Why Heart Consciousness Matters

[written in conscious attunement]

In the world of Earth’s living flow, all of nature is in alignment and harmonious cooperation – for the most part. All her landscapes, living plants, oceans and creatures.

Except us, human beings. On the evolutionary journey, human beings are initially separated from being in living harmony with Earth in order to develop the capacity to connect consciously through choice.

Why choice is so vital is because without it, the individual soul cannot express, and individual soul expression is our contribution to Earth’s journey of becoming a planet of heart. We have spoken about why soul does not simply take over its human self before:  soul does not live in the physical world, and it will not live in the physical world in the future (see http://calloftheheart.net/souls-loving-embrace-in-daily-life/). Soul is of a vibration that may permeate the physical world, when that medium is cleansed and refined, but it cannot become an entity in this world on its own. It would be like expecting the element of air to create its own bubble of existence under the depths of the ocean, and then to function freely there.

…individual soul expression is our contribution to Earth’s journey of becoming a planet of heart

For soul to express on Earth, it needs the clothes and functional capacity of this physical world – and thus you, human, have evolved! Then, it needs to be able to infuse and permeate that human self, so that cooperative effort can bring that soul infusion into the world at large, and create the shift in consciousness Earth seeks.

This comes about through conscious choice, and evolutionary achievement. Choice, because you are the body upon Earth, the vehicle through which your soul can resonate and create positive change in the human worlds of thought, feeling and physical existence. But you have to choose what and how you express in this world.  Your soul cannot create your thoughts, feelings or actions, it can only infuse them and guide your intention; but you determine how this manifests upon Earth. The evolutionary achievement is your spiritual and human journey, through which you learn not only how to function and make a difference here on Earth, but also how to recognise and resonate with your soul so that you can make soul-infused choices. This is the stage at which heart consciousness develops.

There is not some magical reservoir of heart consciousness already existing upon Earth, which you just need to find and drink from … Heart consciousness can only arise in the interrelationship between soul and human

There is not some magical reservoir of heart consciousness already existing upon Earth, which you just need to find and drink from in order to become that heart conscious being. Heart consciousness can only arise in the interrelationship between soul and human. Heart cannot exist without flow – whether that is a flow of blood, or of light, or of consciousness.

There are levels of heart flow where the substance of life circulates on different vibratory planes to create and sustain life, just like our physical heart sustains our physical life. But this is not a flow of consciousness.

Consciousness develops when you infuse one level of existence with a higher one, so that you can gain insight and meaning, find reasons and answers, and implement actions and choices from a higher perspective. In human evolution, we started with physical function, then developed emotional capacity to inform and infuse physical choices, then mental function to infuse and guide both emotional and physical expression. Of course, it is not as linear or simple as this on our individual evolutionary journeys, but this is the basic unfoldment of consciousness.

The awakening of emotional consciousness was a great tool for human evolution, as it created the drivers for relationships, which are the foundation for developing heart consciousness that can arise only in relationships. Relationship of soul to us, our human self, because soul infusion and resonance in our being are not an expression of heart consciousness, but an expression of soul, to whatever degree we manage. It is in the relationship where we form heart – because that can only exist when we not only receive the flow of loving light and intention from soul, but we enact that flow in our daily life with purpose, letting the flow move through us into the world around us, and thus the Earth; and we circulate that flow back to soul with our gratitude and the replenishment of love given back.

To reiterate:  your physical self has a basic consciousness, in order to process physical experience and take action in this world of matter. Your emotional, astral self, develops consciousness, through which you not only infuse your physical self with more information about the environment in which you live; but also create deep and evolving relationships with others through the interaction of emotional substance. Contact with other people through the physical self alone can only utilise the five physical senses of touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste.

When you add the emotional self, you bring so much more depth and breadth of connection, as emotional substance encounters and interacts between people with all the emotional expressions we know. That is why you pick up on other people’s emotional expression without words being said. Your astral self is interacting with theirs, and communicating on that level. As you refine your own astral consciousness, you can bring that communication into your physical brain, and express it in words and/or actions to respond to the situation.

Then we have mental consciousness; a higher, finer vibration of substance than both astral and physical, and, just as the astral permeates the physical, the mental body permeates both astral and physical.

Quantum physics indicates that the atoms that make up our world, and us, are mostly space, with little actual solid matter contained in the physically-measurable components such as elections, protons and neutrons. It is thus a physical fact that there is a very significant amount of space in what we may think of as our dense physical human body.  It is in this space that the finer vibrating substance of our emotional and mental selves exists, as well as extending beyond our physical body in what is called the aura.

Our mental body enables learning, and through that learning we modify our emotional and physical expressions, eventually. Life is full of examples of this, where we live out the same repeated emotional response to a situation, until we learn to see a bigger picture, and make choices to change our response, or our circumstance.

These are all levels of consciousness, where the finer vibration of a higher milieu permeates the lower, awakening a new perspective, insight, behaviour and choice.

That is why awareness precedes consciousness, for without having the ability to sense the finer vibrating substance in your being, you cannot begin to become conscious. Taking time in stillness to raise your awareness is good, when you want to become more conscious in your life, your situation, your choices; that is the start.

Then we come to heart consciousness. In terms of vibratory levels, you could ask, ‘why isn’t the next level the consciousness of soul?’ That is because, as a human being, made as we are of physical, emotional and mental substance, we are not living in the world of soul. This is a Cosmic reality:  our physical world is of the aforementioned levels of vibratory materials as the substance of which we are made, and in which we can become conscious.

Soul is another level of existence, and has its own path of conscious development. As we have spoken of before, a soul cannot manifest in this physical world, unless by the intention of divine will, which is rare. The Ocean of Love is where souls live and function.

If you were to become fully soul-infused, you would not continue to sustain a human body, and would ascend to live and work in the world of souls

There can be some soul infusion on a human level through an illumined mind, or a purified emotional self, but this is on a situational basis, and is not sustained. Therefore, it is not a path through which the consciousness of soul can fully infuse the human self, as the next stage of human evolution. If you were to become fully soul-infused, you would not continue to sustain a human body, and would ascend to live and work in the world of souls.

Soul consciousness, therefore, is not given to the human self through the method of permeation, as mental and astral consciousness are. That is why the next step as an evolving human is to develop heart consciousness, for through heart, you develop a relationship between your soul and human self. Then you can interact, and learn, and infuse your human self with that wisdom that can only arise when soul nourishes your thinking and feeling, and gives resonance and meaning beyond what you can know in your human self.

Thus, to develop heart consciousness, you need an individual soul with which to build and develop this complex and wondrous relationship, and this is the evolutionary path of the human species. All animals have group souls, and it is not their dharma here upon Earth to be the major vehicle to choose and manifest heart conscious choice and care in this world. This has nothing to do with whether an animal has heart. Many have very evolved hearts, and the wisdom of their soul radiates through them, and they are beautiful reminders to us of the heart we must consciously seek. But they are not here to create the consciousness of heart upon Earth, through the steps of choice and action; that is the responsibility of human beings. They are in the loving, living flow of Earth’s heart, as is all of nature.

But, as explained for us as humans, soul is not an entity that lives in Earth’s physical world. Earth’s loving grace flows through nature in life-giving circulation through her being, and angels are also involved in manifesting this flow into her physical being.

But for Earth to become a heart conscious being, choice and relationship must be made. We are the vehicles of that choice within her physical self. She has made the choice at her level of soul and heart, but to resonate that down into her dense physical self, she needed beings able to live in that dense vibrational level, and  be able to learn, and then choose to be aligned with her heart flow consciously.

That is us, and that is our journey; to not succumb to the glamours and illusions of an all-powerful individuated self, but to realise the power and depth of love possible when we are in relationship with our souls, and thus with our higher purpose, and thus with the beautiful, loving embrace of Earth herself.

Then we can resonate in oneness, as our physical heart resonates with our soul through heart consciousness, and our soul resonates with Earth’s loving heart flow. Then our life shines in the fulfilment of our ultimate purpose:  to be a living, loving agent of heart here upon Earth.

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  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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