Matter, Light and Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

In the development of consciousness, matter and light are essential. That is why Earth is such a unique place in our universe; for it is possible to develop consciousness into the deepest level of matter.

Matter is light in its densest vibration; at least it can be, when the harmonics of consciousness can reverberate through it. That takes conscious development with a dedication to the Earth path, the path of service to Earth’s evolution. Many do not have this path, and come to Earth to learn consciousness on astral or mental levels. Souls choose this.

Astral consciousness brings awareness and the possibility of stillness in the emotional self. But the development of astral consciousness without a strong enough anchor to the Earth can be very destructive. Even if the emotional self can harmonise with the soul, and may therefore create an astral consciousness of harmlessness, this takes many lives to develop. But before that, emotional exaggeration, indulgence, excess are usual.

Remember, consciousness develops from encountering edges; so the continued expansion of emotional self to seek those edges from which to learn has two impacts: there is an increase in labile emotional energy in our world, from both living and passed beings; and this leads to the second impact – the boundaries are harder to find. Thus the great gathering of emotionally-focussed consciousness around certain leaders: that is their milieu of choice, and many are drawn into that milieu because it gives positive feedback to their searching emotional consciousness that is seeking expression.

However, proliferation and astral affirmation is not the journey to develop consciousness. Consciousness needs boundaries to learn to discern.

Many souls are astrally focussed at this time. A hangover, still, from the great wars of the 20th century. The trauma held in the body is the last to be released, so it is hard to develop consciousness into the body, and hence to relate to the Earth herself.

This is not a balanced state of being.

Mental consciousness is less labile; it is not in and of itself a fluid consciousness like emotions. But the substance of mind is the easiest to become rigid and cemented. The act of thinking, and believing the thinking of self and others can create self-referential edges to build the certainty that every evolving mind seeks. This makes the consciousness of mind easier to turn into form and structure. But this is not the journey forward upon Earth.

People seek freedom, then seek freedom from the built structures that hold no light of the future. Sunset has passed. Globally, we are in a twilight, before the dark night of the Earth soul, to be unfolding in centuries to come. But do not take that as a predicted time of darkness. This time between sunset and sunrise of the new day is stupendous – for all those who seek light and love become like small radiant suns and stars, and those as yet not conscious enough to seek, can see them and find hope.

Hope is the knowledge, vision, feel and inner knowing of tomorrow’s gifts. Light brings those gifts, for ultimately we have come from light, and our deepest sense of self is in that knowing. So we always, ultimately, seek that light.

That is the hope in the astrally dark times we have now, when grasping greed and terrified need rove side by side without care for our world and collective future. Add to that the dogma of learned and believed mental forms of politics, economics, attitude to the environment, Earth’s resources, human equality, responsibility for all life … there is much to change.

But you begin with consciousness, and seek that which no longer serves the light of our future – and renew, redeem, cleanse, delete it.

We can not keep plundering the Earth of her gifts to us, neither in resources and food, nor in her emotional and mental substance.

The network of consciousness needed for our collective and positive future relies on many to become points of light, so we can see and feel the hope of that light.

We are not going to become some great, merged automaton of a greater consciousness; but globally-aware citizens are needed, pure (as much as possible) in consciousness of mind and feelings, to build the new, freer-flowing substance of conscious intent.

That, then, becomes the matter that holds the light of the future, the promise of the grace to come, the awakening of more soul in us all.

It all starts with consciousness, born out of the interaction between vibrations of like and un-alike. In these times of great change, the (understandably) fearful seek what they have already come to recognise. But is it the light of the future?

Unfortunately, usually it is not.

To those seekers with awareness: become the light of hope in this time of change. Align your consciousness with your own radiant heart and the hearts of the great ones whom you love, and shine.

This is how we can, and need to change the world.

The new must be born in a thousand, thousand hearts, to gently but persistently shine into our world through whatever individual dharma each has; and then the new begins to become familiar, and the old holds less grip on the yearning, but fearful beings.

The change in consciousness is ever created this way. In past times it has been the descent of great teachers of light like Buddha, who especially shone light into the mental worlds, and Christ, and the many other teachers, who have brought a light of belief and devotion into the emotional worlds.

The great religions of the world have been born of illumination to mind, or devotion of emotions, or some of both. Now we need a great spiritual revitalisation of Earth-conscious spirituality, evolved from the many traditions and tribes that still hold this knowing, into an integrated mind-feeling-body expression of soul which comes on the path of heart.

Heart is the meeting place in consciousness of all parts of beingness upon Earth. That is where we can truly feel and love the Earth – and when we do that, then we shall care for her, and our collective future.

Find your heart and shine with loving consciousness and hope, for all our futures.

Be heart and you will see.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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