Deep heart attunement

Your Heart and Soul Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

What is heart?

It is the deep home within you of your spark of spirit, clothed in soul, wherein lies all your vitality for life, all your purposeful intention, all your karma for your physical gifts and challenges.

Heart is pivotal in spiritual exploration because of this. You cannot become a soul-conscious being, without knowing your heart. To clarify:  to be soul conscious means you have refined some part of your consciousness sufficiently to perceive the extremely fine vibrations of your soul; it does not mean you are a fully conscious soul in incarnation. Everything proceeds in stages.

Without opening the door to soul consciousness, you can never truly embody or embrace your spiritual destiny. In the most refined mind, you are still limited to how the mind perceives. Mind can never fully understand soul, for they are totally different mediums of existence. Soul consciousness is a medium like liquid:  it flows, gently to soothe, or with strength, seeking to break up and dissolve barriers, depending on your journey and personal karma, which defines how your soul can act here in this world of personal expression on Earth. Karma gives the laws that enable action and reaction on this level, and that is defined by your soul, and by the Earth and humanity at large via the Board of Karma which weighs the opportunities and responsibilities of individual journeys with the journey of Earth and soul.

But always, it is a flow, which is why it is through your heart that you can most clearly resonate with your soul; for your heart is a vehicle of flow, and when we personally reflect on heart, we accept the nuances and subtleties of the consciousness of flow.

Mind, however, is built of an element like air. It can easily move in any direction, it can blow gently or with strength; but you cannot rely on it to engage and align with one purposeful intent. Just like the flow of air on our planet:  a gust of wind may meet a forest, a building, mountains or oceans, the presence of heat or cold – and everything it meets can redirect that air flow in many directions, or disperse and weaken it, or narrow and strengthen it. Mind is the explorer, yet it is also uncontained by soul’s intent until you yield mind to soul.

In the lower mind, the mind we develop on the earlier part of our journey as a human being, we tend to build structures to organise and hold the vibration of different elements we have learned. This is an act of personal will, not an inherent property of mind itself. Most of these structures are rooted in the astral, emotional self, which does not like the free-flowing winds of thought disturbing its calm.

Our emotional self is also built of a substance that has liquid-like properties that can flow,  and ultimately, we are emotional beings, for that is the most readily perceived substance of consciousness within our physical existence.  Because it is able to flow, emotions can carry intent; or if restricted, its flow can be dammed into stagnant pools. Imagine you are standing in a flat and still lake or ocean, there is not much that impacts you. But, should there be currents, or waves, you are affected and moved. Our emotional bodies are the same in our personal consciousness.

Our physical (including etheric) body is focussed on presence, anchoring in physical place or activity. It does not make choices in and of itself, except via the complicated interaction between the body and old karma held in family or personal elemental coherences, which can structure physical reactions through health and wellbeing. Other than that, it is energised to act based on our personal motivations, and that comes down to the astral flows.

All motivation comes from flow, because our physical bodies here upon Earth have great inertia, just as all bodies of matter do, and it takes a moving force to shift that inertia. That is your emotional self, the substance of flow most near your personal consciousness. Even the strongest mind cannot force the physical into continued motivation if the emotional self is not involved. Mind, as explored, is of the element like air, and although it can become concentrated and strengthened enough to apply force to the physical, it cannot sustain that without will. Will is an act of effort, and it costs every time you use it.

Everyone knows that if you continually force yourself to do something with mind, and thus will, but emotionally you are not in alignment with that effort, you will run out of will after a while. Reiterating this key point:  to energise and guide your human existence, you must have flow in your being.

As it takes many ages to develop the ability to perceive and align with the flow of soul, then our emotional self is essential to how we can operate in this world, providing our motivations to either do things, or restrain from doing things, in accordance with what we perceive through our conscience.

So to come back to why the mental body can never really be in charge:  it is because to guide the physical alone, it needs to apply will. To guide the physical in alignment with the emotional self, will is no longer required, at least to the same extent.  Thus much of our so-called thinking is organised according to our emotional constructs:  those areas where we easily flow and create action will invite thoughts and mental stimulus; those areas where we hold old, solidified patterns that do not flow will equally create rigidity in thought, or, as is often seen, no thought at all, and the human response is only triggered by these emotional constructs.

Of course, our minds and emotions are in complex interaction throughout our lives, and we can change our emotional patterning by repeated mental effort; and likewise change mental perceptions by refining the emotional container through which our thoughts are conditioned and received into our conscious self. But, it is important overall to understand that to move and exist in this physical world, we are ultimately always guided by the substance in our consciousness that flows. For most of our journey, that is our emotional self, but now, there is far greater access to that other flow, our soul self, and that occurs through our hearts.

It takes time to be able to perceive the fineness of vibration of soul, but in fact it is always there as the life force that sustains us – for we do not exist based on the food we eat and the activity we undertake in this physical world alone. You can eat well, exercise, be kind – all the things we consider build a long life – yet when your soul calls you home, you will go. You need that inflow of loving light from your soul to stay alive, and that is given in accordance with your pre-agreed lessons and path to take in this life. However, this is not the same as a flow of consciousness:  it is an expression of your soul’s intent, which is a mix of will and love that holds you in life until you have walked your path and journeyed through your lessons.

Soul consciousness is totally other. As explored before, consciousness comes when the aggregate of learning and experience can be cohered together into a wholeness of expression. That is why soul consciousness is what you need to open to, to understand what can seem to be disparate experiences in life, and to truly find the purpose that aligns you to the path that threads through them with meaning.

To awaken soul consciousness needs your soul to have learned enough to have developed consciousness, in so far as your life is concerned; and for your personal consciousness to have refined enough to be able to perceive that very fine vibration of soul. That is where heart comes in. Heart is the anchor point for soul in our beings; the infusion of soul intent that keeps us alive enters our body here. So even without having developed much soul consciousness, inside our heart we do know this vibration. The journey is to awaken what is inherently familiar, into a perception that can align us in consciousness with that soul intention that holds the promise and nourishment for our life, and then to enable the flow of soul consciousness to take over, or at least shape and guide, the emotional patterns we have developed.

This way we journey into a life of soul expression, where the wisdom of every lesson we have learned upon Earth can be the guide to our choices, rather than the emotional and mental patterning we have from this life alone.

Why does the soul not infuse our emotional and mental selves with this wisdom already? Well, for some it does, to varying degrees. But, for most, it is because to align with soul you need to have the consciousness in your personal self to do so, and that takes conscious development. Soul is equipped with the high-level vision and wisdom gained over your many lives, and its training in the inner schools of wisdom and love. Soul is not trained in the day-to-day functioning and expression of human life.

So your journey is to develop your consciousness so that you can align with soul, perceive the flow of soul, and be purified sufficiently in your personal self to be able to determine pathways of choice and action that enable that flow of soul to express and nourish what you do.

Start in your heart, because, as said, your heart already knows soul as that life force and flow that holds your life here. The path is to keep going to your heart until, through practice, you can differentiate the deep, fine resonance of your soul, from the familiar notes of your body, mind and feelings.

Then, gradually, take more of your consciousness there – take questions, reflections, insights, and weigh them up in this resonance of soul. Do they hold up in this space and place of heart and soul, or do they fall with too much weight? That shows whether they are built of too much of mind and emotions, without the refining resonance of soul.

The more you do this, the more you can align the wisdom and intent of your soul, with the day-to-day decisions and actions you make, to guide your life to be one of your heart’s loving expressions, here upon Earth.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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