Unfolding to Heart Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

Development of consciousness requires boundaries – else there is nothing to define self and the rest of the world. In time, as with those beings of great heart and consciousness, you may encompass the world, but on the journey it is essential to have your own little world to explore.

That doesn’t mean your world is impervious to that which is around you – that becomes part of the stimulus through which your consciousness grows. Primarily, though, we grow consciousness through our own internal reflections and discernment of what is going on in our world.

This is our aura of our personal consciousness. Your aura is made up of energy vibrations of your physical, etheric, emotional and mental self, all more of less harmonised, more of less part of your consciousness.

On the long path of conscious evolution, we begin with awareness most acutely focussed on physical needs. As this stimulus becomes more known and discerned, the perception, in its comfort and familiarity on this level of vibration, can expand into the emotional level. This is a finer vibration. It permeates the physical, but like a fine note amidst a cacophony of noise, it cannot be perceived until that cacophony becomes a song, a musical expression, that is familiar and known. Then you can listen beyond that, to the deeper, more subtle notes.

No different to listening to music in the outer world: the more you listen, the more nuance you can notice.

So, as your familiarity with the sound, feeling, expression of your physical self becomes routine and known, those finer vibrations of feeling, and then of mind, can become the milieu of exploration.

So it goes, as we explore our personal world, the vibrations of our being; and in exploring we can learn, and develop and discover the rhythm and music of our inner self.

There are some major steps in this learning and discovery:  those are from astral (emotional) polarisation to that of the vibrations of mind, and then from mind to the world of soul.

Firstly let us say no one is purely astral or mental in consciousness, but there is polarisation to one or other. Meaning that there is a centre of gravity in your being around which most of your consciousness is centred. You might move from that to access other capabilities and learn new lessons of consciousness, but shifting the polarisation of your consciousness is a major step – and is usually a challenge.

As humans, we value having a known inner world within which to live, and filter and experience life. If our known world is polarised around feelings, then an expansion of mind that draws that polarisation to a different part of your conscious self is a change that feels like a step into the unknown.

This we see expressed in many parts of the world today, manifest as great emotional rigidity and resistance to change, with significant attachments to old yet familiar patterns.

This is challenged because not only is each person’s own consciousness evolving – that never stops – but the surrounding milieu of Earth’s being and consciousness, of our mass consciousness through culture and spirituality, is evolving. You can’t keep swimming in the same waters when they are no longer there, like the river dried up in a changing climate.

This challenge of change creates all the reactions you could anticipate, as it is in any situation of change:  what is it that has changed … I don’t want to change but to keep things as they were … life has changed and I can’t cope … then eventually becoming a change of consciousness incorporated into the known world of your inner self.

The change from a mentally-focussed to a soul-focussed consciousness is another, similar challenge. Just as feelings do not understand thought – for they are totally different vibrations and move and express differently in your being – mind cannot understand soul.

The unfoldment of consciousness is not through understanding alone, that is simply a step on the journey of unfoldment.

All conscious development takes surrender at some point – either imposed from external requirements like our current global situation, or internally driven because the awakening consciousness grasps enough of the journey ahead, and chooses that rather than the past ways of being. Actually, it is usually a mix, a flux and flow, of both. In our current times with the shifts in Earth consciousness and hence the milieu in which we are evolving, the step from mental to soul consciousness is done through heart.

Heart consciousness is now our goal – not soul consciousness in and of itself.

Heart consciousness is the mix of both the consciousness of your soul, and that of the whole of your personal self.

This is unprecedented in our evolution upon Earth, for until now it has not, on mass, been possible to see such an expansion of the presence of soul vibration in the personal consciousness of human beings, and the level of consciousness humans inhabit within Earth herself.

In these unprecedented times, the unfoldment of heart is a truly magical thing.

Soul consciousness develops throughout your lifetimes on Earth, but holds the lessons and experiences on the soul level of vibration – added to throughout, and especially at the end of each life, and given as gifts in each new life, as karma and dharma guide.

To now be unfolding this consciousness for daily access within your heart, humanity, this is a truly amazing time!

Less of a challenge than the leap to a repolarised consciousness from astral to mental, because those are both so form and pattern-driven – but a greater challenge in other ways because it unfolds a world unknown for most: a world of heart.

The challenge is how to bring all of who you are into the new and unfolding world, with grace and gentleness, yet keeping pace with the rapidly changing times we are in.

It is not a complete disbandment of past patterns – but a revitalisation of them so they can reverberate through your being with not only the emotional and mental energy of your personal consciousness, but also so they can be infused, knowingly so, with the knowing and loving presence of soul as an expression of unity in heart. This is unity of soul and body, expressed through your personal self. Accessing soul vibrations is best done through renewal: taking the patterns of yourself through a rejuvenation process to build the symphony of who you are in all your brilliance.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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