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Developing Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

As my golden light fills the Earth, I am here. I am consciousness: the capacity of matter to know itself, on every level.

To know is to see, to feel, to witness, to experience. It takes senses – that is what takes time to develop. Matter can know itself inherently – else how should matter bind like to like, water to water, air to air, gold to gold, and so on. Matter is inherently able to do that. Whatever level of vibration it has, it resonates with any other matter of that same vibration.

However, it is knowing the different vibrations that takes learning.

Vibrations that do not resonate usually bounce off, or pass through invisibly – unfelt.

If a new vibration bounces off, the way to know it and become conscious of it is to pay attention to the edges of your being, and what impacts you there. With your awareness on that edge, you can feel those other, coarser vibrations that bump into you.

If the vibration is so fine that it passes through you, then you must go within to see, feel, find and know it. This is to the heart. Every living being with consciousness has heart – in vibration, if not physically.

This heart is the anchor point of higher light within you – for all life emerges from consciousness on a higher level, to incarnate in our denser material world.

Your heart gives you access to every level of vibration, from matter to soul, for that is its nature. Then it is up to you to find and access that inbuilt knowing and recognition, and learn how to discern, feel and discriminate – for there are always cheaters around, to test your knowing with false vibrations and with shiny light without depth.

So, you go to your edge of beingness and feel that, and you go to your deepest inner heart, and feel that too. Then you awaken consciousness.

For the many who do not need to develop consciousness (karmically, ie: it is not on their path of evolution), then it is up to all other conscious life to choose and embody the light of the times we are in, and guide our younger brothers and sisters by changing the milieu in which we all live.

The conscious ones have responsibilities – for that is what consciousness is about.

Consciousness enables you to direct and create with light and love on the level on which you are conscious. Otherwise, the light and love of creative intent either bounces off, or passes through you.

Consciousness creates the inner structure that catches this higher light and love.

It does not take consciousness to create, using inspiration and material from the same level of vibration. You may be a conscious being, but unless you apprehend the gentle (or sometimes forceful) light and love of higher vibration and the intention within that, and create with that, your consciousness is not at work; and you simply push the chess pieces around on the same board, playing the same game, when evolution and heart awakening upon Earth requires matter to be moved and created into new shapes and forms to hold the light and love to sustain our future. Not push around the substance of the past, like sweeping the dust of the pathway every day.

So, to be conscious, you need the nudge from upstairs. It could be your soul, your inner teacher or guide, or the descending heart vibration touching your heart directly.

You begin to feel dissatisfied, that is brilliant! For that is the first step to becoming conscious.

You cannot change the substance and awareness in your being unless you want to, and most humans choose not to change unless the vibration of dissatisfaction nudges them to do so.

When you feel this nudge, do not shut it down. Listen, deeply, dadirri … listen to feel the nudge from within, the bumps from without and centre yourself within those stimuli, and pay attention. Then you will learn, and come to know, and your consciousness will grow and you will shine.

Conversely, if you choose not to open to consciousness, your aura becomes hardened to stop you from feeling the nudge of the light and love coming to you; and then later you will have to work on that hardness too.

It is all on the path of learning.But, in these times of such extraordinary stimulus from greater hearts pouring their love and light into our world, it is now both easier, and more pressing to find your level of conscious vibration for this journey, in this time of change.

Old ways no longer nourish the journey.

Open your heart! That is the first step; not to open blindly with will, but gently with grace and love for yourself and this wonderful world in which we live.

Then you will see, feel, hear, experience and witness the love that enfolds and embraces you, and that creates greater consciousness; so to create a greater light of love in our world for us, our planet, all life living here, and all future generations.

The Earth has called for the conscious ones. Choose, and you are that.

I bring my golden embrace to hold and nourish, I am keeper of the flame of consciousness, I keep it burning in the heart of Earth, ready to illumine all who choose to seek, and see.

That is you.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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