more to the alignment with its birth-right and responsibility:  to be a vehicle of conscious expression within the greater journey of Earth’s conscious unfoldment.

This cannot happen through more development of human mind or emotions. It can only occur through a completely different vibrational medium:  that of heart consciousness.

Many people feel they have begun awakening heart consciousness when they have stimulated the heart chakra somewhat, and brought an integration of their inner self into that place of personal heart. But this is just that:  an integration with the personal self such that mind, feelings and body can reside in a form of harmonious unity, able to interpret soul stimulus in a holistic way. This is truly a wonderful thing, but it is not the heart consciousness we speak of here.

The heart consciousness emerging in soul and global awareness now is of this completely different vibrational element. It is not of mind and feelings, neither is it of soul. It is of Earth. It is Earth’s vibrational flow, of her heart. Because her heart circulates life force through her emotional self and physical self (just as our physical heart does in our human self), then her heart flow needs to circulate through our souls (which reside in her emotional body, the Ocean of Love), and our physical selves.

Our role, as human beings, is to understand how to open to soul flow, and be part of Earth’s nourishing heart flow

Our awakening of personal heart can only bring awareness to our personal flows, circulating through our human self. Our souls are now aware enough to seek conscious participation in Earth’s flow of heart. Thus, we awaken to the next great step:  to become vehicles of flow of Earth’s heart, not just of our own. This requires the awakening of awareness to our selves as beings of the Earth, not just on the Earth. We are of her being, as souls, as humans, and are here to become radiant beings of light-flow, where we can bring not only the resonance of our soul’s truth and wisdom into our personal sphere, but the resonance of Earth’s love into our global sphere.

You begin this by seeking Earth awareness. Your soul already understands, at least to some degree. As soon as you open to this and seek this earthly contact and connection, your personal resonance opens a door to that flow. For it is a flow, as any and every heart creates, and it cannot begin if the flow is trapped in your personal consciousness.

The stimulus to mind and emotions to awaken personal consciousness is just that:  a one-pointed impulse to stir and awaken different levels of vibration within your personal consciousness. Even if the expression is in the outer world, the intention is on a personal level, whether to increase personal growth in consciousness, or personal influence within families, communities, nations. It still all resides in the energetic resonance of mind, body and feelings.

Stupendous life-changing and societal-changing unfoldment is certainly achieved in this way, and nothing takes away from the significant and great evolutionary steps achieved this way. Just that it is not the primary flow of intent emerging at this time of great change.

Earth is awakening her heart, and her flow is engaging all those within her personal sphere. That is not only us, but all the angelic beings here as well; however, angelic beings are already beings of flow, so this is simply an infusion of different intention as they move from guiding and nourishing nature and Earth in her physical self, to bringing an increased life-force of heart to all they touch. Some transition is needed, to awaken the awareness and consciousness needed, but it is not structural, as they are already born within and of flow.

Humans, however, have to undergo a structural change. The impulse from soul moves from stimulating the contained development within mind and feelings, to seeking the flow of substance through mind and feelings. That flow can only happen when it can move through the human self to the Earth. The Earth absorbs that loving intent into her heart, and in her next great heartbeat, circulates it through her being, and thus our souls, and thus back through us in our physical human selves.

Humanity is not, as yet, to be involved in the circulation on the physical level of Earth’s heart flow, which happens largely through the angels who have been responsible for this for an eon of time, since they arrived in this planetary sphere.

Our role, as human beings, is to understand how to open to soul flow, and be part of Earth’s nourishing heart flow in this way. This is how her higher loving intent becomes active in our physical world, her physical body. We can and shall enable this greater flow, the moment we open to Earth awareness and conscious choice infused with love. Step by step, moment by moment, this is how to awaken that which is true heart consciousness, in the flow of Earth’s love that holds us here in the first place.

Love the Earth, and let the journey begin.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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