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Human Choice and Angel Flows

[written in conscious attunement]

Angels and humans co-habit this Earth, at Earth’s request. However, it is humans who control the most physical expression of consciousness, as they are the beings of form, expressing as they do within the matter of Earth’s physical, emotional and mental energy bodies.

Humans, thus, are key in the success of the expression of light. If carelessness and degrading pollution of Earth’s physical and inner bodies continues by the many humans who brook no conscience in their actions (these are the people in roles of leadership who know better), angels will leave. They cannot function in such an environment.

Angels will flow endlessly into places of darkness and into matter as yet unillumined or qualified into love, light or creativity. But the darkness created by a seemingly endless attachment of some humans to the materiality of their greed for wealth, control and/or power is a self-perpetuating darkness, and unresponsive to angelic infusion of light.

Choice. It comes down to choice within the human family. Angels have a form of choice, but not in the same way. Angels, as beings of flow, go with the flow. Their choice lies in how to nuance that flow, through timing, strength, tone, colour, vibration. They will never say no to the flow.

Humans, however, do. They are not beings of flow, and have the task before them (evolutionarily speaking) of learning how to discern between the drivers from within that come from the infusion of soul, and those that arise from the physical-emotional-mental personality self. This is the crucial test for every human!

You must first build your personal self from experience, learning, knowing, because as a young incarnate you come with little or none – depending upon any previous training and development upon inner levels or other planetary spheres. You learn to recognise the messages you receive from your life’s experiences, and to work from them to make choices for safety, nourishment and wellbeing.

But as evolution proceeds, then you receive more input from soul and the increased global consciousness of light. How to discern? How to discern if the powerful drivers of a well thought-out mental reasoning or the compelling emotional reactions, are energised by heart and soul, or by mind and emotions only?

  1. Make mistakes and recognise that, and use that to instigate personal change.
  2. Realise you have a global responsibility to Earth, humanity and all life. You are part of the Earth, not a separate being. You cannot make choices outside the Earth sphere, and therefore they influence the Earth sphere. This comes down to simply choosing from goodness, in the simplest decisions, to accepting global responsibility by leaders in political, corporate or other influential positions.

You are not here to plunder, repress, be greedy or self-centred. No conscious evolution is achieved that way – except when those imbalances are recognised and lessons learned.

But now Earth has little room for erroneous ways, for greed-filled actions and choices.

Angels cannot function in many of the needed flows, because too much hard matter has been built from human greed and selfishness, and those barriers stop the flow. This is like stopping the blood flow in a human being. Where the blood does not flow, life declines.

Our planet relies upon a certain flow of loving, gracious light, infused from cosmic-solar love through angels into her body, for her health and wellbeing.

So, choice really matters. Even if you are not in a position of global influence, it is the actions of every heart that create the pathways for loving light to flow, and break the solidity of darkened aggregates of human greed and selfishness so the greater flows may resume, for the health of our planet and all life.

When you make your choices, out of a wish for goodness to prevail, in the light of your heart, you become a mini beacon of light.

There is one beautiful thing that happens when one heart lights up from a choice and action of goodness – it sets up a vibration that awakens other hearts. Unless totally closed, and very, very few humans have this, for it is only those who have immersed so totally in their own desires and mental constructs that they have forged an impenetrable door over their heart. So virtually every heart is not like this, and the heart is the vehicle of light and love, and will always respond when in the presence of that vibration.

Yes, it takes time for the human consciousness to recognise and deepen that resonance within, but always there is a response. Which means that every little, or greater, choice of goodness that awakens your heart, will stimulate other hearts, and in turn open you to the light and love of other hearts.

No aggregate of darkness can withstand the network of a million, million hearts aflame with hope and care.

So, awaken yours, and ensure the flow of living light brought by the angels, awakened by humans, magnified by choice, can nourish all.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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