Ascension & Human-Earth Blood Flows

[written in conscious attunement]

In the blood of humanity runs the blood of the Earth. Of course it does:  she is the living being within which our life is possible, and all life streams made of her substance are in her care.

All complex life forms circulate life-giving nourishment through their beings, whether via what we call blood, or sap in the plant family. This is a product not only of physical necessity, to enable the circulation of nourishment and the retrieval of metabolic waste, but also of spiritual necessity. For to grow consciousness, you need movement of that which gives life. To awaken the heaviness of matter – which in and of itself is not radiant with soul’s light – you need to circulate that which can infuse that matter with the life-giving light of soul, wherein consciousness is nourished.

We have spoken of the many ways in which that soul presence first develops, and then resonates down through the octaves of matter’s precipitation into human form. The same occurs for all animals and all plants with the engagement of the angelic family.

Matter does not hold or become light on the evolutionary path:  it builds the forms in which that light can flow

Matter does not hold or become light on the evolutionary path:  it builds the forms in which that light can flow, and it becomes refined enough so that it can resonate and harmonise with that light, but it is not ever light itself. It may shine and radiate, like beautiful trees and places upon Earth, and like highly soul-infused human beings, but matter in and of itself, as a substance of the universe, is the solid-state of existence, not the moving wave form. Yes, one can become the other when you review at the minute level of physical existence, as physics has shown and continues to explore.

One can become the other at greater levels of vibratory coherence too, but that takes 1) strong intention to hold the matter in that coherence, and 2) enough purification and refinement of the matter in all its vibrational expressions, to be able to hold resonance throughout all those components. But then, if physical matter has become a vibration of light, it is no longer a physical form.

Here we have just described the ascension process! This will occur for many, who will be aided by their karmic opportunity, by many other beings, and by the intensely, intentfully-held vibratory flames of transformation that enable the human matter to be taken through the ascension process. We must be honest, human matter is not so coherent or purified as to achieve ascension of its own intent for most people, but karma can enable this great grace to be given.

Naturally, you are then no longer a physical being, although you may reincarnate should your path of service be thus.

The point of elucidating this process is to highlight that 1) matter cannot become light, and 2) a human can only become light by enabling that light to infuse, resonate and flow through the physical form.

Heart is the source from which light can be circulated through your being

This is why the Age of the Heart is of such profound importance in the journey of physical evolution of light. Heart is the source from which light can be circulated through your being. Heart is the part of your being that has the capacity to resonate with soul, and thus, if you consciously or karmically walk this pathway of heart awakening, then your soul will infuse you with light, through your heart, through your blood.

This is how we feel such upliftment and hope in times of need, or of giving, or of faith, or of deep knowing of the universal truths of life. All actions and choices that bring our attention to that which is greater than us as little personalities in this vast world of life – these will awaken the matter of our being through the yearning, giving, immersing or seeking. As soon as we bring that intent alive in our human selves, our physical substance is brought into coherence around that action; and, through the more coherent vibration that we setup in our beings, we attract the outpouring of soul’s light, which can then infuse us, and illumine our beings with the hope, love and truth we seek.

But none of this occurs in isolation, for we are built of Earth’s substance; our consciousness evolves in her being, and our souls resonate in her Ocean of Love. As Earth’s heart awakens and evolves into much greater presence within her physical being (which we have spoken of at length before), her substance and matter is held with greater conscious intent; it vibrates with greater coherence; it resonates with greater clarity, and thus her soul’s love can infuse through deeper and deeper layers of her physical self. Thus, the substance of which our beings are built is also enabled to awaken to this living light that is Earth’s Solar and soul intent in manifestation.

Earth’s Solar intent is that infusion of Solar will and love that holds Earth in grace, giving life, awakening her being to the pulse of Cosmic heart, creating the presence of higher consciousness that can guide her awakening. And thus resonate, eventually, through her soul.

This is the milieu in which we exist. This is the Ocean of Llove and the physical substance in which our life is created and nourished. The intentful force behind this is the heart of Earth, which pulses this Ocean of Love through deeper and deeper layers of her physical being, enabling, and requiring, greater and greater alignment of the substance of our beings such that the great Ocean of Love can flow fully through her body.

This is why we see such great opportunity for conscious awakening, and/or ascension, for so many of humanity, for we are in and of this great transformation of Earth’s body, and can be infused with her love.

This is her blood flow:  the very love and light of her being, circulated by her heart and soul intention. We, humanity, form a major proportion of the substance of her physical being that is able to respond, align, and resonate with that loving harmony.

That is our journey, and soul’s intent. If not, then your journey is not to be of this Earth substance in the journey to come, and off you will go to other spheres of learning.

However, to stay here and evolve upon Earth, then the more you awaken and align your intention to the love and intention of Earth, the more you can be nourished, uplifted and infused with the joy of her awakening being. If you do not choose this with consciousness, you may still evolve in this loving pulse if you do not resist it.

Resistance through constructed thought or aggregated and solidified emotion can never hold strength in the loving light of evolution’s flow, although karma is the coordinator of how that journey of awakening shall proceed – whether personally, nationally, globally, in the world of human affairs.

We are not, cannot, evolve outside Earth’s intent. So, seek her loving flow. Seek her loving presence. Nature bathing can infuse your physical and etheric body with that love, if you let it. Nature awareness can nourish your emotional self. And consciously intending to care for Earth, and our collective future, can open your mind to her living flows. Then your whole being can become more infused with her nourishment, and thus shine with more of the light that she is, and you do yours to be part of the conscious awakening so desperately needed in these times of Great Change.

Be of Earth, align with her heart flow, and shine into our collective physical existence, then the blood of not only Earth, but that of Cosmos, the greatest loving intent of our time, can infuse your soul, and awaken your heart in the utmost joy of life itself.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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