Hope in the Ripples of Human Intent

[written in conscious attunement]

In the darkest night of light, I shine. The truth, the hope, the fragments of human hope ignited and united in one flame, the radiant heart flame of conscious yearning.

Every heart yearns. It is the driving force of evolution, and evolution does not progress without that intensity of push. Physical matter is a hard milieu in which to move consciousness, but that is why we have heart, and flow – flow of blood in the body, flow of conscious intent from the soul and the flow of ignited sparks of light from the presence of consciousness in humanity as a whole.

We are not separated as human beings. Hope is infectious, in the most positive sense. It transmits person to person, nation to nation, race to race, leader to leader.

Who are the leaders of hope?

In this time, they are the hearts of the yearning ones, consciously (enough) attuned to the great global transition occurring here in the global human heart.

In that global heart lies the group endeavour that is humanity’s promise to Mother Earth: to awaken in co-creation with her beautiful being, the consciousness that is of, and that enables and empowers, heart. Heart as the source of living light, the sustenance of souls and angels in incarnation, the nourishment for Earth herself.

This is the human promise, melded into the consciousness, and very substance and physical matter of every human heart here in life.

You cannot un-remember this when you touch heart. You cannot un-remember your covenant as a being of heart within the race of humanity, within the body of Earth herself – that is your ultimate purpose and reason to be here!

In this time of searching, you find this heart note in your being – then what to do?

In isolation this may feel a burden; but take this intention within your own heart not as a dictate to you as an individual, but as the guiding hand of evolutionary force upon the whole of humanity.

This is ever the challenge of the awakening consciousness of heart: what is yours, what is of your group, your race, your nation, your spiritual group or your co-worker group? But then, in the heart they are one and the same. It is only in the mind, and the mind-organised feelings, that we become confused between the global call and our personal actions.

The way to keep these aligned is to work from your heart, in finding and understanding the actions that are yours to take as an individual, incarnated soul within beautiful Earth.

Guided by heart, you find your path, yet know you walk with millions of others. Every step you take sends ripples of love out upon the ocean of Earth life, and others upon the journey are nourished; just as you are nourished by their footsteps, and the ripples of love they create.

This way we all create a great ocean of loving intent, nourishing all who seek.

This is the group karma and dharma of humanity and all who care for beloved Earth.

This is the journey of heart.

Every time a human heart beats with this loving intent, the ocean of Cosmic love responds. The ocean that is so fine it cannot be felt, but by the heart of the seeker. The ocean nourished and energised by the great Angels of Cosmic flow. For it is through this ocean that Cosmos and Earth are united in loving ripples and intention. It is through this ocean that Cosmic love and evolutionary vision gently nourish our beings as humans, souls, and Earth herself with all her life streams.

Great Angels bring this flow to our attention, for this is the flow they work with, the touch of evolutionary intention. They hold Earth, and with loving heartbeats, send that vibration into her being. Do you feel it? Every touch of hope brings this to your heart. That is why true hope uplifts you beyond your physical, emotional and mental travails. For in your heart your eyes lift to the horizon of light, born of the new world.

So, open your heart to this loving light, for it is there.

The Great Angels bring what they can, as human choice empowers what can be given.

Heart is the giver and receiver. Become an active participant in the gracious exchange of loving, living light from the great Ocean of Love, and in balance, find how you let those ripples of love and gracious light move through you into your world.

I come, as the darkness of light, the vibration of cosmos, the ocean of love, where the light is not what is seen, but what is, in the ripples of pure love.

Feel and be, and we change the world.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.

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