Evolution, Love and Conscious Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

In the Cosmic embrace we call love – or the divine, or God – there is a flow that enables both life, and evolution.

These are not the same, for there can be life without much evolution occurring – where the intent is simply to be what is first created, rather than to start in one form and evolve to another. Many planets hold this path, for now. They live, in quiet stillness, but may in time come to a dharma of evolving into new and differently awakened spheres.

Evolution, however, cannot occur without life. Evolution can be fast or slow, all depending upon the intent of the loving, life-giving flow from Cosmos. For Cosmos is the loving, living being within which we all come into existence, and journey as part of her journey, just as planets, stars and galaxies do in the great unfolding.  Thus, the big bang, so often spoken of in astronomical circles. This is the start of Cosmic outflow for this period of life-giving and life-evolving embrace!

Loving, evolutionary intent always comes as a flow, for it is that life-giving pulse from Cosmic heart

In this descent of the loving flow of Cosmos to our planet, we have now a strong evolutionary intent. This presents in two ways:  the complexity of the organisation of beings in the inner worlds, tasked with incarnating that evolutionary intent into our earthly sphere so we can perceive and respond; and the rapidity of the current presentation of opportunities here upon Earth in our physical sphere, also known as the ‘Great Change’!

Loving, evolutionary intent always comes as a flow, for it is that life-giving pulse from Cosmic heart. Thus it is always conveyed through those of the angelic family, for their whole beingness is one of flow. Anytime you feel flow, in the flow, infused with life force, that is the angelic family at work.

Humans, on the other hand, are builders of form, building in thought, feelings and in the physical world; building their own conscious and human selves, and building in the world around them.

When something is built that is in alignment with evolutionary flow, and not discordant from it, then not only will it be built of human intent and action, but it will be infused with the loving presence of angelic flows.

That is why some buildings, some organisations, touch you in a different way. They have been built with both human and angelic input. That is also why some, perhaps many, things can be called lifeless, for they have no intent other than to satisfy a human emotion or some locked-in thought about what creates beauty and joy. Even the simplest things can be created with love. Love is always a flow that invites angelic presence, for love comes from heart, and all hearts are nourished by other hearts and higher hearts; ultimately from the great cascading flow from Cosmic heart, gently softening in intensity as it flows down into our human world.

So, that which evolves is ever infused with this loving flow, brought by angels, held and then manifested by humans into life upon Earth. Angels are always evolving, as they are perpetually of the loving flow of Cosmos. Humans, however, are of matter, building form, and it is possible for humans to stay stagnant, if you like, or to evolve ever so slowly, when left to their own unfoldment alone. This is the difference between being alive, and evolving. Evolutionary pressure does not come from within the form itself. But as our human family is of the substance of Earth, and Earth has chosen to awaken and open to the angelic flow of Cosmic love, the very substance of our beings is infused with that intention to evolve. Thus the search begins, ever the characteristic of the human self when touched, blessed by this loving, evolutionary intent.

As Earth accepts more and more loving flow into her being, so too do we become infused with more and more of this love. But it is not the love that invites the staidness of contentment. No, this love holds within it that which lies beyond, that which is of magic, of wonder, yet of undeniable truth and purpose. You know this, because you are made of this substance and flow! So when weird coincidences happen in your life that prompt you to seek, to ask questions, to open doors within your inner landscape and explore beyond what you already know in your mind, you realise that you know in your very beingness too. You know the substance of our world is alive, and that you are a part of that. You know that you contribute to the great unfoldment of evolution in your smaller or greater sphere of influence, through your loving alignment with that life force within you.

Then, once realised, you can create it. Easy? Not usually, for what consciousness can grow without choice, and what choice is ever made without a tussle between influences, whether emotional, mental or of heart? And without conscious choice, you are not a life-giving being playing your part in evolution’s joyous unfolding; you go back to being alive, but not evolving. It is rarely this black and white, for we evolve on many trajectories of consciousness, but you get the idea.

So, your choices matter, as does your willingness to open to that quality of livingness we call flow:  that which infuses your heart with certainty, that which fills your mind with hopeful visions, that which uplifts your emotions to stillness and alignment.

When you take these steps, then can Cosmic love descend, filtered down, down, down in intensity and vibration, through angel after angel, into your heart, and you become a co-creator of loving unfoldment in your own life, and as part of beloved Earth’s journey of evolving heart and joyful consciousness, and the angels of flow sing their song of perfect, loving evolution.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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