Mother’s Loving Fire

In the deepest, purest presence of the Mother, you are in pure fire. Not the fire of force, raging with the intentful winds of will, burning with the demand for change. The pure fire of Mother is essence of creation itself. It is the fire that is not of matter, but that which burns in […]

Violet Fire for Change Interwoven in Earth

I, in violet flames, descend, for transformation must occur. So much of Earth’s darkness, largely buried there in emotional and physical realms through humanity’s past, is now expressing – oozing out if you like. For Earth can hold it no more, and the globalised healing crisis ensues. Humanity, ever the purveyor of conscious change, whether […]

How Violet Fire Transforms

The violet fire is so important, both to help the body deal with viruses in the physical world, and with ill-informed or darkly intentioned actions of mind and feelings. Violet fire is the transformative fire, taking hold of that which is in discord and disharmony with your evolving place and grace of being. Violet fire […]