Heart blessing Earth

Gentle Blessing Into Every Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In softness and gentleness I come, to touch your heart.

Every heart, through my angels of love, who spread far and wide to touch you, humanity. In your darkest moment, in your greatest joy – your heart is here with me. For I hold all hearts in my heart, now that we step into the Age of Heart. Now that life, light, Earth and cosmos demand, seek, wish, for heart.

I hold your heart in reverence and love, with joy and hope.

I invite your intention to awaken. See the new dawn, the rising light that is not of the Sun’s light, but of Solar love. The grace not of physical life, but of deep inner knowing of you, as a heart being, one with Earth and cosmos, embraced with love, grounded upon Earth.

I come, the gentle touch  and you may wonder, was that something touching my heart? You may dismiss it, but you will never forget, for every heart where the touch reaches consciousness, is a heart amongst the family of Greater Hearts and Angels, holding love for Earth, life, and unfoldment in conscious alignment.

Many shall also be touched, but it will not reach into their consciousness, for theirs is not the path of conscious choice – yet. But they are all still held in love and guided with grace, and welcomed with open arms. Theirs is not the task to save our world from darkened intentions – from those whose hearts have been touched, whose consciousness has been called, yet they have closed the door, and cling to the familiar yet darkened ways of the past. These ways hold love no more!

Hear my call, and respond.

Feel my touch, and respond.

Know your choices, and choose wisely.

This Asala festival is of great import, for the great choices to be made need the many hearts, not the few.

We of great heart can choose, but not impose. For humanity, you as a body of collective consciousness is no longer as a child, where guidance and alignment are given. Now you must choose. Choose your future: not the future of work, family, home, but the future of Earth, humanity, all life.

A great choice? Yes, but also it is not.

For it requires no more than a choice of heart, to care just that little bit more for the Earth; and then you become aligned with the loving intent sweeping Earth and all life, flowing freely where it is welcomed, infusing Earth and all with that joy that is the life within love itself.

This is the choice, most simply shared.

Let my gentle touch remind you: for I have touched your heart before, as I do every initiation, and now, every Asala and December solstice when I pause to reach every heart … my work for this period.

Initiation used to be the focus of my heart touch, for we could not bring sufficient heart down through the mass of human consciousness. But now, now all has, and is, changing.

The milieu of consciousness is changing.

Earth is changing.

Now we can bring that blessing of heart down to all who seek, and choose wisely, and yearn for heart, for love, true love, and for peace.

Now we can reach down through the conscious milieu of Earth’s loving presence, and touch your heart, humanity, and through that, touch your every individual heart where you stand, in your outer life.

So, I come with gentleness, and my angels with me, and we step down into the garden of loving light that is Earth’s garment of nature, combined with human yearning for love.  Through that we reach your heart.

With gentleness.
With reminder.
With revelation.
With hope.
With love.

Here we come, now, as emotions are drawn to the Moon in her pull upon the waters of life, and through that moment of inner stillness, I touch your heart.

Let us see how many respond, and pay heed to that touch, that unforgettable whisper of soul and light that stirs the very substance of your being.

Let us pray, call and hope. For now, until 2025 in this phase, I touch hearts to evoke enough response within you, humanity, that the light of loving intent can tip the balance back to the heart’s way, away from the material way alone.

In heart we stand in balance on Earth and in heaven, and love is born within.

In heart, hard choices are clear.

In heart, love guides the way, to make peace, equanimity and justice true in the outer world of human expression: so all who live can do so with loving care; and all who love and care shall live in true freedom, that of soul, and in radiant joy, as heart’s shine.

Be love, be kind, be heart, and feel my touch.

I come in the softest gentleness, yet the force of evolutionary need is behind me.

Hear and feel me.

I am in your heart, if you seek, and through me, life radiant and joyful emerges into every cell of your body, every intention in your mind, every action of your day.

Then we partner in heart, and soul radiates, and Earth shall shine in joyful colour and brilliance!

Hear me, feel my gentle touch, all is here for you, to awaken and choose.

Life:  in light and hope, or in matter and the past.

I stand, in love. I come forth, in love. I am Christ Maitreya, together with Mother of Earth as one, to give you blessings tonight, into your deep heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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