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The Three Expressions of Evolutionary Intent

[written in conscious attunement]

We have explored how evolution unfolds in the realm of human consciousness, and a little of how it unfolds for those of the angelic family. But there is so much unfolding in the interaction between these two streams of life expression that must also be understood!

Angels bring and are flow. Humans are contained within the form built of experience and lessons learned: the human life stream is primarily one of building.

We have three intersecting forces at this time in our planetary journey.

Earth has evolved and opened her heart to an extent not present before. Heart is both built of form, yet also creates flow. Earth’s heart is now coming more into conscious being. It has always been there of course, to enable life, but now we are experiencing a degree of physicality of that planetary heart in the consciousness of her physical being, and in humanity’s and angels’ level of existence.

This greater cohesion and existence of Earth’s heart in the deeper, more physical levels of her being requires a greater level of flow – for heart cannot exist without flow. So, she requires more mobility of conscious expression in her being, in order to flow her heart’s love around her beingness.

This of course relates to the other two forces at work.

The second force is that impacting human consciousness, which is made both of Earth’s heart and her need for increased flow, and also the evolutionary presence of Cosmic love. This is because humanity, as that physical expression of loving intent, has evolved body, mind and feelings en masse to the degree that the next major shift in consciousness is needed:  to bring together that cohesion of physical beingness, and allow heart to form.

Just like Earth, this needs flow; something humans are not inherently good at. However, when the motivation is right, we get glimpses of it through the mobility of astral (emotional) energies in inspiration, love and care, and in mental energies through immersion and also inspiration in the creativity and expressiveness of mind, in everything from breakthrough scientific discoveries to architecture, engineering, teaching and, of course, art and music, to mention a few pathways.

Flow has even become known as a state of being, mentioned often in describing sporting performance, when an athlete or a team are seen to, and perform with, amazing wholeness and grace. Yes, it is a kind of flow, and is a good example for the human consciousness to witness and seek – although always, it cannot be found unless the motivation is one of loving intent, surrender, hope, alignment; many factors go into creating such moments.

But more is needed, and it is needed consciously. Always there are some life-streams that are simply swept along by the flow of evolutionary intention. But heart is the fulcrum of conscious expression that melds soul (and thus Cosmic) love with physical matter in that intentful expression. For it to become more physical, imperative for Earth’s choice and humanity’s next evolutionary step, more conscious participants are needed.

More humans need to learn to meld the form of their being with the streams of love and care that align with the flows of Earth’s heart, and with the cascade of energetic stimulus brought down into human presence by the Greater Hearts within Earth’s ring-pass-not.

Anyone who has experienced flow – and most humans have, whether in a creative moment, falling in love, devotional infusion, etc. – knows that in these moments, thinking and our usual decision-making functions are often hard to engage. Of all the substances that make up our physical human consciousness, of mind, emotion and the dense physical matter of our bodies,– mind is the substance least able to go with the flow.

We have spent eons building knowledge into our mental bodies, such that we can process and discern the challenges and opportunities of human life and choose answers. Knowledge is like a library, a structured archive of information, labelled and categorised so we may easily find what we seek. When you open to heart and thus awaken the presence of more flow in your consciousness, it can feel like a river of love is flowing through your carefully structured library of knowledge and is tossing it all around.

This is the challenge of turning knowledge into wisdom:  turning that which is structured, and that also requires the presenting problem to be similarly dissected and analysed into structural pieces, into elements that can help determine the outcome of wisdom’s flow, which is higher love in action. Personal love expresses more through our emotions, and although it may align with the loving flow that is wisdom, that takes practice on a completely other level than our exploration today.

The move from knowledge to wisdom requires some surrender, for you cannot rigidly hold onto what you previously knew, and become wise

Turning knowledge into wisdom can be done in some conceptually simple ways:  by realising that all the structures of knowledge you have in your mind, the rooms and shelves in your library, can be seen as ways to guide the flow. Use them not as your go-to set of answers (or parameters in which to develop answers), but when you have found the room and the store of knowledge relevant to what you are dealing with, you let them be the guide for flowing intent. But then you must also seek, want and align with the flow that comes!

Thus always, the move from knowledge to wisdom requires some surrender, for you cannot rigidly hold onto what you previously knew, and become wise. You may keep your certainty of knowledge, but it must become flexible and malleable enough to shift from rigidity in and of itself, to adjust and form the structures that guide flow instead.

Here we have two supporting presences in our world of human consciousness, those forces intersecting at this time of great conscious shift:  1) the substance of Earth herself, for as she becomes more aligned with her own heart flows, then the very substance of our being is infused with this changing reality of the milieu in which we live, and of which we are formed; and 2) the presence of angels, who are beings of flow, and frankly find it hard to understand how we build so much in our consciousness that is not of flow.

But this then leads us to the third major force at play in this major evolutionary moment:  the force expressing through the angelic family.

We know angels are beings of flow. They bring the nourishment of higher light, love, intent to the substance of Earth through interaction with and guidance given to plants, some animals, and the physical substance of Earth herself. But, in the shift of consciousness to a more physically embodied heart flow in our planetary sphere, angels must also learn to bring that flow into the world of conjoined loving intent with humans, for we together are the key to evolving heart consciousness within Earth and all life in this world. The reason angels cannot do this alone is because they are beings of flow alone, not beings of dense physical form. So although they can manifest a higher heart flow into the inner realms, and bring that to bear upon us, and thus influence the substance of Earth, they are not in and of themselves the builders of physical form.

We, humanity, are the beings that ultimately must build the heart

We, humanity, are the beings that ultimately must build the heart, both within ourselves individually, and within Earth’s embrace collectively. But here is the interaction, for in this heart, angels must be able to flow. They are the flow.

Every flow comes from a higher source, and as we have explored before, angels are the beings that bridge that space from higher intention, into Cosmic, planetary or even personal expression. In order for the depth and conscious creation of heart to manifest physically in our world, angels are under evolutionary pressure to understand and be able to work more closely with humanity.

Humanity collectively needs to build and manifest global (and personal) heart; angels need to align with and relate to the intention and meaning within that form, and fill it with flows that enable humans and angels to co-create heart.

Therefore, angels are seeking incarnation in human expression to gain insight and understanding of that curious (to them) experience of building, not flowing. While humans are experiencing more flows, to help them learn and relate to this world of movement that also holds the certainty of lessons learned and knowledge gained.

This interaction between angelic and human families has never been seen upon Earth before on the global scale unfolding and needed now.

Always, there has been and still is great cooperation and conjoined efforts between highly evolved humans in the family of Greater Hearts, with their angelic counterparts; to hold heart in conscious reach of Earth and humanity in their evolving journey of consciousness. But now, for the evolving future of us all, this effort is becoming more manifest in our human world; moving from the world where Greater Hearts primarily function for this evolutionary effort, which is at soul level, into the world of our, and Earth’s, personal consciousness.

Thus, we return to the first point made. The great shift occurring now integrates three happenings and forces:  Earth’s heart choice and manifestation, humans evolving to work with flow, and angels evolving to co-create with humans that living heart, which can then fully manifest in conscious intention, expression and loving embrace that which is heart. This is the fullness of Cosmic intention, love in action, through our combined consciousnesses, so that Earth truly becomes that living, radiant beauty of being, a living heart in our universe.

This is what we are to be, all of us, here in this splendid home, this beautiful planet we call Earth.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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