Intuition, Impression and Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

Intuition is a discernment of finer vibrations. It does need to be differentiated from impression – which is when the substance of your inner consciousness, learned and developed over lifetimes, resonates with an internal or external vibration of the same, or similar-enough, vibration to your own.

This interaction will give impressions, and may trigger more or less insight into the impression. But very often, what is triggered with impressions is either lessons learned from previous experience that your consciousness associates with that vibration, or a constructed sense as the mind grapples with something not readily known, and scans through the reactions, words, and labels of related vibrational stimuli.

You could deduce, then, that gaining impressions from the inner worlds is not necessarily helpful. Better to work with impressions in a way that builds your ability to nuance and discern.

Never take as given what your inner responsiveness tells you – reflect on it. Nothing is a given – not even in physical, written, some would say concrete, information. Always it is interpreted through one’s own consciousness. More consciousness … more nuances and therefore depth of insight into the information given.

This is vital in walking a path of heart consciousness.

In some ways, this consciousness is very definite in its expression, mirroring its physical counterpart: either something has flow, or does not.

But although heart consciousness is about discerning and evaluating a movement of energy that in and of itself is not definitive. You can learn to evaluate if there is a flow or not,  but the nuances and depth, the meaning and intention of the flow –  that takes conscious discernment.

In our evolutionary journey on Earth, we have evolved through much stimulation of emotional and mental vibrations.

Enormous forces of emotional vibration have developed in consumerist populations, because the emotional energy, built over millennia, aggregates and gains a life of its own. Remember, like aggregates with like.

This creates benefit if the intention is wholeness, health, care, love and inclusivity, for example. But in consumerist populations this mass of mobile, labile emotional energy can sweep all with it towards an unillumined end: the glamour of wants over needs, the excess consumption on every level that is destroying nature and global wellbeing.

So, when you feel the tug of emotions you need to step back (hard though that is), and build up your consciousness of discernment.

As a human seeking a life of upliftment, joy and love in our physical world, these are your steps in consciousness.

Global, national or community emotional energy will always aggregate into the common vibration, intention, want of the day.

If enough people want consciousness of Earth care, and peaceful and loving relations between all life, then we start to disaggregate the coherence of emotional energy intending otherwise.

Your choice. Our choice. Essential on every path; and made possible through discernment.

Mental energy, that which stimulates and informs mind and thought, this too can aggregate but is less labile. It is not a vibration with liquid properties, but it can aggregate around astral, emotional flows, like a riverbank, and guide, or even limit, the expression of that astral flow, by forcing it into those fixed channels of mental substance.

Hence the political and ideological rigidity we often see in the face of overwhelming need and the reality that the old is not working.

Emotional energy holds and expresses all the vitality of care, compassion, love of our human lives. Unless the mental banks holding the flow of emotional energy are disrupted, the incoming flow of heart consciousness seeking to stimulate this very flow of loving concern and kindness through feelings, cannot be expressed fully.

Choose wisely your certainty of thought and feeling. Do not disband it all: it is your gift and lessons learned ; but evaluate those aspects of certainty clearly in conflict with the need of the hour.

Take a global perspective. Then you are certain to stimulate an apprehension of the bigger picture. That stimulation will help awaken deeper perception through your conscious self, and you can gently reprise yourself from the confines of rigidly formed thought and the emotional energy it locks up within its confining forms.

This then is the path of the heart. Discernment to become a loving, courageous, radiant human being, aligned with the great inflow of evolutionary intent. If you have any inkling of heart consciousness within you – and everyone has some within (depending on how much you have sought it), then you can discern that which belongs to the unfolding evolutionary intent infusing our world, from that which belongs to the strong, but no longer useful, forms of mind and feeling that bind many.

Go to your heart. Find out how you can learn the nuances of that deeper, life-giving vibration that resonates within you, and discern what is within you that doesn’t harmonise. Not overnight – but choose that which is in front of you or pressing you the most, and find tools to deal with it – from energy work, to self-reflection, to professional guidance that opens your vision and helps loosen the old forms.

Just that you choose to want and walk this way of the heart, and your soul and all the guides and teachers you have connection with on the inner, will pour their help into your insights, and your life’s experiences, to help you step forward on this path.

Choose – conscious unfoldment is always activated by choice.

That, then is your first step: choose between patterns of feeling and thought, and that which harmonises with what is in your heart. This needs your conscious attention and effort to discern.

Don’t fly with the first impressions you have (unless in danger – here we are talking about consciousness, not physical life choices for safety and wellbeing). In the journey of consciousness, reflection and exploration are your tools, for it must all, ultimately come from within you – else it is not your consciousness that evolves.

So, choose, reflect and discern, and you step forward on your journey of heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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