Love and Will in Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

Cosmic love flows to all entities that live within Cosmos. As it descends further into the deeper realms of matter, it is received and stepped down by an act of consciousness. Consciousness is what bridges higher and lower, and enables that life-giving flow to reach all. For us on Earth, that bridging is provided by the consciousness of our Solar system, our Solar Logos; and the consciousness of Earth.

All evolution of consciousness comes about by the stimulation and organisation given from a higher realm to that of a lower vibration, so there must always be a conscious entity able to receive that evolutionary intent, and be the bridge for that into the world or being that is being stimulated to evolve.

For us as humans, that is our souls, and yet a new soul has little consciousness, other than embodying the evolutionary intent that creates the human expression. So, we are in the embrace of the Greater Hearts, who become the conscious bridge that nourishes our soul with their wisdom, to quicken the journey of spiritual evolution.

It is the same for Earth, who is embraced by the Planetary Logos, a great entity of consciousness who brings Cosmic intent into a conscious presence that Earth can interpret and express.

This embrace, whether Cosmic, Solar, Planetary or human, is always present. Even when you evolve your own consciousness to the level of the one who has embraced you upon your journey, then you begin the journey of awakening your consciousness to the next level, and the loving entity who embraces you from there.

At every level where evolutionary intent is expressed, it comes as love, but as it touches the denser vibrations it becomes love-will.

All spiritual love contains will, because it is an expression of utmost loving intent. It is an outward flow, whether of Cosmic heart, Solar heart, Earth heart, or soul heart – and to create that flow that nourishes life, it has to be expressed with force. Just like your physical heart forces your life-giving blood around your body, that you feel as your pulse.

In the loving presence of that intent, you do not feel the force. But as that intent enters into denser matter, it must exert force in order to move that loving intent through matter. Thus, as a human, you feel your heart beat; as a soul you are within the intentful pulse of the Greater Heart in whose embrace you live, and so on.

The heart is where force, i.e., will, and love meet, mingle and create.

Most humans seek a spiritual journey based on what calls them, that is, what attracts them in their inner self. This is love. But no human can walk this path without will, without intent. It is the engine of creation, for love cannot create life, or spirituality, on its own. Love itself is the presence that comforts, illumines, inspires and gives vision to awaken consciousness, but consciousness cannot be developed without determination, effort, discipline – all of which are an expression of the will from within.

This is why the true spiritual path can seem paradoxical at times, for it draws you forward with such love, yet you cannot go forward without applying will – your will.

Similarly, the Greater Hearts expressing Cosmic Love into our sphere upon Earth, bring that great love to our attention, yet it is also expressed with will. Thus, on the path you need to find and create with your own will, and will also experience the force of the will of the Greater Heart in whose embrace your soul dwells. This is made manifest through your karma, to give you the constraints and opportunities to learn how to align your will with the loving intent of your path.

Such is the ever present challenge of the spiritual journey. For in the dense world we live within, it is hard to bring the radiance of love together with the intense, directional force of will. It is as if they belong to different worlds, and yet, it is in the bringing together of these creative expressions that our true spiritual consciousness awakens. It is only when we can work effectively with both, that we are able to embody love, and thus become the fullness of our soul’s expression.

Heart is the key. In our physical heart we can know and feel love, and also feel the life-force that keeps us alive.

Because will is the driver of creative force, it has been expressed much through our minds and emotions, for these are the areas of human expression where it is easiest to express creativity in our world. This is what has helped to build the consciousness we have as human beings. But it does not truly build the consciousness of spirit’s intent through our souls to become spiritual beings creating positive change upon Earth.

This is why the next great step on our evolutionary journey is to learn to work with will through our hearts, to create with love-will, and fully express our soul’s love in this world. Not just experience it in a deep meditation, but to do something with it, in this needy time of challenge and change upon Earth. In your physical heart’s rhythm and structure, you will find something to work with in your consciousness to develop this. First there is the drawing in of that which holds nourishment (love), this takes force. But then there is stillness and silence, gathering and holding that vitality in poise and radiance, allowing the intent of love to infuse all. Then will is applied to direct that love and nourishment out into the physical body.

Do the same on your spiritual journey. Use your will to open to, and draw in that nourishing, loving intent. Sit with it, to infuse it with your knowing, and let it infuse you, until the alignment of conscious love occurs within you. Then you apply effort and intention to direct that consciousness in an outflow to create with love in our world.

To complete the flow, we need to understand that we are not here as isolated human beings on our own individual journeys. We are here for our respective journeys of consciousness, certainly, but we are primarily here at the invitation of, and in relationship with, Mother Earth.

Our flow of intention is guided by the loving intent of our souls. Our souls are guided by the wisdom and loving intent of the Greater Heart in whose embrace we dwell. The Greater Hearts are here in total conscious cooperation with Earth, and express Cosmic intent merged with her loving consciousness.

So, when you express your loving intent, what flows through you is the loving intent of Cosmos sent for Earth, and stepped down through all these levels of consciousness until it reaches Earth herself. This is one of the ways she receives the nourishing intent of Cosmos and her soul, deeply into her physical self; and this is our dharma as human beings. The other ways are through the angels and nature, and some comes directly through the Greater Hearts, through their physical retreats, and occasional earthly incarnations and interventions.

Because this flow of loving intent is intended for Earth, it is in creating this flow to Earth that you will be more and more nourished. For what she receives into her heart is circulated and reinvigorated in her being, and becomes part of the nourishment that flows to you from your soul; and the cycle of heart beats and heart flow can continue, creating loving nourishment and evolution for all.

Therefore, on your journey, do not look for spiritual returns, look instead for how you can enter and more consciously engage with the intent and flow of what is in your own heart, and how to give that to the Earth. That shall then invite inflow from your soul, and start that wondrous cycle of loving heart flow between you and Earth, and all shall benefit.

Earth service, whether to other humans, to animals and nature, to Earth directly in meditation and spiritual effort; any or all of these will awaken your heart to more and more loving flow, and thus consciousness, and thus you become a greater change agent here upon Earth. You become a living cell in her heart, and life cannot get better than that.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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