Walk Gently with Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

Gently, gently walk with your heart.

Past the shattering shadows of who you have been, what you have been part of. Past the grandeur of past hopes, unfulfilled through non-alignment with your heart’s path.

They matter no more.

Walk on.

Let the gentleness of Maitreya’s love flow to you like the softest breeze, to ruffle your hair, and bring your eyes up from the weight of burdens past.

His love through the heart of Mother Earth, shall be your succour upon this new way. The way that nourishes all hearts, and awakens all destinies, full of dreams to become realities in a world desperate for meaning and peace.

With a life of meaning comes peace. In a life where the ties to soul, heart and meaning have been stretched, torn and shattered by the over-zealous material dreams that hold no meaning, there is no peace. There is only a parking of self in the thought-out, hoped-for structure built of the illusions of a meaning in matter without heart.

The Earth shall be, is, one of the most meaningful places to incarnate, for the chance to find meaning within her bosom is beautiful and wondrous all at once. It is unfathomable in its expression, and yet totally understood. For that is the journey of soul in the material world. Where light and matter meet, and harmonise. Where intention and informed substance become conscious. Where hopes incarnate in actions, and meaning is born in the substance of Earth herself.

This is the way ahead, when you walk by the forms of the past that hinder; when you let go the substance of the past you carry as baggage.

Walk on.

Breathe deeply of the gently breeze, scented with the aroma of the great heart’s love, that streams in fullness to all who seek, yet in gentleness.  For this is a path of choice, not ignorant adherence or fanatical obsession. This is a path of gentle choice at every step. For without choice you are no longer building consciousness, and consciousness is the journey of heart in this age of loving kindness.

Choice to walk this way, that is all that is required. Choice to take the next step, past the shadows, through the veils, up the mountain, down through the dales.

Choice, in the heart, activates your soul’s presence within you. Steps then taken activate that presence into consciousness.

Choiceless steps may take you up hills and down dales, but you know not where you have been or where you are going; so there is no substance of intention held within. Without that, those steps are meaningless prints in the sand and soil that blow away with time.

Intentful steps leave an imprint, an imprint of light, of familiarity, of knowingness. Should you happen upon those footprints again you will remember them, and know where they lead and whether you take yourself upon that pathway again for the comfort of the familiar; or step a different way to enrich your heart’s magnetism, colours and joy.

But you can choose, if you have chosen before and left this imprint. If you do not choose, there is no substance to recognise, and your journey becomes a wondering pathway without the touch points of knowing that give direction and meaning.

So when you want to walk the path of heart, simply choose to. A simple dedication in your daily reflection, a choice in your active meditation, or hopefulness to lift your gaze to see truthfully what is, what has been, what is to be.

Let go of those shadows that are naught of your path ahead. Disentangle the ties to burdens and baggage, and leave them behind, in love.

Then you heal any wounds you feel of guilt and pain, regret and fear, anger and hopelessness.

They do not belong to you the moment you say yes in your heart to the way of the heart, and choose. They do not belong, despite their insistence! Choose as often as you need, until the travelling salesperson of your past self stops beating at the door of your conscience, demanding attention. Choose not to open that door. Choose not to converse with, try to reason with the you of your past. No use, on the way of the heart, for no amount of reasoning shall give succour to the shadows – only the choice that lets the heart’s love flow, and then all is quiet.

Then all is forgiven, redeemed, healed, transformed and returned as light, substance and matter from which you build your new home of consciousness, full of the loving grace of heart – your heart, in resonance with Earth heart, Maitreya’s heart, Mother’s heart, for that is the heart. One and all in the great cascade of loving light from one living heartbeat to another, and every heart, every heartbeat, qualifies that flow with its gifts of personal choice that make consciousness, and receives that nourishment already gifted in the flow.

Say yes to heart, and walk past those shattered shadows with joy, for then here we shall meet, in the deep and most gracious heart.

Here, we shall meet, and love becomes the bones and substance of your being, and your footprints a glowing light of loving grace for all to find and be helped on their way.

Love, be loved.

Heart, be heart.

Choose, and all is yours in conscious becoming.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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