The Three Stimuli of Conscious Evolution

[written in conscious attunement]

In the human world, that is, the physical, emotional and mind levels of our physical existence, we have several stimuli that awaken the indwelling light and vibration of soul (that resides in Earth’s ocean of love), and thus move us on the evolutionary path of soul, heart and love.

These stimuli are 1) Earth herself; 2) the angelic family; and 3) the family of Greater Hearts.

Your soul can be a stimulus – but not until that awakening to soul has occurred within your human consciousness, and this almost never occurs through the soul’s effort alone. This is because as a human incarnate within this physical realm, it is usual that your soul is new to this journey too. Very few souls incarnate with deep insight, understanding and knowledge of the journey of love’s evolution deep into the world of matter. Even those Greater Hearts arriving with awakened souls, have had to rely on the angelic family to help them bring that awakening deep into their human selves so they could understand the journey, and bring their soul and spirit wisdom to bare upon the unfolding journey of all the other young souls in Earth’s care.

In the beginning, it could only be the stimulus of the great sweeping flows of the angelic family to stimulate this physical awakening, because Earth herself had also not awakened and developed her substance of, and alignment with, the great Cosmic love that was coming to bathe her and her incarnating souls.

We owe our evolutionary possibilities to the great angels, who know love because they are of that great milieu, they are birthed in that great Cosmic outflow. All matter touched by love becomes a flow, and that flow is of angels. In Cosmos, the great presence of love became a flow when Cosmic heart awakened, and the pulse of intent began. That pulse could only move through time and space via substance.

We owe our evolutionary possibilities to the great angels, who know love because they are birthed in that great Cosmic outflow

As physics tells us, a wave of energy cannot travel though a vacuum. Angels are the embedded, intrinsically present consciousness that bridges what seems to be that vacuum, according to our human, scientific capacity to measure its properties. But here we are talking about consciousness, something unmeasurable by the physical sciences.

Angels embody and are the substance that resonates with the pulse of love, a great gift to our Cosmos from a previous incarnation of Cosmic life and learning, where flow was a significant evolutionary intention.

Now angels embody that flow all the way from Cosmic heart to our planetary family of Greater Hearts, now also to Earth’s heart, and soon, to many of humanity’s hearts. They bridge the seeming chasm of consciousness created by the impulse to create life and love in matter. Matter cannot in and of itself begin with the consciousness of love, else it would never seek, never evolve, and therefore physical life could not become a conscious co-creator of a loving universe, as it is intended to be.

In bridging this vacuum in what can be consciously apprehended, angels bring to Earth that loving presence that both Earth and humans can sense, feel, and thus awaken to seek and create. Early in the Earth’s evolutionary journey, this was via angelic embodiment within Earth herself, in mountains, forests, oceans, rivers – in fact any feature of our natural world. You can still find and seek these places, of course. Where you stand upon Earth and are transported somewhere else, awakened to something other, more beautiful, more loving, more stimulating of your own, deep inner self. It is the beginning of awakening your contact with, and seeking of your soul.

Now, as millennia have passed, and the human family has more individuals who are awakened to soul, angels can also work more directly through the human family, for example, in those great temples built to hold and sanctify a space for that which is higher, when human intent is aligned and open. Here, angels will not only facilitate the flow to stimulate awakening of consciousness, and thus more enlightened choices to enable the light to be present in that building, but also at least one angel will engage with and hold that loving intent in that physical part of Earth until such time as it is no longer required, or able to stay.

This is why we have sanctified spaces of human construction that can transport you into an awakened consciousness, or at least touch you with that grace so that you may continue to know the love of soul, and become awakened upon your journey.

This conveys some of how angels have and continue to stimulate our awakening.

Now let us consider Earth herself. Not only does she have places sanctified by angelic presence, but as her own evolution unfolds further (also, in part, stimulated by that great loving intentful presence brought by angels), the very substance of her being becomes imbued with more love. The matter of her consciousness has slowly differentiated into those aspects of consciousness that bring love into the vibrational level of physical matter itself, and into the substance from which we gather together the life force within which we incarnate. This means that the matter from which our physical, emotional and mind layers of beingness are created comes already imbued with this loving light, and thus we cannot avoid the stimulus of evolution. Even when we experience the pull of matter that draws us into physicality and thus pulls our consciousness into that depth of being, it cannot stop us evolving, but instead creates the ever present challenge of choice, as we journey in consciousness.

Now we come to the stimulus afforded by the family of Greater Hearts, who hold a great presence of heart within Earth’s beingness. They are the great teachers, because they have walked this exact path of consciousness upon which we walk:  to become a loving unit of awareness in the great unfolding journey of love’s evolution upon Earth.

These Greater Hearts specialise in different streams upon which conscious awakening may occur, so to tap into the stimulus arising within the human self upon its journey of wonderment and curiosity, created by the two previously mentioned stimuli.

As the human consciousness wonders, then too will there be a pathway to explore that expression of light, stimulated and often held by a Greater Heart, or those who work closely with them on the inner levels. There are great numbers of inner, enlightened beings on various levels of consciousness, but aligned and totally cooperative with the stimulating pathway of light held and nourished by those in the family of Greater Hearts. It is all very organised to provide levels of conscious learning, opportunities for conscious choice, and healing for conscious awakening. Yet, there is no dogma, no enforcement.

You, human upon this path, the journey you take is always of your choice. However, recognise that there is a greater picture of which you are a part, and if you choose again and again not to learn or implement the lessons of love – for ultimately, all evolution, no matter how it is qualified, is of love’s expression – then you will simply need to go elsewhere. You are free to learn, but not free to destroy. That is the simple reality of learning, being, becoming, evolving here, upon Earth, in her wondrous loving beingness, embraced by the angels and Greater Hearts dedicated to the deepening evolution of love into this body we call matter.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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