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The Flow of Cosmic Intent

[written in conscious attunement]

As light descends from Cosmic intent down into denser substance, it will refract, or bounce off, or pass through unnoticed. This is the property of matter’s interaction with waves of light on every level, whether Cosmic, Solar, or earthly.

The greatest evolutionary unfoldment occurs when light can enter matter and interact, i.e., its waves can be felt and absorbed by that matter, because then the intentful stimulus within the light actually creates change in the matter. If the light passes through, then nothing changes, nothing can change, and – in human terms – ignorance remains. The same occurs if it bounces off. These two effects occur when the vibrational level of the matter has nothing at all that can resonate with the incoming light:  no vibrations even on octaves lower in frequency that can feel in the tiniest way the passage of that energy through, or bumping into, its medium.

The greatest evolutionary unfoldment occurs when light can enter matter and interact

That is why throughout Cosmos there is a great cascade of beings of consciousness, who can hold the higher intent, and translate it into expression in denser matter with love. This is what happens upon and within Earth. The great waves of Cosmic intent cannot be perceived by most, if any, living humans. The human body, its thoughts and feelings, are of a dense vibration, in order to exist here in the densest physical world of Earth. Through evolution, we refine and expand the vibrational substance we can perceive and respond to. This is why we often speak of the intuition as that fine, tiny sound – because it is! It comes, for most, from the note sounded by your soul, which is of a much finer vibration than thought, feeling or physical matter.

In order to perceive intuition, you need to 1) develop refinement in your human vibrations of feeling, thought and body, so it is possible for the vibration of soul to resonate within you; and 2) create enough stillness so your consciousness can perceive it. This has been the intent of all spiritual training for millennia; but it can also be developed on other pathways of human endeavour, because when the light of Cosmic intent resonates in deeper vibrations, its refraction creates thousands of nuances of that vibrational impulse, and all hold the intent of the light. Just like a rainbow, in all its multitude of shades and tones.

As Earth engaged consciously with Cosmic intent through her own evolutionary journey – and with Solar and planetary beings of consciousness assisting her – she created refinement and diversity within her own being, which enabled that Cosmic intent to slowly and purposefully express in vibration and colour.

The conscious beings of Earth who assist this vibrational intent to be perceived and stepped down sufficiently to resonate within Earth are primarily twofold: those of the conscious human lineage, and those of angelic lineage.

Angels work with flow, so they absorb this loving Cosmic intent and step it down through their own being, and then through the myriad of progressively smaller angels in their alignment; and flow it out into Earth and nature, and to the few of humanity who can cope with the particular type of intensity of angelic flow (although even then, that is usually only in small doses). The conscious beings of the human lineage also step down this Cosmic intent, but do so by becoming that vibration, embodying it so that their being is of that light.

Think of this difference as between standing in a breeze, where you can feel it touch and flow over and through you; and standing in the radiance of a great light, where you can feel the light’s vibration gently resonating into your being.

If you sit in inner stillness in the sunlight, you can feel its waves of energy penetrate your body. It is no different with the Greater Hearts on the human conscious lineage; they become like mini suns, radiating the vibration of Cosmic intent into you via your soul, and into the Earth. These beings of human lineage work together to create a whole, so that all resonances of Cosmic intent have a landing place, a vehicle if you like, where that vibration can resonate. They work in the diversity of resonance that comes when light refracts into its constituent vibrations, and thus we have the many pathways of conscious evolution upon Earth, through every shade of the rainbow, guided by these greater beings.

All of these pathways are spiritual in their ultimate expression, but will manifest in a multitude of ways as they reach into the world of human expression. That is why we can see great scientists, for example, working deeply intuitively, or some may call it creatively, at the edge of known physical facts:  the nudge of stimulus to explore in certain ways comes either from the perception of a higher resonance, in which the blueprint of life is held, or from a guiding expert on the inner levels of consciousness.

In every field of human endeavour, where the motivation is to understand and then enable improvement in our world, people reach deeply into the nourishment and epiphanies of higher consciousness, thus tapping into an expression of loving evolutionary intent as it cascades into our world through those of higher consciousness.

Musical and other similar creative expressions (music especially) are a little different, as they primarily move the energy of emotion rather than illuminating the energy of thought and understanding. In the expression of music, we can often feel the flow of angels, who are attracted to support the creation and expression of music when the human endeavour is intentful on their vibration. Hence, you feel music which is loving, uplifting, deepening, awakening, joyful, etc., depending upon which angelic stream it evokes.

Music that moves you in a positive way, not just happy music, creates or evokes feelings that stimulate your consciousness. Music that does not do this is either not vibrationally simpatico with your conscious journey, or it simply has no angelic flow or higher intent.

It is the same in areas of human thought. Not all efforts of human intelligence are to create and stimulate insight into the human world.

Opportunity is there to open to and perceive that which comes from the worlds of finer vibration, because Cosmic intent envelops our little Earth, and is brought down into levels of resonance we can perceive by the greater beings of consciousness, whether angels or humans.

Then it is our choice:  do we seek light and greater good for all? Or are we not yet ready?

Choice is ever the start of the journey of consciousness, no matter what resonance of the Cosmic rainbow of intent your evolutionary path is on.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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