Our Soul’s Flow to Nature and Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

Where is the soul in nature?

There are many times, and places, where you feel the nourishing presence of nature uplift you. This is a two-way thing, because the flow of loving, uplifting intent that you feel then radiates out from you through your re-energised inner self, and that light nourishes nature.

Everything we feel, see, do, is moving energy. We absorb it, we create it, we emanate it, we expend it; but we rarely see anything other than physical exertion as being this energy movement. We certainly do not look at our presence in the world as being one of energy interaction, but we need to! For two reasons at least:  we create impacts all around us, and not all are positive, and we need to become conscious of them and take responsibility for changing them; and, we need the nourishment of nature and Earth; but we do not recognise and therefore attend to this need if we do not see what we receive from nature and Earth and how it assists us.

Trees are of massive importance to the health of Earth’s physical body … they enable the energising of the physical substance of Earth’s body, with the inflow of soul’s love

It is all about exchange, and this is one major lesson that nature teaches us: in nature, whether basic ecology, soil science, the cycles of life, death and decay, the balance of what grows and what is eaten; or in exploring whole ecosystems. No matter at what level we see and learn about nature, we can see that nothing exists on its own. Every component has interrelationships and interdependencies with others, and the energy exchange is obvious at a physical level.

It is also significant on the inner levels. For example, the sharing of physical-etheric vitality from trees which absorb and share that vitality from the sun with all living entities around them (including you, if you stand near one strong in this activity, such as eucalyptus or pine trees). Then there is exchange emotionally, because this occurs in the cycles of expression of all life. A flower is not just a vehicle for the plant’s reproduction, it is an expression of joy, and it creates an exchange of joy and nourishment for those who see and feel with this awareness. A bird does not sing a complex song just to attract a partner, or to communicate about food or safety, it expresses joy and love.

These are some of the obvious outflows in nature’s expression of light and energy, but how much do we pay attention to our role in this cycle and exchange that sustains life, rather than just take what is given?

Humans evolve as containers of physical, emotional and mental substance, and our journey is one of learning how to infuse that container with wisdom, love and light. For much of our evolution, we are learning about who we are, with little relationship to nature. Of course, many have a relationship with nature to find and produce food – but that is usually very one-way. Nature is seen as our resource, not our partner, and we give back little other than minerals and fertiliser so we can get more out.

In some indigenous cultures there remain meaningful relationships with nature, but not for humanity as a whole. Generally, we rely on cities and supermarkets for shelter and food, and while this in itself is not the problem, it facilitates the problem, that is, that we simply do not relate enough to nature.

In part, it is because of the domination of mind, for mind does not relate. Even if you have a wonderful exchange of ideas with another like-minded person, it is the emotional connection that nourishes the relationship. Mind can become very radiant as it evolves, and that can be a form of exchange when it is understood, and especially when consciously energised.

The development of mind has been a major focus of evolution’s intent, for it is the vehicle that holds and contains the personal self. It is the component of our consciousness that can guide and direct our actions upon the physical level, eventually with conscious alignment with the soul’s intent. But it is not a vehicle of flow. It can radiate, but it is structurally, vibrationally, not built of a substance that flows. So as humanity develops with a certain focus on mind, then the containment of consciousness creates separation from the reality of life upon Earth, which requires a relationship with nature.

Our emotional self, which is of a substance that flows more easily, is the part of our consciousness that can perceive and relate to nature. We relate to others for that exchange of energy and feeling; that is what our need and love in relationships is all about. Through our feelings we can perceive the gifts from nature, where we feel nourished, replenished, revitalised, uplifted, soothed – but what do we give back?

All life in our physical world arises from soul stimulus, for that is what sparks and sustains existence for all in Earth’s evolutionary embrace; everything from her minerals to trees, ocean life to humans.

Some life streams, like us, are more directly on the path to consciously engage with soul, and our evolution guides us through experience and learning to activate this. Many life streams evolve in groups, and are collectively nourished by soul that way, rather than individuation being a focus. Other life streams evolve with angels as intermediaries, such as most of the plant family. Their purpose is not to become sentient radiating beings of soul consciousness, their purpose is to receive and exchange the loving flow of soul’s grace with the loving flow of Earth’s physical life force, and as such they work greatly with angels to manifest and magnify that flow, for the sake of Earth.

Trees are of massive importance to the health of Earth’s physical body, because of the work that they do. They enable the energising of the physical substance of Earth’s body, with the inflow of soul’s love, such that Earth’s etheric body, and thus her health, are sustained. It is not only vital to keep trees and forests for the sake of sustaining animals and the diversity of life, and because of their positive impact on the global oxygen/carbon dioxide balance in the climate, but also because they are essential to nourish Earth’s body itself. All of nature performs this role to some degree, but trees especially.

Humans, however, do not give enough back to Earth, hence the turmoil and imbalance in life’s journey for nations, races and cultures alike. We need to learn to exchange and flow with loving intent, if not conscious purpose, both in our relationships with each other, and in relationship with Earth.

The era of mental dominance that has arisen very recently in humanity’s evolution, and which drives such disengagement from Earth and nature, is not the path forward for continued evolution. We have developed enough mental capacity, collectively; now we need to bring that mental capacity back to the reality of our life upon Earth:  we are here in relationship with her, and we must give back and not just take.

All soul creation evolves through relationships. We incarnate through our soul’s relationship with Earth, and evolve through that relationship life after life. Now, as we stand at the threshold of the evolutionary step to greater heart consciousness, this is the step into the full consciousness of that relationship with Earth, and with nature.

Heart creates flow, and heart consciousness can only exist in flow

Heart creates flow, and heart consciousness can only exist in flow. Flow can only occur when there is a source, and a destination. Our source of life’s intent is soul, and it flows through us to Earth; that is its destination. No, not us, but Earth. If soul existed just to pour life force into us as human beings, where would the relationship be? To some extent, there can be flow between soul and human self, but the majority of that relationship is soul in flow to Earth.

Nature shows us how life force manifests, loves, shares joy, expresses in every diverse form there is, and flows that life force into and receives it from Earth herself. This is the soul of nature in expression.

Now we need to be part of that, and relate consciously to Earth, and nature, and take upon ourselves the responsibility of becoming radiant and flowing soul presences here in Earth’s body. If that were not our purpose, and why Earth accepted us in the first place, then we would simply not have this journey of physical expression.

Soul is about relationship:  make your relationship with Earth meaningful and two-way. Love her; that is a start. Give to her in healing and meditation. Love nature and all her creatures, and protect them, for that is the great living body of Earth, and the nourisher of our home on physical, etheric and emotional levels. Ours, humanity’s, is to nourish her in conscious intent, with purposeful mind, and emotional care. That way we open our hearts to that magnificent flow of life, heart to heart, that is the ultimate expression of soul.

Nature’s soul expresses without fear or favour, through all her life forms, fulfilling their earthly dharma. Now we need to do the same, and be part of the living, loving planet that is Earth, not just be visitors here to take for ourselves alone.

Soul is about relationship:  make your relationship with Earth meaningful and two-way

The more you relate to Earth, the more you will open to that loving flow in nature, and in turn be more nourished. Like attracts like. Love resonates with love. Flow joins with flow.

Take your shoes off and stand upon Earth. Feel not what is touching the soles of your feet, but what is beyond. Feel your connection. Hug a tree, and feel not only its presence, but its loving, flowing life force, and love it back to share your flow in return. See the beauty of flowers not just as colour, shape, perfume, but as the living joy of plants, and love them back with your joy.

Refine your senses and see how nature shows you how to deepen your relationship, and strengthen your own loving flow, with Earth, for that is the evolution of heart that awaits all. Earth and her living world of nature desperately need us to make this conscious and deliberate step now.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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