Love Earth

A Poem for Your Heart and the Future

[written in conscious attunement]

In the gentle flow from heart to heart,
who shall open to the love from above?
Who shall choose, in that great flowing light,
to waive their personal challenges, to live in the light?

For the light enfolds, but humans must choose;
the light uplifts, but humans must let go,
the binds, the baggage, the humdrum of past,
for all that lies ahead can be light and love, and flowing, graceful heart.

All in the now is baggage-laden and holds dread.

But if you let go of the fears and doubts
that hinder your heart’s love, to flow all about,
then into the flow do you step within your soul,
for your soul awakens the moment you stop saying no.

Every human says no, even the most devout,
for ‘no’ arises from the fear and doubt;
for these constructs of the past that build prophecy of the future,
are only made of what has been, not the promise of evolution.

If you surrender to heart, leave not your reason behind,
but awaken your truth, and let doubts lie.
In your heart, light shines;
there you are truth, and hope is your fire.

Awaken! And be still, still enough to listen,
and hear the light’s trill,
for the sound of the heart can be thunderous and loud,
or whisper with grace in the silence of your soul.

Awaken so you can hear, and feel this voice,
for however it shall come,
come it shall,
in the voice of your soul, and evolution’s call.

The call of the heart, the One Heart of all.
For to have life on Earth, the heart must hold all,
infusing in grace, in life blood of soul,
in the heartbeat of moments, when evolution’s touch enthrals.

Here, then, is life,
life and love,
awoke in your heart,
the centre of your world.

Awaken, hear the call,
for the Great Hearts sound the note,
the note of truth,
the note of hope.

When you discard doubts in truth,
when you live fearless in hope,
when you stand tall and see the vision
in evolution’s hold…

Then you see light, and then you are light,
and Mother Earth births another living soul,
living in her bosom, of earthly love,
here, in the physical world we call home.

And so the light grows,
as soul after soul,
the awakening hearts,
bring the evolution of love.

And truth shall prevail, even though doubts still exist,
for no matter the intention of the evolutionary breath,
always shall there be those who speak of ‘no’,
and hinder their soul with doubts, fears and need for control

But that ‘no’ shall not hinder the evolutionary flow,
as heart to heart, soul light and love grows.
Here, upon Earth,
you participate, or say no.

The choice is simple, you must choose what helps you grow.
Become more love.
Become more hope.
Release doubts and fears, and set free your soul.

And a blaze erupts in your heart,
and you shall never look back, to the pains of the past.
For freedom’s truth is holding you in light,
and in the Law you become living, radiant love.

The world is saved,
nature and her creatures thrive,
humanity holds the light,
and all pathways lead to heart.

Where one and all,
can live in difference, yet aligned.
For in the heart you are the one and only being you are,
yet also of the Greater Heart, in unison with the whole.

Thus we live, in hope and knowing,
for in the heart, every soul is glowing,
and their colours so splendid make a beautiful rainbow,
of hues in their millions, sparkling and growing.

For every heart is knowing,
and every soul is showing,
and every step is becoming,
as the One Heart awakens in the living.

And thus it is held,
in the bosom of Mother Earth,
the promise of the future,
here, when you choose.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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