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Wesak, Choice and Conscious Evolution

[written in conscious attunement]

In the golden light of Wesak, the Buddhas transition from holding Earth’s evolution, to holding humanity. Just for these few days, around this profound time of illuminating light.

Buddha Gautama walked Earth to show the Buddha way – the path of contemplation, reflection and harmlessness. But in this physical life he also incarnated this path into the substance of Earth’s body and consciousness – that is why his teachings and that path have been energised and followed for millennia. The same with Maitreya through Jesus.

These Great Masters change the substance of Earth herself, and the pathway they show is imprinted, and thus more easily accessible, to all searchers on Earth.

At Wesak, all the great Buddhas descend with a focus on this journey of consciousness by  humans – to reinvigorate and re-energise this pathway, and to update it for the current evolutionary unfoldment of all life within our beloved Earth’s consciousness.

We know much about the festival and rituals of Wesak, and it truly is a time of great blessing to all. But especially it is a blessing to the human level of consciousness within Earth. We are part of her great beingness and have the choice:  to cooperate, to hinder, or to remain oblivious to her, and hence our own, evolutionary unfoldment. Buddhas come to reinvigorate that choice. But they can only come in response to the choice. Enough of human consciousness must call for this meaning, this engagement of the higher; the call of the consciousness yearning for growth, of the suffering desperate for a different way.

Earth calls. She is in pain from humanity’s continued, amassed craving to fulfil unviable greed and deeply darkened selfishness, from those who look only downward and backward to both past ways and past fears, and fail to assess actions and choices based on today’s reality.

Always there is tension between the past and the future that play out in our choices of today.

When Buddha light descends through the portal held open by Great Angels and other Greater Hearts (including those participating consciously in the ceremony), there is a moment when even those who have not chosen yet can still add their call to the yearning of conscious humanity. The yearning for light to guide the actions and reactions of the powerful on Earth, to ignite that light in the unyielding greed, and shatter the falsehoods that surround this darkened selfishness.

Maitreya Jesus brings light with many angels and conscious choosers of light at the April full moon.  But this is the rising light. This is garnering the yearning emotions and thoughts of the searchers into a focussed expression of light that not only nourishes Earth with hope, but also tempers the inner worlds with the vibration of human cooperation; so that the great light of Buddhas can descend for this evolutionary impulse to unfold.

Ever does conscious growth follow this path: the yearning seeker energises their own consciousness to seek more, to push the boundaries of what is familiar yet insufficient. When that consciousness is sufficient, a response comes: first from teachers and guides, then from Masters and Greater Hearts, then from Cosmos, a long way down the evolutionary path.

At Wesak, this process is blessed by the grace of global response from the Greater Hearts and the Buddhas; and even those who have not yet manifested strength enough in their own searching, can receive and be blessed.

It is still a choice, though, for no matter how much light is given, human consciousness must choose, else it is not incorporated into personal and soul growth, which is ultimately the goal of all light and love.

So, in these days hence, think carefully, feel consciously and choose wisely; everything from your own inner openness to soul and light-love, to your outer life choices and responses.

This great grace of our times is enhanced as we come to the 2025 turning point, which defines a path forward for the next major cycle. Each Wesak Festival until then will bring greater grace and opportunity; for conscious choice is so needed within humanity to awaken heart … the heart that will energise and aid in unfolding the new world with all the love, light and balanced care that must occur for Earth and all life.

Conflict between Earth’s unfoldment and conscious evolutionary choices, and that of humanity on mass, shall not be positive. Just as challenges arise in the life of the human seeking consciously to help awaken that consciousness, so too will that happen if our beloved Mother Earth’s unfoldment is not matched by human choice en masse. Challenges will arise for humans to solve, en masse.

You see we progress now to the awakening, never before possible on Earth of a global consciousness, which is measured by humanity’s response en masse. Not everyone must consciously choose to enable this unfoldment, but sufficient people with sufficient consciousness will draw all others along.

That is why we speak of the 51% of consciousness. It does not reflect 51% of people – for many are as yet like children in their souls, and are not expected to grow as much or as quickly as those with greater development, upon whom rests the choice of Earth’s future and human ease on this journey.

Take your consciousness to where you can see, feel and respond to this incoming light; feel the grace of this moment, grab it with strength and courage and make the changes possible that we all need! Your voice, on the inner, or outer and your actions, likewise, make a massive difference.

Choose wisely and fearlessly to open to this golden light, and become part of the great change, for all to experience light and love, and Earth and humanity to co-evolve with loving care for all life and our beautiful earthly home.

Wesak is a time of choice, of blessing, of grace: immerse in that and feel the golden embrace, let it nourish you to become the most enlightened, loving human you can be.

Then we all shine and so too, the Earth, radiant with golden grace, illumined with golden hearts.

Be those hearts.

Choose and open, awaken and decide, shine and be the change-makers we all need.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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