The Creation of Soul

[written in conscious attunement]

What is soul?

Soul is the fulcrum of a conscious life, the central point from where life’s guidance is directed and nourished, and into which spirit’s flame ignites that life force around which life itself is created.

Spirit is the fiery element of life, and the universal element of life’s expression as a force of creative intent throughout the universe.

Soul is the fulcrum of a conscious life, the central point from where life’s guidance is directed and nourished

Soul, however, is an element of flow, and is only created when spirit’s intent is to incarnate with consciousness into the denser matter of Cosmos. That is because the soul has a water-like  characteristic that can more readily enter, and, most importantly, engage and mix with the denser elements of an expression in physical life. The expression of spirit, as a spark that ignites the flame, is not so friendly to matter:  it burns and transforms immediately. It is also not a vehicle of consciousness, but a vehicle to manifest intent. Soul is the vehicle of consciousness, and is intentfully fired into action by spirit, but yet does not contain spirit.

It is all a sequence of layers of deepening vibration, where the fire of creation is infused in just the right dose to spark life, but not burn it; to give will and intent, but allow evolution to enrich that expression with conscious choice in the worlds of matter. So, soul can only come into beingness when there is an intention to incarnate into a world of matter. Note that for a soul, incarnation means inspiring and nourishing the expression of life on any of the levels of matter below it in vibration. This includes the mental level of mind, the astral level of feelings, as well as the physical and etheric level of manifestation. Not all souls have a physical embodiment, some express only on the inner levels of mind and feeling, learning and becoming a refined consciousness to contribute to the illumination and qualification of these levels of life’s manifestation in matter.

On Earth, souls are created in, and dwell in, the Earth’s Ocean of Love – which is the equivalent of her emotional (astral) body, a finer-vibrating milieu that embraces and infuses her physical self. Her physical self is the substance in which our mental, emotional and physical self comes into being. Planets have a conscious journey that evolves on another level of the life force of Cosmic intent. Earth’s astral body has become purified and energised enough over her evolutionary process, to enable the birth of consciously intentional beings through her. The fire of the spirit of these beings does not burn her, for she has purified the substance sufficiently to absorb that intention, clothe it in love, and enable the descent of life’s spark into the physical body of her existence – our mental, emotional and physical worlds.

Some souls have come to Earth (in response to her call) already developed to a lesser or greater degree from journeys on other planets. For, as just mentioned, a soul can gain experience from incarnating on an emotional or mental level, so a physical existence, as we know it upon Earth, is not required from the soul’s perspective.

Then we come to the intent of spirit. Spirit dwells in the fiery element of Cosmic life in physical expression, and is infused with the direction and intent of Cosmos. Cosmos and Earth have aligned in intent, though Earth’s evolutionary journey and choice to become an expression of Cosmic love through the depths of her being. Thus, she prepared by purifying and qualifying her astral self into the Ocean of Love that it is today – with the aid of many other evolutionary forces and beings, including the Kumaras.

But our topic today is souls, and how they arise. As said, some arrive into this ocean of loving intent, already with some development. They have been called by the increasing intent in Earth’s self, in alignment with Cosmic intent, to aid her being to become an expression of loving grace into the depth of physical life. Other souls have arisen in her body of light, by the direct will of the spirit drawn here similarly, to align with Cosmic intent and take the creative journey of evolving Earth’s physical being into a beacon of loving light.

Spirit’s intent is a spark that enters this Ocean of Love and sustains its presence there, until the vibration it holds attracts substance of a resonant vibration around it. This is a new soul:  a core of spirit’s spark, with a surrounding vibratory sphere that resonates in harmony. Time is taken to do this, to build coherence with the note of that initial vibratory intent in the spark of spirit. Once enough coherence has been established for the newly developed soul to have capacity enough to extend itself, then the process of physical incarnation begins.

In concert with Earth’s will – for it is of her body that physical life is built – the soul sends out a vibrational seed into the physical levels of vibration:  into mental, emotional, and finally etheric layers (if that is the journey). Then a similar process of building occurs, as that initial seed draws to it the matter with which it can resonate. Thus, the new soul develops mental, emotional and etheric spheres of energy within which it can resonate. From there, if spirit’s and Earth’s wills so align, the physical incarnation can begin with the final building of the physical matter occurring around the blueprint held in the etheric seed.

This new soul, now with garments of physical existence, is still largely an unqualified energy vehicle, as are its garments. The intent that created it is the spark of spirit, and that lies within all, because that is the note that has enabled all levels of coherence to occur, aggregating like-with-like in resonance from soul, down to the dense physical. But the qualities that enable that soul and its physical expression to form a conscious being – where that initial intent can be expressed and magnified in loving expression – that is the journey of life after life, as evolution of consciousness proceeds.

You evolve from being a soul of one vibration, built of the Ocean of Love … to a soul of many resonant vibrations, showing as the splendid colours of conscious development

Every lesson learned, every experience that qualifies your journey as a human into more love, becomes a resonance that can cohere with the seed atoms of your etheric, astral and mental self. Eventually, when refined enough, these vibrations rise into the milieu of your soul, and bring those qualities into the foundation of your being. You evolve from being a soul of one vibration, built of the Ocean of Love of Earth’s being, in resonance with your spirit’s intent, to a soul of many resonant vibrations, showing as the splendid colours of conscious development.

Similarly, your emotional and mental selves become developed in intent and vibrational differentiation, showing not only in colour but also in brightness. The difference between soul colours and those of the mental and astral selves, is that the soul colours are permanent, for as long as that soul exists; whereas the mental and astral bodies are rebuilt each life, and their expression can be nuanced to contain the opportunities and lessons given by karma, and by your soul.

Ultimately, the core of beingness is always there, for that spark of creation that brought your soul into beingness, and then your physical existence, remains steadfast throughout evolution; for that is your guiding light, the silver cord that keeps you aligned with soul, no matter the human blunders you might make.

This, then, is the journey of soul, in concert with the will of spirit, and the love of Mother Earth who has birthed us all. Even those who have come as souls already, with some development and qualification in their soul and lower bodies, can only be here at Earth’s call and acquiescence for, as said, all the substance required to incarnate here is of her body.

Incoming souls will bring the resonance they have qualified on their journeys elsewhere, both in their soul vibration and in the seed atoms of any other bodies of expression they have developed, but they must still cohere their new bodies of soul and physical selves out of Earth’s loving matter.

Thus, the core of your being is always aligned with Earth’s call, your spirit’s response, and your soul’s creation or reconstitution; so, deep within, you know why you are here. It is a sacred and utterly blessed opportunity. Remind yourself of this every day, and slowly the whole resonance of your being will become aligned and illumined with the light of who you truly are, and why you are here.

Find ways to let the still sentience of your inner self shine. This does not have to be your soul, for that fine vibration takes time to perceive, or if perceived, to handle with balance in the vibration of your physical self.  But know and trust that the core inspiration that brought you into beingness lies also in your etheric, astral and mental seeds, so that anything you do to still your outer vibrational busy-ness, created by dealing with outer life, will allow you to bring more and more of your awareness, and then consciousness, into alignment with who you truly are:  the self that hums deep in your being, with love.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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