Evolution’s Intent and Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

The thing with evolution is that it does not happen uniformly. This is seen in the physical evolution of species and behaviours within species: some evolve quickly, some evolve in vastly divergent ways, some stay largely unchanged. Science for the most part attributes this to chance:  whether a chance mutation at DNA level, or chance discovery of behaviour that is valuable, then selected by the pressure of survival of the fittest, biggest, smallest, fastest, smartest, etc. Yes, these factors contribute, but nothing happens in the evolutionary sense that is not part of an unfolding whole of conscious intention, filtered down from Cosmic intent through planetary and Greater Heart intentions, angelic empowerment and embodiment. Then always there is choice.

Every evolutionary step, no matter the family of beings involved – animal, plant, human, mineral – requires choice. In those families of beings where consciousness is not developed sufficiently in an individuated way to discern a choice, it is made by the guardians of those beings. For example, animals of young development, as far as soul goes, have a group of guardian angels who hold intention and guide evolutionary unfoldment. So do plants, although do not judge plant intelligence by the attributes of human form and function, for many of the great plants, mostly ancient trees, have great intelligence and ability to choose. Scientific research has already proven a small plant’s ability to learn and choose to modify its behaviour when subjected to challenges, even remembering the learned behaviour months after the first stimulus was provided. [1]

Entities (or perhaps more like energetic convergences) within the mineral family are closely aligned with the angelic family, as are plants and animals to some degree, as already described.

Thus, the intention for the unfoldment of conscious relationship between spirit, light, love and the physicality of matter here upon Earth is present in every life stream, whether through angels, or for more individuated beings like humans and some animals, through their own souls.

So, there is not really any such thing as the randomness attributed to evolution and the pathway of natural selection. There is intention in the very substance of which all life is made; that is what creates life! That is what differentiates livingness from inertness. Livingness, from an evolutionary point of view, is within any matter that seeks. Even minerals seek that which is similar in vibration, so as to aggregate in electrical relationship as crystals, gems, metals, etc. Nothing random about it! This is living intention in expression.

Humanity cannot continue to evolve as if we are the only beings of sentience, livingness, priority, importance …

You need to evaluate the world through different eyes and thoughts, to be part of the consciousness revolution occurring. We, humanity, cannot continue to evolve as if we are the only beings of sentience, of livingness, of priority, of importance. We are evolving as part of a whole, Earth’s whole, the livingness and intention of which unfolds all around us, and to which we must learn, or re-learn, to relate and respect.

The gifts of the Earth, whether plants for food and shelter, or minerals for the creation of so many things we utilise in our world – these are gifts for all of humanity. Human greed has turned them into commodities to trade for power, oppression, wealth and manipulation, which has no balance in it at all. They are gifts for all, from Earth who gives us life, so that we may live. This is something so important to resolve, for humanity to awaken and evolve more deeply upon the needed path of consciousness.

Regarding animals – Earth has not given them to sustain human life, because they are upon their own journey of evolutionary self-determination, and thus it is, and should be, their choice whether to give of themselves to humankind. Some people work in a sacred relationship with animals and Earth to take an animal’s life for food. This is at least acknowledging the need to honour, respect and give gratitude to the animal and the Earth for that life.

Mass slaughter of animals in a terrifying way that is utterly disrespectful of that life is devastating to the animal and its relationship with humanity and Earth. It is not good karmically, meaning that it is not in balance with the evolutionary imperative for loving and kind relationships to be sustained for the wellbeing of all life. Thus, this imbalance requires rectification. If not done consciously by humanity, then other challenges arise that impact human life en masse, for this is a global problem, a global attitude of humanity as a whole, and thus a global harm for all.

If you choose consciousness as your pathway of growth and enlightenment, then either do not eat animals, or give them every blessing and gratitude you can to help in the rebalancing of this imbalance of life given and taken.

We are all in this together, this is what is so easy to forget on the pathway of individuation. Humans, to develop the faculties of choice and so to become significant beings of conscious cooperation on their journey, are deeply upon this pathway. Yet the ultimate goal of realising individual selfhood, power, consciousness, is to use this understanding to consciously engage with and relate to the world in which we live, to create goodness, wholeness, light, love and realisation of evolutionary intent.

This is the point at which much of humanity stands, in conscious evolutionary terms. This is why we speak of the great change, the great choice, the shift  – whatever you perceive or relate to – this is the great revolution in consciousness before which step we stand.

We, the conscious ones – and those of conscious development who still immerse in the ignorance of pretence that the old ways can be sustained – we are the ones who must strive and choose, empowering the forces of good to proliferate. For as you make every choice that enables goodness to flow, no matter how small, you create a pathway through which that great Cosmic stream of loving, nourishing intention can express and manoeuvre into this world of human and global affairs. This is the true expression of evolution. Little by little, and greater by greater, choices enable an increase in loving flow, and those of less conscious intent are nourished and able to flow with the intent.

Water will break down even the hardest substance that can be created, if it can flow. So, you create smaller or greater flows in your life choices, in your everyday interactions, in your daily intentions; and thus you participate in creating these pathways through which loving intention will break down the rigidity of over-emphasised individuality and self-empowerment that much of humanity is clothed in, through personal choice (where they should know better), or by simply being blanketed by these forces that others choose and manipulate on their behalf. Materialism – the yearning of things because advertising manipulates desires – is a good example of how the model of individuation expressed through greed can blanket masses of people.

If you think and notice … become that pin-prick of conscious choice in the ignorance blanketing many

If you think and notice, do something. Become that tiny pin-prick of conscious choice in the wall of feigned ignorance blanketing many. Feigned, because it is created and fed by those who have enough consciousness to know better, but choose otherwise, and let the voice of their conscience be shuttered, even crushed, by their greed for power, wealth and control.

It is always a choice. Is it an easy one? That depends upon the karma that is your personal path of learning and responsibility. It might be a hard choice, because you have amassed a great deal of personal substance formed through lives of power, need, greed, or suffering. Then you have more substance of your being to manoeuvre and shape into that which aligns with the flow and intention of loving light. This may be more difficult, but then it also gives you greater depth of wisdom and consciousness when you do so align. Harder choice – greater benefit.

Recognise, though, that you will never have a harder choice than what you have the capacity to rise to and achieve. It may feel like it is, but that is the nature of any conscious growth, or indeed of learning on any level. If you are not stretched beyond what you currently know and can do, then nothing is learned, is it?

So, make your choices, small, great, life-changing or simply a daily smile, and be part of the great change in your conscious intent.

There is hope for all, when all who notice and can make the choices that really matter, so that loving light, the life-blood of Earth and all her life-streams, can flow and not stagnate into darkness.

Do your bit, open to the flow, and share it in your way to enable blessings to spread around the world for all to be nourished.

This is possible by (and is needed to enable the fulfilment of) evolution, that intentful force behind all unfoldment of consciousness and life:  the loving grace that guides all; the presence that gives and needs your choice.

So, choose, and be a co-creator, not a stagnant destroyer, and all life shall shine in radiant brilliance.

[1] For example, see https://www.botany.one/2019/08/what-a-plant-learns-the-curious-case-of-mimosa-pudica/, and research by Monica Gagliano https://www.monicagagliano.com/

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