The Intent of Evolution

[written in conscious attunement]

In the living Cosmos there is life force, the living breath, the pulse of cosmic heart, the embrace of loving intent. All have a reason for living, all have a purpose in their manifestation.

Cosmic heart beats in the silent intention of will, love and purpose. Life cannot exist without these. Will brings life to a point of focus, whether inner or outer. Love is what attracts and builds substance around that focus, and reaches out to create relationship to other expressions of life. It is the drive to initiate and sustain connection, networks of loving flow and nourishment. Purpose enacts the focus of will and the building, connecting capacity of love. It is the inner driving force of any life form to understand itself, to find its home in the world in which it lives, to act in that world to achieve fulfilment of that inner drive.

If life’s intent is to incarnate into the depths of unillumined matter, then upon that journey shall the will give the force to engage with those depths.

This is the path of all who incarnate upon Earth, for that is her choice, her dharma. She said ‘yes’ to being a home to physical consciousness:  that interweaving of cosmic intent in life force, will, love and purpose; the anchor in our solar embrace of cosmic will, to bring love to matter, and the deepest enactment of cosmic purpose to fulfil love’s embrace on every level of existence.

You are a part of this great cascade! Every human can become a conscious beacon of loving light in this journey of expression. Every human has a choice to be so – for every human has a soul, and soul is the vehicle of apprehension of cosmic love, intention, will and purpose. Soul is that part of our beingness that bathes in the Ocean of Love, the cosmos of intention.

You may be a young soul, and simply know that you are in and of that flow; or you may be an older soul, and start to align with knowledge and awareness, with the currents and movements of cosmic flow. No matter where you are in conscious development, your soul is of this loving, focussed, purposeful ocean, and your journey it is to seek that awareness in your human self.

For while soul may bathe in this ocean, in your human self you must take a conscious journey to bring that will, love and purpose into the substance of your being upon Earth. This is the great duality of evolution upon Earth. Because of how long it can take to evolve consciousness in human form, so that it may apprehend and engage with cosmic embrace, soul was evolved as an intermediary. Soul takes its own journey, of learning, evolving; increasing awareness and consciousness in the sphere of cosmic flows.

This is not the same as the soul’s learning to engage with, and flow into the depths of matter, through human incarnation. This is another journey of learning, and many souls do not take their journey that far. Rather, they stay on their path of learning within the ocean of cosmic love, will and purpose.

But why you need to know this as a human is to realise: 1) the preciousness of this most remarkable of places in our universe in which to come into such deep physical being, and 2) the depth and fullness of the resource available to you, as you come to know your soul, and find ways to allow that portion of love, will and purpose within your soul to flow to you.

Heart is the source point of life within every conscious being

It is all enabled by heart. Heart is the source point of life within every conscious being. Heart is a vehicle of intense will, to beat and flow love into the world in which it is anchored, yet hold its own integrity, purposefully, intentfully and individuated.

It is a unique expression of life’s force, enabling the cascade of all the richness and fullness of that life force all the way from cosmic heart, down through all the embracing, holding hearts of solar systems, planetary systems, to you, the human system.

Within our planetary system there are also many hearts that temper, soften, and make real into the deeper layers that cosmic-solar flow. Otherwise it would be too much for your soul, a tiny speck within the great ocean, to absorb into itself all the intention and love of that ocean. So, like any and every path of evolution, it is developed into smaller journeys, so that the fullness and greatness of the whole does not overwhelm.

Great Angels hold the intent and meaning of the great ocean’s flows, and step that intensity down through the myriad of smaller angels who form that flow, so you can experience this flow in a gentle touch without being swept away.

Great, evolved hearts from the human family (or who have come to assist the human family), hold certain aspects of the ocean’s intent, so you may learn the qualities one by one, and perfect them in your being. This is the journey of your soul, and – as you are seeking – your journey of conscious growth.

As you become aware, then your soul may infuse more of these subtleties into your human self. Confusing at first, for these forces come from within, when the growing human has mostly focussed upon understanding and dealing with the stimuli and impacts of the outer world.

But, such joy awaits you! For how can life not be filled with joy, when the ocean of living love touches your being? With all its loving intent, clarity of focussed will, and richness of fulfilling purpose regenerating you from within.

This is life, in fullness.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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